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  1. Repainting seems about right.
  2. Yeah, I could foresee this is going to happen anytime soon this week or next week....Who knows what happens? It's a wait and see what's coming.
  3. Nice! Tried to click on these above but there's caches... Fortunately I have my Mystic Timbers lanyard with me as my first lanyard in 2018 along with that on my 2018 bottle (my first one as Gold Pass Member)....definitely love this. But I have yet to ride Mystic Timbers when I lose weight and feel ready for roller coasters, I'm more than happy to do it.. The Mystic Timbers t-shirts are very nice looking......it's like this: #WHATSINTHESHED?
  4. That's exactly what crosses my mind about the rumors of seats flying off Orion.....well, it's really FALSE for that matter... The fact is that there have been some water bottles sitting on the seats during Orion's testing mode and I don't really see anything wrong with that. The seats are fine though.
  5. Yes, I think it would be a great idea to have options of what type of coasters Kings Island will have when it comes to replacing Vortex, Invertigo....I think a B&M dive coaster like Kings Mills Striker seems right to me. Mack double launch coaster similar to Copperhead Strike at Carowinds would be a second option.... Gerstlauer like Hangtime at KBF in Southern California sounds about right... These options are on the table. It would be nice to get one of those coasters that Kings Island may need.
  6. I think Kings Island needs to install new ride wait times signs throughout the park the same way as what Cedar Point does so I am hopeful it will be a good start for Kings Island to do that.
  7. Actually, good question....from what I saw on the news on TV although I was here at my house at the time when I heard something awful happening last week with people fighting in Coney Mall and I don't see any one filming the illegal POVs...but yeah the guy did film the brawl last week....It's sad that people don't behave...It's sad that people don't behave and I am supporting the idea of having chaperone policy at Kings Island and all other Cedar Fair parks....I'm all for it.
  8. Yeah I heard and I'm shocked to say the least to why these teens start a brawl and let me say this.....This isn't a smart solution to start a brawl like that. These teens who started the brawl needs to get locked up in jail and will be held accountable for sure...that's one. Two is that if they have passes, then the passes are going to get confiscated and ban those who start a brawl for life. I hope that Kings Island security staff, park police officers as well as Mason Police officers are OK and unharmed....although yeah, I'm worried about their safety....Safety does come to mind here. Really, I don't understand why would teens want to pick a fight but I do know that there were a lot of profanities including the F bombs... Fighting in theme parks like Kings Island doesn't solve anything and it makes matters worse....I have heard of similar incidents happened at Carowinds, Valleyfair and Kings Dominion as far as I'm concerned.
  9. Fortunately, I was able to spot it out with the NEW Kings Island 2021 park maps and it was evidently found at the front gate so I was able to score one last week...had no problems with that but I'm glad to report that the paper maps are back for 2021.
  10. The NEW 2021 Kings Island Park Map/Guides looks good....although I did print out a limited number of copies of the new KI Park Map/Guide (pdf copy via Adobe Acrobat Reader) at the library downtown earlier this afternoon so I know some people don't like seeing the maps electronically on smart phones because it makes it harder to read the map on where the rides are. I wouldn't be surprised if Kings Island and all of the Cedar Fair parks would return to paper maps again....but I'm not sure why they decided to phase it out for no apparent reason at all....That's what got me concerned.
  11. I agree and I can see where you're going with this so apparently, the idea sounds right to me so therefore, I wouldn't be surprised if I would envision something like this nearly like Maverick like coaster that Cedar Point has.....I have a feeling Kings Island might be going with that.
  12. Yeah, I miss The Vortex because I know Kings Island isn't the same anymore without Vortex....
  13. Yes, I would really like to see everything new like Cedar Point, Carowinds and Worlds of Fun that have already updated theirs.....but not ONLY Kings Island needs redesigning but Kings Dominion, Canada's Wonderland do need updates on the front gate entrances....I would NOT be surprised if I am able to see everything new....the sooner the better.
  14. The answer is YES.....Kings Island really needs to upgrade from Planet Snoopy (Existing) to Camp Snoopy..... I have heard Cedar Point, Carowinds, Knott's Berry Farm and now Michigan's Adventure (up north in Muskgeon, Michigan already have Camp Snoopy....Although I have heard Michigan's Adventure was supposed to have Camp Snoopy open this year but the bad news is that with the COVID19 pandemic being a problem so what that means it will now be May 2021 with the rescheduled opening of Camp Snoopy.... I think Kings Dominion along with Worlds of Fun, Valleyfair should do the same thing as well, too
  15. I agree....although what I have heard on the news that Kings Island is going to allow Kings Island Guests and Passholders (those who have Kings Island Gold Pass like I do and Cedar Fair Platinum Pass) will have special perks from both Kings Island and the new Kings Island Camp Cedar starting effective January 1st, 2021 although we all know that Kings Island isn't ready for opening yet until the new operating calendar comes out but should be available online within the next several weeks or so.... About shuttle service from Kings Island's Camp Cedar to Kings Island---The answer is YES, there will be special non-stop express bus service from the new campground to Kings Island..... They are in the process of doing that though plus everyone who camp at the new Kings Island Camp Cedar will have options of either drive themselves to Kings Island or walk on foot via crosswalk crossing Kings Mills Rd. to Kings Island via Kings Island Drive which is a mile walk (should be no more than 15 minutes if they choose exercise) or take a special campground non-stop express bus to Kings Island Drop Off Plaza where it is shared with Hotels Express buses and Metro's Route 71X and 72X.
  16. I agree with that....although what I have heard from what Chad Showalter mentioned on News 5 that Kings Island guests along with Kings Island Gold Pass Members (this includes me as I am about to become 4th year Gold Pass Member) and Cedar Fair Platinum Pass Members will be getting expanded special perks as part of the new deal with both Kings Island and the new Kings Island Camp Cedar.... At least it's better than nothing. Yes, that fact.
  17. Yes, it is 7 of them that I could spot in a picture. I hope that explains all of that.
  18. I know this one.....It's 7. Orion queue line both standby and fast pass lanes, One at Flight of Fear exit behind the van, entrance gate to Area 72, one at car, picture of eggs on Vortex, Silver Star, Zodiac, Skylab, Firehawk, Invertigo plus the 2 KIC easter eggs are inside the hangar.
  19. I know for a fact that Banshee was already down since this past weekend but I'm not real sure why or what happened to Banshee but it seems that Banshee probably ran into a mechanical problem.... I can hope that Banshee will be up and running as soon as they can (possibly this weekend).
  20. I do want to add something here....Yes, Kings Island has the new Cedar Fair souvenir bottles featuring the new 2020 Orion gigacoaster available in gold for all season passholders only and red for all day ticketholders. I hope this helps!
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