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  1. I was there myself just over an hour ago. It’s insane seeing it in that state in person. It’ll be so strange when it’s not there anymore this summer.
  2. I second this. We all (myself included) should try to get a piece if possible.
  3. Another thing I see is that a few sections of the support structure has been removed too. These are not my pictures. But it shows before and after.
  4. Oh how I wish I could get a piece like that.
  5. Yep they pulled down the track leading into the curve.
  6. The good news is the snow on the camera is starting to clear up a tad.
  7. Was that deliberate?? Or did the weather just happen to blow snow in that direction?
  8. So essentially, this is what’s left of Vortex right now. (Not my photo) I just covered the parts already demolished.
  9. At this point. I reckon the curve will be pulled down first in sections. Then they’ll prepare the lift hill for the final part of demolition. From there I think they’ll either take that down in sections (like GASM at SFGAd). Or, they’ll pull a Son of Beast and rip it down whole.
  10. From what I have heard on Facebook from a Kings Island employee. The loop was the first loop and that it came down at approximately 9:43AM today.
  11. It definitely looks like the first loop is gone. I tried the weatherbug camera. It worked and showed me the footage several times, then it suddenly went white. Now when I reload it, it shows the morning half of today’s footage, then it goes white. I have a feeling Kings Island May have said something to Weatherbug. One thing that does work however is to take a screenshot of the still image (which updates regularly it appears) and zoom in on Vortex.
  12. Anything new on the demolition so far?
  13. I too would like to get a piece of Vortex track with a plaque of some sort. I wonder where I’ll be able to get one though? If they decide to sell some.
  14. Vortex was one of my favorites and it’s sad, but I still get extremely curious and want to see photos and get information. Hopefully there’ll be more information and photos on the demolition process. That reminds me of how they took down Great American Scream Machine at SFGAd back in 2010. I remember them ripping the coaster all apart. Then from the vertical loops to the lift hill, they took it down in sections. So I think that’s what they’ll do here.
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