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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. I am late to this thread. But there are three things that I would be happy with, an RMC Hybrid, a B&M Dive Coaster, or a Copperhead Strike type of Coaster.
  2. Where do you find this? I am curious. If it’s not allowed. I understand. In that case. Disregard this.
  3. Yes indeed, there’s only one single piece left standing.
  4. There appears to be a crane of some sort by the shorter section that was part of the banked curve.
  5. That just doesn’t look right. As of today. Vortex is no longer 148 feet tall.
  6. It looks more and more eerie the way Vortex looks, being partially missing and just weird looking.
  7. I couldn’t agree more. This forever changes the whole look of the park.
  8. It just occurred to me that Vortex was Kings Island’s last 80s coaster. That means there are no longer any coaster from the 1980s at Kings Island.
  9. Forewarning. It’s a crystal clear day and the sun is out. It’s such a beautiful day, but that also means Vortex will disappear into the shine for a few hours.
  10. Oh jee, this is really starting to feel surreal now.
  11. I was there myself just over an hour ago. It’s insane seeing it in that state in person. It’ll be so strange when it’s not there anymore this summer.
  12. I second this. We all (myself included) should try to get a piece if possible.
  13. Another thing I see is that a few sections of the support structure has been removed too. These are not my pictures. But it shows before and after.
  14. Oh how I wish I could get a piece like that.
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