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  1. Why would you hire someone to build something if only a couple years earlier their product failed miserably. It's like you hire someone to build your house, it collapses so you then hire the same people to build another.
  2. We were getting one every 2.75 years why not 2 years?
  3. Hopefully we get more coasters than 4 in 11 years. Would like a new coaster every two years at ki and cp.
  4. Is your friend with the drone the one you plug on here about the updates?
  5. Well football is up in the air for August/September. Next week Cedar Fair brass should send a email stating that passes and add ons are good through 2021 just like Knotts so we can get on with our lives.
  6. Gold passes at cp will have been good for 3 years lol. Screw that
  7. CF wanted a intimidating ride to fit the theme of the nascar legend, they got it. Intamin built what CF wanted.
  8. Please not a floorless. Only decent floorless is Superman @ fiesta texas. If it has to be a b&m have it be a wing or a dive. Maybe the small b&m wing that was planned for KD will go in Vortex's spot?
  9. Maybe legoland's construction is halted and there is no way to finish it for this year anyways? Their projected opening was july anyways.
  10. Or only coaster enthusiasts would be at Kings Island and baseball enthusiasts be at the ball park?
  11. I mean I doubt people will go from social distancing(first time in a century?) If it ends may 1st to jamming venues in a month.
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