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  1. Looks like a fun ride that isn't overly intense for the gp. Probably what the park wanted. The lapbars will make the experience amazing.
  2. With all do respect. I got a warning for making a joke about Invertigo, yet a certain poster continues to refuse to provide sources and is irritating a great deal of members.
  3. Is coaster nation similar to FYE coasters?
  4. Mamba costs 10 million in 1996. This hyper is either BS or would have been 3000' or so.
  5. I just don't see how it can get enough potential energy and overcome friction around those turns to even break 70mph IMO.
  6. I have a hard time believing The Beast would break 80mph without trims.
  7. Jason McClure is in way over his head. The operations have been going downhill ever since he got promoted from that powerhouse Dorney Park(sarcasm). Throw in a pandemic and it really shows up.
  8. Does every little thing need to be analyzed to death? We know they are not building a new woodie over the off season....
  9. Only people that are effected with another run of the product are people like your buddy that resales them. The people that have mostly bought them are not going to sell them.
  10. The preorder one on EBAY is seller iceeelectronics in Cincinnati. @IceePiratesurprised no one is thinking its you with the screen names so close, lol.
  11. I am sure Kings Island would not like one of their bloggers having this kind of attitude towards others.
  12. @SonofBaconator Hadgrids open when it was not ready to please the potterites. After a couple months its only down for weather and the occasional sensor problems. Its a modern marvel to be able to run 10 trains and it has a capacity of probably 1500pph. If people were quicker to get on the trains and not have the occasional walk of shame I am sure they could run 12 trains.
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