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  1. What giga has a tight pullout? The bests is Skyrush but its a hyper.
  2. Losing subs and followers is the least of his problems. Probably taking a break from social media cause he's getting ripped. Does this person have a job or just an "influencer"?
  3. People only change when they want to change. Trying to change cause you got busted is not a reason deep down to want to change.
  4. I have seen Chad in videos with Logan and his dad. This is awful.
  5. Jake got a job with RMC by showing up to their IAPPA booth. He was able to help construct Iron Gwazi. Sad news of this happening.
  6. @SonofBaconator business relationships change over time. Look in your backyard at Kings Island. They worked with Arrow again after The Bat.....
  7. Didn't have our passes today. Went to mobile ordering to order. Chose my pass on checkout but it wanted me to put in my pass code on the back of my card. Makes it hard to put in the code from your card when you don't have it. Why need that when you are logged into your account?
  8. Got to the park at opening today. Rode Mystic Timbers, Diamondback, Beast, and Orion before lunch. Honestly Orion kinda stunk. All the ride ops were very friendly. All in all a great day.
  9. Hopefully there is no delays. Buying FLP for a few hours at the park and then you have the fireworks situation.
  10. If this is like mystic river falls, SDC stole the idea from SEAS & Intamin.
  11. Intamin is the only manufacturer that offers a Giga Coaster in their catalog.
  12. That is what the single rider line is for, to fill empy seats.
  13. His source will be KICentral.com.....
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