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  1. While holiday world is capping their event. Shows who is putting profit over guest experience.
  2. they just want it to be smoother to not hear the gp complain about the roughness.
  3. why automatically side with the park. It could be a mistake. All in all it is bad press.
  4. Intamin is becoming a major player in the states once again...
  5. Probably not for liability reasons due to the double helix.
  6. I went in 2020. I enjoyed the wait as it was a buildup to a trimless night ride on the voyage.
  7. they won't add new elements etc to The Beast it will just be retracking the drop and first turn and the double helix I assume from the info. If they are adding more elements just have rmc come in, but they won't do that to the iconic coaster
  8. They are not GG it, sounds like a reprofile of the first drop and double helix.
  9. The reason why it is not a cookie cutter like Allan's has started to become.
  10. What's the update on the ride from Mexico not fitting where they put it?
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