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  1. what is complicated about a chain lift coaster?
  2. If batman clones can run backwards no reason a woodie can't. Its more about Cedar Fair and their insurance company like the seatbelts on all their b&m hypers.
  3. Shark if you have children do you make sure they are secure before you are? Especially a Drop Tower of 100 or so feet? Most accidents is a multitude of of things that could be prevented. I wouldn't sleep any better knowing it was the ops fault IMO.
  4. Kings Dominion launches fireworks in the daytime but has haunt till 10 on sundays.....
  5. I mean little parks around KI has a better woodie(voyage) & steel(storm chaser) than KI has subjectively with KI having so much more deeper pockets......
  6. Halloween horror nights is an upcharge event and it didn't even win USA today's contest.
  7. hence my original post LMAO that you guys are making a big deal out of this.
  8. that was due to ki fanboys spending days on the computer voting
  9. Will no boo necklaces be back? We like walking around with our daughter has she holds it out like a cross towards vampires.
  10. LMAO, you guys are acting like the golden tickets are legitimate. CF needs to grt with the program and cater to enthusiasts if they want to use the golden tickets for marketing.
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