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  1. Sorry, can't edit my post. Hershend likes to be different. This may be a mack hyper.
  2. Either a b&m hyper or mack spinner like time traveler. If you haven't noticed, they have a lot of land cleared next to wildwood grove....
  3. Wish it was a custom layout, but I understand 400k off is a big value for a small waterpark.
  4. It would be the end of thrill rides at the park.
  5. Ground up floorless coasters have been flying off the b&m shelf in the last 10 years....
  6. Used to the flp rides were 52" or greater. Not now that mf is flp.
  7. Inversions are not in anymore.
  8. It's easier to sell pieces of a wood coaster. All they need is a saw.
  9. We won't know till we ride. Fury's drop is similar to millennium's even though they are different manufactures. Best drop I have ever encountered is skyrush which has two substantial pops of ejector down the hill, once on the initial and the other around 2/3rds down.
  10. I beg to differ. I305's 85° drop is not very good while fury's 80° or so seems to last longer. Don't know how this one will feel cause it's new from b&m. Skyrush has an 85° drop and is one of the best in the world.
  11. I think it will just be dismantled and nothing there for several years. It was ridiculous that at the time new technology like b&m inverts were out and we got an outdated suspended coaster.
  12. Seas has regular quick que where you ride each once as well. SIX has the fairest IMO.
  13. With these people if you give an inch they will take a mile. Articles make it sound like the residents discovered you can add sand to b&m's while Cedar Fair had no idea.
  14. Wouldn't think Cedar Fair would get a Bermuda blitz.
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