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  1. Because of the state's lax covid response
  2. Comes in handy with young ones. You can go to the room without having to get out on the causeway and have to get back.
  3. I was saying that no has has been saying its horrible lol
  4. Where is all this coming from? I apologize that you're taking it this way. We were just commenting on the ride forces.
  5. No giga coaster has great airtime.
  6. Haven't read anyone say Orion is a horrible ride?
  7. Its widely known that the rolling thunder hill produces over -2.0 g's. This recording may have been when it was a cold early day or anything else etc.
  8. Its widely known that the rolling thunder hill provides -2 g's and skyrush's first hill and last hil.
  9. -0.5 g's proves there is no strong airtime even on the speed hill. Rides like skyrush and el toro have moments of ‐2.0g's.
  10. Nice trip report. Going at the end of the month. Very grateful to the employees. Not grateful for the suits that are still charging 300$+/night for breakers with park at limited hours.
  11. A terrain multi launch is best there. If CF chose the new b&m surf coaster though i would say fill it in.
  12. The virus has been more "real" in that area. Places like Indiana think of it as a hoax and a political stunt.
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