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  1. Person in Maroon polo is head of cp security. He told the officer to basically get lost.
  2. Why does the cp official tell the police offer to go back to shore at the 0.22 part of the bodycam footage?
  3. besides performing BLS on a person what can a nurse do besides hold pressure on a wound? Also a trauma nurse would be starting IV's etc in a health care setting.
  4. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steel_Dragon_2000 "In August 2003, a sheared axle caused one of the trains to lose a wheel. A passenger suffered a serious back injury and a 28-year-old man swimming in the water park pool was injured when he was hit in the hip with the 32 centimetres (13 in) wheel.[7][8] The ride was closed for almost three years and reopened in 2006.[9]"
  5. the victims name is not on the report the nurse did. There is no issues.
  6. There isnreally nothing to shear off any bolts on the brake run side. If anything a bolt that came off was due to being loose and slowing down from 120mph will launch any projectile. Prayers with the girl and her family.
  7. Thank you, for a ride that has been in operation for 18 seasons it falls on CP maintenance.
  8. https://sanduskyregister.com/news/337270/roller-coaster-part-falls-hits-guest/?fbclid=IwAR06Zej-7C931cde9y5-4aMR5JYsmcME77U9CCh1TQtUerJl6LdKug4pgEA Part came off the train on the brake run and hit somebody.
  9. Wish the CF platinum pass was comparable to a SIX diamond elite......
  10. At least they learned their lesson and are not giving out a free flp at CP when the flp line is crowded as it is. If they are doing 11 monthly payments I would rather go with a 12 month membership IMO. SIX doesn't give out a free flash pass, CF is the new discount chain IMO.
  11. I mean, a ride 1/3 shorter should hit the brake run quicker. Our rides last two days we were getting borderline ejector on the last two hills. Agreed the helix is a filler element just like orion's sideways hill, turn around, and helix.
  12. Sure, Fury 325 at Carowinds, X2 at MM, Hades 360@ Mt olympus, Voyage at HW to name a few. While KI has a great selection of rides nothing stands out like The Beast which was built over forty years ago.
  13. After saying Fury is overrated for years, after reriding it recently it is far superior to Orion in every way. The camelbacks on fury is closer to ejector than the speed hill on Orion. I will still ride Orion and appreciate we have it but it is far from a standout attraction IMO.
  14. Give KI a signature attraction. Right now it is still Beast.
  15. Another reason to have the chaperone policy.
  16. Going to update my review. Got several rides at night during Coasterstock. This ride is a night only ride for me. The drop is really good then the ride does nothing until the speed hill which is really sustained floater. Floater is good being pulled down the camelback(wish there was airtime at the apex). The helix is still forceless to me but my favorite part of the ride is getting blinded by the on ride photo and hitting the off axis airtime hill before the brakes. Don't have any complaints about the length. Just wish the ride did something between the drop and the speed hill. The hive dive on Fury has not been replicated by b&m so that makes me think they messed up on the forces on that and don't want to put it on another coaster. The sideways hill after the drop is a filler element meant to burn off speed along with the forceless 202' turnaround IMO.
  17. Flight of Fear is only comfortable with people with extremely small feet. There is no room in the floorboard unlike back yard. Premier trains like on full throttle are even better.
  18. Agree with KI Guy. If we got more of a discount with our passes like SIX I would buy more. Went to SFGA last week and bought a bunch of merch with 50% off.
  19. heat index of 100 today, had reservations for today. Now it's a free for all. I will be staying home!
  20. it's the mountain coaster there also runaway mountain coaster(which is better). The only time the seatbelt unlocks is at the end of the ride. So the employee saw the boy fall and did not estop the ride?
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