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  1. https://www.wcpo.com/money/consumer/dont-waste-your-money/family-heartbroken-over-kings-island-campground-delay Even if not owned by Kings Island, people will assume it is.
  2. still stand behind my suggestions......Those lines get huge as the day goes on, while the others decrease. Those are the lowest capacity rides there. Also wild eagle is a walk on all day
  3. hit up dragon flier, mystery mine, and firechaser up first in those order......
  4. the poster said he hoped it comes back?
  5. If Kings Island ends up with the Gerstlauer, I called it saying we were getting it all along.
  6. Do you feel like Copperhead Strike fits that description?
  7. Since it's raining, wondering if they will close early today due to "inclement weather" for budget purposes.
  8. Thunderbird has been down a week or so and at this time is not thought of as being open for holliwood nights thus there is no walkback for the Voyage. Walkbacks will be for raven and legend.
  9. sorry, CF shifted a project from CGA that turned into Orion.
  10. We do know a Gerstlauer is coming to a park. KI has been smashing attendance. Something to think about. Maybe KI us taking it from CP like KI did from great america.
  11. Don posted the coasterstock artwork for this year's shirt on Facebook. Will start sending stuff out 6/22.
  12. @Rallyomalley sorry to hear about this. This is how SIX handles this crap
  13. I take it @IBEW_Sparky is not there today
  14. I mean the only reason I Stay at Breakers or Universal premier hotels is due to logistics. It takes no effort to get into KI IMO.
  15. For some reason Charlotte area missed the memo about southern charm IMO. Not all SIX parks are trash operations. Nitro has the fastest dispatches of any ride in the US. Train is starting up the lift before the train on the track hits mcbr.
  16. Even in pre covid times carowinds ops and employees are way below KI IMO.
  17. maybe someone has an ax to grind?
  18. Because there's crowds you're taking your ball and going home? I wish I had the park to myself but it is what it is.
  19. Did the parking lot happen on time? Everytime I have been at Carowinds the gates never open till after park opening and operations are rude and slow.
  20. my bad, I thought I was looking at a park tweet since it was #kingsisland and taking place on park property. My mistake
  21. I addressed the poor pr on here this morning and my post got deleted
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