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  1. I should be good though as IceePirate has my piece already ordered. (Was done last month on the first round, will be here in January i think)
  2. ^Alright. Sorry about that! (My piece is already ordered)
  3. If these ones are ready, then what about the ones on backorder? Im just curious.
  4. If they're Available online then will the ones already ordered arive early? Just curious
  5. This brought tears to my eyes. Me and my closest friend went last year on the 27th specifically for Vortex. Its something we all here will never be able to do again. RIP Vortex. I'll always miss you.
  6. I'll never sell mine. I dont care about the money. It's something with a lot of personal meaning to me. I don't care how much its worth in a few years or something, it has a deep connection to me. And it brings me happiness and, its odd to say, closure with Vortex's removal. Im thankful im finally going to get my hands on a peice of Vortex. And im incredibly thankful to IceePirate for being a massive help in my quest for this. I cant wait until January or February when my piece is finally in my hands. It'll be the most prized possession I own. Thank you so much everyone here for the help. Than
  7. ^I can wait. knowing that my piece of history is secured alone is enough to make the whole rest of the year worth it. Thank you so much for this. Itll be a masterpiece sitting in my room on its shelf. Itll definitely be worth the wait. Its really difficult to let you all know here how thankful I am for this. This is something i am going to cherish for my entire life. Thank you to everyone here at KIC for helping me make my dreams come true. Thank you to Kings Island for finally helping me get my hands on a piece of beauty. And a HUGE thank you to IceePirate for helping me secure m
  8. IceePirate told me my piece is secured but on backorder until January or so. That means it IS confirmed though right? I WILL get my piece right? The wait doesnt bother me. I just want conformation of my piece being ordered.
  9. ^He did me a wonderful thing. Something ill cherish for my entire life. And thanks for the pagoda shop for selling them. IceePirate, i wish i could let you know just how happy i am that you did this for me. Thank you so much to everyone here for the support and helping to get the park to sell peices. I seriously cannot wait until my piece is finally in my hands.
  10. GREAT news! Thanks to IceePirate, my piece is secured!! I am finally going to get my piece of arrow beauty! I cannot thank you all enough here at KICentral for helping me make this happen. Im thankful for everyone here who helped me realize my dreams. A huge thank you to IceePirate for securing my piece of Vortex. Thank you everyone here so much. I owe you all here at KICentral a HUGE one. Im thankful i finally get to get my piece of arrow history. Thank you so much. Thank you!!
  11. ^Bills happen. And school is expensive. Im gonna pre-order my piece Tuesday when i get paid again. Itll be completely worth it.
  12. I hope ill be able to get my peice ordered Tuesday. Even if i have to wait, i don't care. This means a lot to me. And itll be totally worth it.
  13. I pray that i can get my peice ordered Tuesday. Even if I have to wait its ok. As long as i have my piece secured, ill be happy.
  14. If I don't get mine Tuesday... im gonna be sad as heck for quite some time. I really hope i get my peice of history.
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