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  1. ^ive tried tweeting at them and emailing them and havent gotten a response sadly. I would do anything in the world to get my hands on a peice. To whomever owns that peice of rail i saw earlier, what would you want for a small peice cut off it, if you were willing to do that? Im sorry you all its just heartbreaking to me to see Vortex go under, and im trying to get the ultimate peice of memorabilia. (It is to me anyways)
  2. ^Ill keep updated if anything becomes available. I remember i had tears rolling down my eyes on my final ride. Ill never forget that moment as long as I live. May Vortex rest in peace. (I may (or may not) (ok ill admit it) have tears in my eyes as I type this. Please keep me updated you guys if any peices become available. May my #1 rest in peace. Goodbye old freind.
  3. Is there anything us at KICentral can do to get a peice of Vortex? Im sorry its just that i would love a small peice of my favorite ride of all time. Vortex holds a special place in my heart. And it really brings tears to my eyes to see her go. I want a peice of Vortex. And so do we all. Can we all get together to try and get the park to sell peices even if its just a small peice? Im sorry its just that this is really personal to me, and I absolutely hate seeing Vortex go down.
  4. I really want a peice of Vortex. Can we all get together here and try to get the park to sell some peices?
  5. I too would like a peice of Vortex. Its my favorite ride of all time and watching her get torn to bits has tears in my eyes. Please Kings Island offer peices! Even if its just a simple peice id buy it!
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