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  1. I hope it stays. But if they remove it, they sell parts of it like they did Vortex and Son of Beast. Like bolts, wheels off the train, track, ect.
  2. Good luck, getting ahold of one might be almost impossible. The Vortex ones are even rarer.
  3. Like grease a little. And slightly like a rubbery smell. Lol. I actually think this is from Pleasure Beach's Big One. I recieved this as a gift a few years ago from a family member, i still have the COA, its just buried in my closet somewhere. (Well, i THINK i do anyways.)
  4. I also own this arrow dynamics wheel, im pretty sure its a side wheel. No idea what ride though.
  5. All thats probably melted down now, so all thats left of it are the track slices that are sold. Plus the 2 or 3 other people that own big pieces of it. (Sally Boyer, Carolyn, and someone else) which makes me curious exactly, how many of those pieces were produced? Ive heard 200 from several sources. Which also makes me question something: may my thread on here have actually contributed to the park even selling them at all? I think it might have, which is actually pretty cool!!
  6. When I rode it friday I couldn't spot it. I guess they must have removed it. I always liked looking at it though.
  7. Im at backlot right now, look for a guy with a Vortex shirt on!!
  8. Ill see today if its still there when i ride Mystic Timbers today.
  9. The last time i rode Mystic Timbers in October 2021, I remember seeing a large orange pipe inside the shed. It looks a lot like Vortex's rail. Is that what it is? Im curious!!
  10. I absolutely love/loved Vortex. Its my #1 of all time. (I have one of the track slices sitting in my room in a glass display case) (IceePirate, im still forever grateful you went out of your way to help me get my hands on history!!!) And dang it was beautiful to look at! And i honestly never found it too painful, but thats just me though. I love inversions and positive Gs. And the airtime it delivered in the back row on the first drop (to me) was amazing!! I still miss it a year and a half later. And ill admit it, i cried on my final ride.
  11. Just a random note, one thing I think thats pretty cool about these is that the park didnt paint the slices and try to make them look nice. They left them raw and you can see the wear on the rails done over the years. Which to me adds historical value to it. And makes it cooler because each peice is unique! No two peices are alike!
  12. Ill admit it, I cried tears of joy when I opened the box. IceePirate, i agree with you on that! Its now my most cherished possession i own. And it always will be. It has given me closure with Vortex's removal. Im happy i finally have a peice of Arrow history. Vortex, you will live on forever in our hearts and in our rooms!
  13. My dream has come true. Im so happy right now that I'm almost in tears. I can't believe it has happened. Thank you IMMENSELY IceePirate. Thank you KIC. Thank you Kings Island for giving me the chance to own a slice of Arrow history. Thank you everyone here for helping me make this happen. Thank you KIC. I wish i could show you all how happy i am right now, but through here its impossible! Thank you so much IceePirate for making my dreams come true. Thank you everyone!!
  14. Hey you guys!! I have amazing news!!! My peice of Vortex will be on its way to me tomorrow and in my hands most likely by next week!!! Im so happy my dreams have come true!! Thank you IMMENSELY to IceePirate for making this happen!! Thank you everyone here for helping me make this happen!! Thank you all so much!!!
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