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  1. Are you able to go through the haunt during the day? I just specifically want to go in the building and see the remnants of TR: TR /The Crypt. Is this allowed? Thank you!
  2. The goddess is still there!??!?!?! Holy crap!!! I wonder what else remains. How do I get into hallotween and when is it? I have a niece who would love to do an event like that so this is a perfect chance for her to go to the Halloween Haunt, and for me to get to see the inside of the building. I'd love to see the rest of the queue too if thats doable. Tomb raider the ride has had me intrigued for a very long time.
  3. I wish I could go through with a flashlight or a headlamp. I honestly just want to see the remains of one of the greatest defunct rides ever built. I've also been curious for years, how in the absolute heck did they manage to get that ride out of the building? Like, how?! I know the building has a garage door on the side of it, but I'm just unsure how the would have gotten that thing out after demolishing it without destroying the whole building. Also, aren't there a few seats left over off the ride in FOF's building? I'd give ANYTHING for one of those seats. TR: TR and The Crypt has intrigued me for years.
  4. Kings Island is gearing up for its 2023 haunt season. I'm pretty sure, if I'm correct, they use the former home of TR: TR as a haunt. I'm curious, does the haunt go into the ride chamber, all the way through the building? And can I go through with a no-boo bracelet? I honestly just want to see the remains of The Crypt/TR: TR. Is this allowed? Thank you!
  5. Flight of Fear needs a repaint IMO. It looked dusty and kind of aged (well, to me anyways) when I last rode it. My Vortex piece needs a repaint as well!! (JUST KIDDING)
  6. Viper at SFMM. Put it in Vortex's former spot and paint it that beautiful deep blue and orange. Too bad that's a dream.
  7. I might snag that WindSeeker pin when they restock The Bat ones. Still waiting!
  8. From what I've heard from a few sources, the cars or train parts from the original 1983 Bat were stored in crates underneath Vortex's station. I've read they were scrapped around 2006. Is this true? What was stored under there? Does anyone here have any photos of them? This has intrigued me for years and I'd love a clear awnser finally. Anyone here know if it's true?
  9. Im waiting for The Bat pin to be back in stock so I can snag one. And I love the WindSeeker one!!
  10. I'm looking for the other Vortex pin, the one that says 1987-2019, but I cant find one online anywhere lol. Maybe I'll snag one somewhere!!
  11. It has a great home!! I also have 2 Vortex shirts. And a hoodie from Busch Gardens Tampa Also heres my Vortex memorabilia (The cutout, nanocoaster, pin, and my holy grail!!! The track slice!! ) My Arrow Dynamics wheel, RMC Grab handle and Anti Rollback pad, and Huss Breakdance bolt My cutouts of Orion, Sheikra at BGT, Flight of Fear, and The Bat!! And nanocoasters of Iron Gwazi, Storm Chaser, and Lightning Run. (Last 3 Not pictured) Also i have 2 fully functional Coasterdynamix models. Also I have a night shot I took of Vortex right after my final ride, with tears in my eyes. Sorry for the long post, i figured I'd show off my collection here!! (If you guys are interested)
  12. Anyone here have one? https://www.kingsislandgear.com/collections/collectibles/products/racer-nanocoaster-with-authentic-track-piece How big is the piece of wood and the nanocoaster? Im curious before I purchase if I'll have the space. Thank you!!!
  13. I just bought one as a christmas present to myself!! You all already know which one it is.
  14. I have one of the pins and thats all I have, unsure if I'll get the rest. You know which one it is.
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