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  1. Sadly, no, but I'm pretty sure they have high priorities on their list right now. But the station has gotten a little love, they were using more of the pre-recorded script, and they added blue lights around the launch tunnel.
  2. Also, if you wait till the end of the day, i've been three times and the time to go is like between 6 and 6:10, they'll let you on without an access pass, but they shut off the line depending on crowds around 6;15, so you've gotta time it perfectly.
  3. It still doesn't quite feel like it's 11 yet. It'll be interesting to see how diamond back ages, and if it'll age like older B&M hypers (such as Apollo), or if we'll finally get that repaint job. Also don't know if Diamondback's longer trains or splash down contribute at all.
  4. Agreed, but it would definitely reduce the roughness and maybe less tight cars would be more accepting to larger guests, which is one common complaint I've heard.
  5. Yeah, my heart kinda stopped when I walked by The Vortex plot. The pictures are good, but it just doesn't show how much different it feels. Even for a first time park visitor, it definitely feels empty.
  6. Same here, I'm not expecting anything huge, like the saucer and lighting effects are definitely still there, especially after they just updated the LEDs a few years ago. But I could potentially see a new queue show or props (the tube tvs, and computers are starting to look a bit dated), but I honestly hope they didn't change too much. I kinda wish we got new custom Premier trains for a smoother ride or on-board audio, but I doubt they'd spend that much on a ride approaching 26 years.
  7. Agreed, it'll only add one more thing to their list to clean and maintain when they're already low on staff and trying to prepare, so they might as well wait until the last minute to add clean new water. It'll also keep costs down. I'm starting to wonder if water rides will get cut this year due to high operating costs (WWC, Congo, RFYLCB).
  8. I've watched the camera throughout the day, and I've seen many golf carts and vehicles driving through. Sadly, if you look closer, RFYLCB & the DB pond are still empty. They have a bit of rain water, but it doesn't look like they're filled up.
  9. Judging where that camera is located, I'd say they're trimming some of the Tomb Raider plant growth around the side and front of the building. They do it every year, or they're working on the ivy tunnel to White Water Canyon. I've also been bored watching the cameras a lot, and it looks like the landscaping crew is making their way through the park, so we might see some grass and more landscaping around Area 72.
  10. They really did mostly keep their promise from the beginning though. They said they would keep the core of Kings Island intact. They left the more original parts of Kings Island intact, while creating Action Zone to promote themselves. Honestly, Kings Island changing hands so many times has been a blessing and a curse. While it has caused problems with theming and other rides, one of the great things is that each owner has brought something different to the park. Taft build the amazing infrastructure and backbone of the park. They created the dream, and really went out of their way with I-Street, and all the other areas. Then KECO stayed mostly the same, but focused on slightly other things, helping diversify the park. They also created some of the most beloved rides in KI history. Then Paramount brought their theming, shows, and they really helped focus on the only side of the park, not just big thrills, but an immersive experience. Then Cedar Fair has taken the park, and added more extreme thrills. The park is pretty unique, along with the other KECO parks that they've had many different people focus on different parks of the park. While all the changes have left some problems, they've also helped create such a wide range of attractions and offereings at the park. It's one of the reasons the history is so rich. Not many other parks outside of Disney & universal have B&M coasters, indoor coasters, themed coasters, and so many different unique areas of the park. While, yes, I did wish they themed more things, and really created the universal of the Mid-West, I'm also glad they did stay in the middle of the road, helping preserve the past.
  11. As long as we don't see any coaster removals, I don't have a problem with for the next 5 years just having coaster repaints, maybe a Soak City re-theme, and a new flat, and other small park improvements. I think people would understand the reasoning behind it, and Kings Island doesn't have to get a large new coaster every year in order to pull large crowds.
  12. Only proves Flight of Fear was truly ahead of its time
  13. The one things we do have to remember is that Kings Island likes their dark rides catered to more of a family audience. One problem was that Maestro was a little frightening to younger children, which was a problem for it being located in the kids section of the park. Additionally, there were multiple reasons they removed PT in the first place. The more animatronics there are, the more maintenance the ride will require, and the more hassle it'll be for the park. Boo Blasters, while not everyone's favorite dark ride, does serve it's purpose as a family dark ride, while also being not to scary for younger guests. Especially after all that's going on, I can definitely see Boo Blasters sticking around for a little while longer. But I would like to see the replacement be somewhere between Phantom Theater & Boo Blasters. Maybe a more scary dark ride toned towards an older audience would be better placed in for example the old TR:TR building. Even better, if we're going with the dark forest theme of Action Zone, or Area 72, a ride themed to those areas would be fantastic, and really give the park more variety. I feel like sometimes people forget that Boo Blasters and/or Scooby Doo & the Haunted Castle cater more towards family & the GP.
  14. Sorry, I didn't try to mean it like that. This music player is one of my favorite things on the internet (probably my most used bookmark). I was more just saying I hope it'll survive past the end of flash.
  15. I agree with this. The blaster portion is what keeps people coming back, and makes it competitive. Phantom Theater was usually close to a walk on (part of this was because of the crazy good riders capacity with all the cars), but I think also, while enthusiasts loved to ride this over and over again, to the GP it got boring after a while if you're a repeat rider. But this would be a great idea, incorporate a bit of both. But the man thing I want to see is either way, for the ride to get some love. The animations not working and the blasters not working sometimes is understandable, but the thing that just kills me is the fun TVs in the queue. At least add something to bring back some attractiveness to the queue, Maestro gave people something to look at while in line, or the Scooby and Shaggy pop-ups. Just at least something to keep guests entertained would be nice.
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