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  1. The question is if Paramount had left the ride, what would've happened to the ride over Cedar Fair's ownership? Would we see an overhaul or renovation, or would we see a replacement if the ride animatronics deteriorated. I mean we've seen the condition of Boocifer, so would we have that same condition for the ride, or would they choose to put something else in?
  2. Looks like the spring cage is gone in the back too. I'm hoping for a refurbishment, but we'll see.
  3. I received an email this morning around 10am including a pre-sale code. Don't know if it's a unique code per passholder or if it's available for use and everyone can use the same code. Also don't know if I'm allowed to share it in here or if that's against any terms of use.
  4. There is a music in the parks event each year. Students usually preform in Choir, Band and Orchestra at a nearby high school, my year it was Loveland, then drive to KI for the rest of the day. Timberwolf is used for the awards ceremony each year. A younger friend of mine is attending the program this year in May and the program says to meet at Timberwolf for awards.
  5. I always admire that I'm back in the park for the first time in 4 months, then move along to the lower capacity attractions first (Invertigo, Flight of Fear), then move on from there around the park, simply riding what I'm able to find a decent wait for during the packed crowds. I'd agree with the statement that you should be as kind and courteous as possible to the kind staff, as it will be their first major weekend in a while. Usually the middle of the day comes to myself marathoning Adventure Express, Racer and Bat as they have good capacity but less of a line (well at least two of those three have great capacity). Then unusually get in line by the end of the day for a Beast night ride, but probably gonna have to change that up this year instead and resort to an Orion night right instead.
  6. Especially considering GateKeeper is a few years newer than Diamondback
  7. I mean theoretically, I'm sure there's a way RMC could make a funky station exit and break run. I mean Gwazi was a freak of a recreation using old footers, and that station had been SBNO for years, but also in all honesty there's nothing super unique about the SOB station. Sure it's memorable, but it's not exactly unique like the Gwazi African themed station or heck even The Vortex/Old Bat station. I still think it's odd that they didn't save The Vortex station for events, yet the SOB station has stood SBNO for over a decade for a haunt event. So I'd say theoretically, there's a chance it could be revitalized for a new coaster, which would be awesome, but in reality, I think it would be more trouble than its worth to reuse the SOB station.
  8. Blackout and Wolf Pack in years past always felt understaffed. I guess if only having 5 mazes open means more scare actors per maze, it could be more quality over quantity. Still, I do see this being a problem for lines. With only 5 mazes open, we could be seeing some insane maze lines. Also I assume Field of Screams moved because since it might be hard to access that location because of Orion being there now.
  9. Had an amazing time today. Food wait times were fast, staff was really efficient. All the wait times were under 10 minutes, even Orion, except for Flight of Fear, which was about an 80 minute wait. Lights were on earlier in the day, but shut off. They left the extra emergency lights on in the queue area though because there was a decent leak in the ceiling from the rain. Makes me wonder if the lights were on in the main ride portion to check for leaks there as well. The water was coming in at a decent point to where they had someone positioned to just keep cleaning up the water. Did anyone else experience this?
  10. Thanks, I figured the building would protect the track, my fear back in the day was that an lightning bolt would overload the LSMs if struck, so I figured there was some system in place. I faintly remember hearing about it, but that was back during the paramount days, and I didn't know if there was any change since then. I'm just hoping the rain leads to less crowds tomorrow.
  11. Just a quick question. I'm planning to head to the park tomorrow (Friday the 28th) for a few hours. It's been a few years since I've checked this policy, but in case of thunder, does Flight of Fear still operate when the other coasters shut down? I've been in the park a few times during inclement weather the past year or two, but I've never ventured over to see.
  12. The other thing is teens make up a good portion of visitor attendance. I understand it's for the safety of the guests, but punish the thousands of other teens wanting to enjoy summer with their friends over the poor choices of a few other peers. If KI can find another way around, I think increased security or crowd control might be in order, but as long as it isn't a repeat problem, I'd hold off on the chaperone policy if possible.
  13. While it would help. I don't think it would fix everything. I witnessed a different one, which definitely contained a decent amount over 16 & over 18 years old, so I don't know how much it would help there. I hope this is a one time thing, and hopefully, we won't have to worry about it later down the line. Part of me thinks everyone was already on edge from the crowds and lines.
  14. I don't know if this will be an every night sort of a thing. It could also just be due to the already insane crowds, as even if they shut the lines at 9:20, they'll still be operating well past 10. If the park hit capacity, I'm sure the staff is already exhausted as well. I will say, great job to the ride ops. Almost every ride was running about as smooth as one can this early in the season on this hectic of a day.
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