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  1. Also, hopefully this will lead to fewer spills in the station bins, which would be a true blessing for ride ops and park goers.
  2. I love B&M coasters, they are always crowd pleasers, and the last three installed at KI have been amazing, but they just aren't that intense. Sure Banshee maybe a little, but we need something with snappy transitions and a bit more intensity from the modern era. I love Flight of Fear, but design has improved so much in terms of launches, transitions, elements, *cough *cough comfort . If Cedar Point isn't working with intamin on TTD, then I'd rule out a modern blitz, as much as I'd love to see one. Also a new generation Vekoma would also be a great fit for The Vortex plot, but I just see a low probability of that happening. If KI could get B&M to bring the sit-down model from the grave, maybe a hulk style launch coaster that packs some intensity like their old school elements, along with some modern ones, but that would be an insane amount of $$$ for Cedar Fair.
  3. I could be mistaken, but isn't that just the gravel lot they used to launch and land the drones from the Fireworks and Fifty show? I can't remember the gravel plot was in that specific location or if it was more in the middle of the plot, but I remember it being approximately that size.
  4. I'd be curious as well. Considering the direction they've been going with IP related rides, they might try and assemble a completely IP themed park. Personally, I've always enjoyed their park original ride themes better. When my favorites come to mind (Space Mountain, Big Thunder, Pirates of the Caribbean, Expedition Everest ,etc.), they all were created with an original idea or story, rather than being built around an existing stories. I also agree with the Half-Baked Problem. With the increased price in everything, and considering the last few parks (California Adventure, Walt Disney Studios, Animal Kingdom) sort of feeling lacking at first, that leaves myself a bit worried about the outcome of a new park.
  5. I think a City Walk sort of area with a hotel and some restaurants would be nice. Only problem is Liberty Center being located not too far away, so you'd have to make sure that you'd be catering with different options than what's already offered. Like if you bought the old Kings Island Inn area and ran a shuttle, it might work. I mean if you wanted to go the full 10 yards you build a man made water canal for boats and shuttle people. Definitely could turn it into some sort of shopping district/attraction destination. I just don't know if the demand would be there besides like Western & Southern tournament days or peak days in the summer. I just don't know something of that size could sustain itself realistically. If we're talking realistically, a reasonably nice hotel right off the exit where the Laser Craze is currently located. Good proximity to the highway, more affordable than the Great Wolf Lodge, but a bit nicer than some of the surrounding offerings, maybe even get a partnership with the park or something.
  6. I was on an early morning rollback earlier this year, and to me, it felt as if the launch was choppy (I'll explain). The initial launch out of the station was normal, but while usually the acceleration is smooth and gradual, it felt choppy as if some of the LSMs pushed it, but almost like a few didn't engage with the train and it like coasted the middle of the launch portion without any acceleration before hitting the end of the LSMs and getting one last push from the set of LSMs at the end. It was odd because I only notice it only certain days, and even if I ride it multiple times in one day, it's different every time. Don't know if its on a train basis or case by case basis. Same thing though, some days they wouldn't be loading the 6th row or the entire back car, which kills capacity on an already bad ride in terms of rider capacity. The backwards helix is quite entertaining though, makes that intense element even more exciting, certainly not a family coaster when you experience a rollback though. I'm curious, has anyone else felt this quick last burst at the end of the launch compared to past years?
  7. That's a perfect way of putting it. While it never had the level of the Orlando Parks, for KI, it's always had its charm and beats many attempts made by other regional parks. Also, Arrow Mine Trains have always had their charm, but I feel Adventure Express takes this another level with it's theming and character. While maybe not a Beast level night ride, the terrain style coaster gives amazing night rides. I hope KI can bring back some cool lighting effects on the tunnel, as well as on the arches, but at the same time the dark forest atmosphere is part of what makes it an interesting night ride
  8. I think you might be referring to the loop that was played on the stretch of track before the first tunnel. If so I think I found the sound at 0:20 of this video. I believe there was a rainforest style loop that played up until a few years ago including a bunch of various train whistles and sounds. Rainforest Sounds Loop
  9. Ah, you're right, that's the water tower featured in the concept art, my bad
  10. I noticed that as well, maybe a future expansion?
  11. Love this addition as well. Perfect fit for a few more flat rides that KI really needs. We've needed something like this to better round out the park. My only concern is that they save some trees along that walkway. If it turns out to have the same foliage as in the concept I'll be glad. My only worry is more shade gets cut from the park. That area currently has some of the best shade in the park.
  12. Yeah my biggest and really only complaint that they could improve would be more fog. It's been really weak, and almost non-existent. I also miss the past years cool fall evenings filled with so much fog it filled the parking lot as well. I understand security reasoning, but it still feels even less fog in some areas than reasonable for that. Like there were zero functioning fog machines by the graveyard, which was disappointing in comparison to years past.
  13. Personally, I didn't think it was too bad. Mainly just without scare zone back by The Vortex plot, felt a little dead crossing between Coney Maul and Rivertown Reaping. Also I totally understand it's the first weekend, but the fog really needs to be turned up a notch. Maybe it was the wind, but the fog seemed mostly non-existent in the graveyard area, as well as other areas in the park. I hope as we get further into the season, things will continue to be tweaked. But overall, new maze was decent. Would love to see a pattern start of a new maze revamped each year, maybe with a revamped club blood or wolf pack coming back next tear.
  14. With how many positions are changing over this season, I wouldn't be surprised if Mr. Koontz stays around one more year just to help with the transition. But I agree, the leadership team has been absolutely phenomenal these past few years.
  15. I'm happy to see this as well! The quality and quantity of options offered within the park has improved tenfold since his arrival. Certainly deserves it!
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