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  1. I enjoy the current theme, however, if they would ever invest into new trains (I doubt it), on-board audio would make a world of a difference. You can only really hear the theme, faintly in the exit station, or after coming to a halt on the mid-course break run. Also my friend who works the ride says the theme is engraved into almost all his dreams by now
  2. I can concur, it's usually teal train that hammers. The blue train seems to be the smoothest out of the three. Sadly, I almost never get blue train.
  3. Yum! Gotta make my way over there right now...
  4. Agreed, imagine the ride without any tunnels what so ever. It would be an entirely different experience. I don't even want to think what AE would be like as a parking lot coaster with no themeing
  5. I agree with maybe some new lighting and some help with the last tunnel, but you've gotta remember to follow the Eleventh Commandment, and adding projections or removing the statutes would definitely violate violate @TombRaiderFTW's 11th commandment !
  6. Today the specimen lights were operational, a couple other effects in the pre-show were present that weren't working opening week, so they're definitely working on it. Also noticed some small improvements to Adventure Express, so some good signs seem to be present that they're working on effects around the park.
  7. Sadly, no, but I'm pretty sure they have high priorities on their list right now. But the station has gotten a little love, they were using more of the pre-recorded script, and they added blue lights around the launch tunnel.
  8. Also, if you wait till the end of the day, i've been three times and the time to go is like between 6 and 6:10, they'll let you on without an access pass, but they shut off the line depending on crowds around 6;15, so you've gotta time it perfectly.
  9. It still doesn't quite feel like it's 11 yet. It'll be interesting to see how diamond back ages, and if it'll age like older B&M hypers (such as Apollo), or if we'll finally get that repaint job. Also don't know if Diamondback's longer trains or splash down contribute at all.
  10. Agreed, but it would definitely reduce the roughness and maybe less tight cars would be more accepting to larger guests, which is one common complaint I've heard.
  11. Yeah, my heart kinda stopped when I walked by The Vortex plot. The pictures are good, but it just doesn't show how much different it feels. Even for a first time park visitor, it definitely feels empty.
  12. Same here, I'm not expecting anything huge, like the saucer and lighting effects are definitely still there, especially after they just updated the LEDs a few years ago. But I could potentially see a new queue show or props (the tube tvs, and computers are starting to look a bit dated), but I honestly hope they didn't change too much. I kinda wish we got new custom Premier trains for a smoother ride or on-board audio, but I doubt they'd spend that much on a ride approaching 26 years.
  13. Agreed, it'll only add one more thing to their list to clean and maintain when they're already low on staff and trying to prepare, so they might as well wait until the last minute to add clean new water. It'll also keep costs down. I'm starting to wonder if water rides will get cut this year due to high operating costs (WWC, Congo, RFYLCB).
  14. I've watched the camera throughout the day, and I've seen many golf carts and vehicles driving through. Sadly, if you look closer, RFYLCB & the DB pond are still empty. They have a bit of rain water, but it doesn't look like they're filled up.
  15. Judging where that camera is located, I'd say they're trimming some of the Tomb Raider plant growth around the side and front of the building. They do it every year, or they're working on the ivy tunnel to White Water Canyon. I've also been bored watching the cameras a lot, and it looks like the landscaping crew is making their way through the park, so we might see some grass and more landscaping around Area 72.
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