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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. 1. Flight of Fear 2. The Beast 3. Diamondback 4. Orion 5. Delirium
  2. Honestly I just want something else to do indoors. It would be a wise investment for something else to operate during Winterfest, and something to do when it's raining. When ever there's inclement weather, Flight of Fear and Boo Blasters are really the only options. Also A/C is awesome on scorching hot days.
  3. While losing The Bat would create a unique dent in the KI lineup, it'll also be interesting to see what they can use the land for. Part of me wants a low to the ground blitz coaster or Mack Launch that interacts with the terrain, but at the same time, in order to not suffer the problem of The Bat has of being secluded, a RMC that would peak above the trees and look intimidating would probably catch more attention from a distance. It'll be an interesting situation as KI has a quite a few rides approaching 30 years and the Invertigo parts situation. Vortex is a great plot, but also w
  4. After visiting the past two seasons, while I do miss Scooby Doo, the ride is in better shape than in prior seasons. The animatronic was moving better than in the past with more fluid motions, I've had a working gun every time, most of all the pop outs work, and the "Get away from Me!" guy works, which for a season or two was static. All this ride seems to get is hate, but in my opinion, it's still way more immersive and in better shape than the other versions at sister parks. It may not be Disney or Universal level, but it's still a very enjoyable dark ride (there are much worse I've been on).
  5. I don't know any official information, but I visited a few times by myself in 2020. The answer is no, I would never get paired with another rider in the same row. I visited Disney last month, and even though they did every row, they would never put you with another party or individual in the same row. So for now I'd say it's safe to assume no, you will not be paired with another rider for now.
  6. I thought the same thing. Something along the lines of this: https://cincyshirts.com/products/bernie-coaster?_pos=1&_sid=a26288198&_ss=r&variant=37666237939866
  7. 1. Flight of Fear 2. The Beast 3. Diamondback 4. Banshee 5. Orion
  8. I can't tell exactly from the article, but it might just be they sell off part of the land to a different developer/manager. From what I read, "There is an additional approximately 100 acres of unused or underutilized space at the base of a sizable hillside property. The remainder of the property comprises hillside open space that the city desires wants to develop for recreational and outdoor activities including down-hill biking, horseback riding, hiking, ziplining, among other uses." It seems more like while Cedar Fair is operating the 50 acres of park, the city is intereste
  9. Wanted my last ride to be The Beast, but it ended up being a marathon on Flight of Fear due to rain, which I'm still totally fine with
  10. I wish I could vote for both. I can't stress enough how much I love that the park has spent time and resources on the last few rides. First, even though Banshee doesn't have as elaborate of theming, I really like the station, the Banshee scream, the graves, it all adds a cool feeling to the queue. Additionally, with Mystic Timbers and Orion, the soundtracks are amazing, and just the atmosphere is amazing. It's no Disney level of theming, but it's definitely one step further towards being a theme park, which I'm totally down for. Even though it's not perfect, I like how Miami Brewhouse and the
  11. I noticed this as well. It might have been because it wasn't quite 6 feet. Also the only problem about having all 4 on Orion's trains is it wouldn't work out with anyone in a row in front or behind. It might work with Banshee however since the seat design creates a wall between you and the rows in front and behind you. If I remember correctly, were there two rows between each group on Flight of Fear, or just one? I feel like this might have due to the nature of the ride being indoors, but it just killed capacity even further on a ride already known for low capacity.
  12. I did about the same thing. Invested $1k when the stock bottomed out. I plan on keeping most of it however so hopefully the dividends will start rolling in. Might take a few years for the share price to return to normal (if it ever will).
  13. I agree as well, the current entrance has plenty of infrastructure already built in, and it would be quite a large loss to tear it down. I mainly just see a facelift being needed in the next few years, especially on the west side facing the parking lot. Either updating it to a look more like the WinterFest entrance permanently with a more flush look like pictured above, or just simply modernizing the billboards and maybe new shingles and some roofing work would be all that's needed. KI truly doesn't need a completely new entrance plaza, especially compared to some other parks. Just needs a lit
  14. Depends on how many other copies are like it. I see it as a cool item that would increase over time.
  15. In terms of regional parks, the Premier Spaghetti Bowls. The compact layout and launch leads to quite an intense experience. I especially love the Flight of Fear Clones (my 2nd favorite KI coaster), the experience can't be found at many other non-Disney or Universal. I know the queue video can be a little corny, but I have a special place for this ride.
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