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  1. The Big thing that sticks out to me is the upcoming news of more track slices being available for purchase online, which will be handy for those more long distance fans or those who couldn't make it to the park in time.
  2. The only arcade I tend to wander into is the main one in Coney Mall. Most recent being Winterfest last year. I mainly only venture in there when the lines are too insane to bear. To be honest, most of the games were well kept and there were some pretty modern games, and decent prizes, which honestly surprised me. Has the arcade in the building next to Beast been open this year, I haven't looked yet. Sorry if we're getting a little off topic, but the small stuff like this always intrigues me. You can have the greatest coasters and rides, but I always try to pay attention to the infrastructure a
  3. I agree with this so much! Regarding wooden coasters, I don't know any other coaster that has been around for this long while remaining ever so popular. Especially compared with other coasters from the era, no other wooden coaster still draws in as much of a crowd at 41 years old other than The Beast. Sure there's El Toro, Lightning Rod, The Voyage, etc, but none of those have been around for nearly as long, and Beast stands out as something different. Instead of focusing on elements, it really feels as if it's an experience unlike no other, especially during a night ride.
  4. I've heard it's supposedly packed today. Like worse than some Cedar Point weekends. It it truly that bad? I'm considering heading up in about an hour, but don't know if it's worth the drive if it's so packed I can't ride anything in under 2 hours.
  5. All I can say is Orion didn't have the same effect Fury 325 had on Intimidator. Screw the slight roughness at the bottom of each airtime hill, nothing will be able to beat the floater airtime filled layout of Diamondback, or the splash down. At least for me personally, Orion was a great addition to the park and all, but it's still number 3 in the park for me.
  6. The wood planks are still present down by the first drop, and there are big tire tracks. But in terms of Banshee, it was running fine. In fact, on blue train today I probably got one of my smoothest rides ever at the park.
  7. It could just be wood for a re-tracking over the winter. Don't know if it would involve GCI, or just some yearly maintenance on The Beast.
  8. It would be really hard to match the faded paint as well. The drop would look off, and worse than just a weld. I definitely agree it would be much easier to just weld the existing track already in place.
  9. And this is when I wish the Banshee webcam was up to watch the action over the weekdays
  10. The they added an LED sign a few years back, they sometimes display animations. Source: https://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=69924&start=20 P.S. There's multiple threads talking about when they did all this: https://KICentral.com/forums/index.php?/topic/29050-kings-island-is-getting-a-marquee-sign-upgrade/
  11. Quite a bump, but.... Now that it's been a solid 9 years, any change in feelings in management, especially now after Area 72. Would you say Area 72 is better than anything Paramount could have done, or was Top Gun, Action Zone, TR:TR still much better than anything Cedar Fair could attempt? And is the new atmosphere better than before?
  12. Definitely the first time my friend tricked me into going on Flight of Fear. As a kid the biggest ride I had conquered was Adventure Express. So on a cool crisp spring day when we didn't have school, my friend convinced me to join him on the first ride of the day (I had no idea about the launch), I shocked but thrilled at the experience of the ride and it's what really got me into roller coasters. It's been my favorite ride at the park since then and probably always will be.
  13. I noticed this as well. While I couldn't exactly see them relocating or replacing the sign, especially right now, my theory is... They're doing parking lot work this off season to fix the flow lanes into the rows, and they're just marking the electrical to the sign to avoid confusion. Also if anyone says ODOT required them to take it down as a distraction, if I'm driving by on the highway, I'm already gonna be looking at the park regardless of the sign, so I see this as highly unlikely.
  14. The only explanation about the Cedar Fair thing that I can think of is that since Blue Streak is the only traditional wooden coaster, it's probably better to send them off, while at Kings Island they have 4 traditional woodies. Now I know Mystic Timbers is an exception cause sending the trains to GCI, but still, Kings Island has a better in-house department compared to some other independent parks.
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