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I feel we have a pretty unique collection of rides like no other. Nothing better than a somewhat calming ride through a closed mining outpost, quick flight through an alien space ship, outrunning the law in Los Angles with a breath of fire, escaping the terror of a night creature that lurches in the woods of river town, or feel the flight experience of a bat. Kings Island is definitely one of a kind, and nothing beats the rush and feeling of walking through the gates on a cool summer night, seeing international street and the tower all lit up, welcoming guests of the past, present, and future to this one of a kind place.  I can't say thanks enough to the people who make it such a wonderful place to spend my summer, and I can't wait to see what's in store.

Current Top 10 KI Coaster Ranking (Subject to change)

1. The Beast

2. Flight of Fear

3. Diamondback

4. Banshee

5. Mystic Timbers

6. Orion

7. The Bat

8. Adventure Express

9. Invertigo

10. Racer

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