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  1. The Beast sign has always been my favorite ride sign at any park. I mean look at them claws!
  2. Speaking of The Sky Swat, expedition theme park just did an episode on Slammer. I highly recommend anyone who hasn't seen it yet give it a watch.
  3. You have a point. But, a roundup would also be good. It would be cool if they themed it as an UFO and put it in area 72. But I don't think that will ever happen.
  4. Busch Gardens is actually named after the Busch family who own the company that manufactures Budwiser beer(Anheuser Busch). The park in Tampa opened as a bird and beer garden before amusement park rides were added. The park in Willisburg was built later. It is themed to a trip around the world instead of focusing on having animals.
  5. I definitely agree with more trees, but I don't really want the lake to return. When I ride The Beast, a lot of times I see a bunch of groundhogs in the grass patch in the middle of turn out of the station. I always think it's cool to see. But, if the lake returns, I don't think we would see them as much.
  6. Is this what you are talking about? It's called a Sky Fly. It is a model of flat ride created by Gerstlauer that was inspired by another Gerstlauer flat ride call the Sky Roller. I honestly think it would be cool if they put a space themed one in Area 72 or one in Coney Mall painted to look similar to Zodiac, but I'm not quiet sure about it's capacity. It looks like it fits better in smaller parks, but I don't know for sure.
  7. I kind of want to see a part of Vortex's spot used to put a few more flat rides in Coney Mall. I've always wanted a tilt-a-whirl at Kings Island, but a Scat might also be nice.
  8. I chose 100-199. My top two favorite coasters (The Beast and Maverick) are both in that range along with a most of the B@M inverts(which is one of my favorite coaster models)
  9. I found some footage posted by NizzleToob that shows the walkway at 1:30. It also has some great footage of/from the skyride.
  10. Edit: Actually never mind. I'm going with @BeeastFarmer with this one. Beast for the win! I'd say Diamondback has my vote. It is my number 2 for the park while Mysti is my number 4. As much as I love Mysti I think Diamondback gives some killer floater and it's grater speed gives it the advantage imo.
  11. Oh! That makes more sense considering that all the other photos I've scene of Cobra entrance have all looked different. Sorry for the confusion.
  12. I never got to see The King Cobra in real life since it was torn down a year before I was born, but I've seen a picture that shows an entrance on what I presume to be in Action Zone/ Adventure Village. It only had an entrance and an exit sign instead of the King Cobra sign with the snake on it. Does anybody remember this? Edit: I've found the photo I was talking about at http://www.casabrian.com/parks/pki2001.html
  13. That's how I got my high score(only 2,000 and something). That was back when it was Scooby Doo and the Haunted Castle.
  14. I defiantly agree that if the lights from the turnaround are visible(and I also agree with you that they will most likely be hidden by trees) that would be something cool to see, but I can see how spotting them during a night ride could be disappointing to some. As you said though, seeing lights from Orion for a few seconds should not change the quality of the other 4 minuets of The Beast nighg ride.
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