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  1. How does it compare to The Racer retrack (smoothness wise)? I won't be able to get to the park until late july and I am anxious to know how much smoother it got.
  2. They need to bring back the coaster that used to sit next to it! All jokes aside, and I know it's not gonna happen, but it would be nice to have the skid brakes back.
  3. Reminds me of my nieces first ride. She insisted on holding my hand which was a huge mistake. When I reached out to hold her hand my elbow was rested against her head. Each time we hit a turn I could feel her slam her head into my arm but she refused to let me move. She still managed to hold my hand for the entire ride and even had a mark on her head to prove it. Wish they could do something about that midcourse. It really is a momentum killer(I know it's supposed to slow you down, but man). As for bruises, I purposely try to get them(it's a tradition in our family to ride in the roughest seats as possible) and I haven't even gotten a mark for quite some time. I'm sure you get more rides in throughout the season because I only visit the park a couple times a year (I'm a Wisconsin native). Through my experience, though, I feel the ride has gotten much tamer over the years. I'm just worried a re-track would tame it even more.
  4. I really like The Racer re-track, but a huge part of me is skeptical. Part of the charm of The Beast is it's jerking/rumbling. It makes the ride feel more wild and out of control. And, honestly if you ask me, I think The Beast has gotten smoother. I used to get bruises on the thing all the time, but now not even sitting in the middle or very back of the car will end in a bruise. Honestly, they should just leave their sacred cow alone.
  5. That's how I felt about Green Lantern at Magic Mountain. The over the shoulder restraints and the shield at the side made you feel like you were trapped in a ball and being tossed around. It was claustrophobic and definitely painful.
  6. @Maddog I have ridden Raptor. I don't find it near as rough as other B&Ms like Rougarou. For me personally, Banshee's vest restraints grab and tug at my skin. It's pretty painful. But, their the only ride with vest restraints I've found painful. I love the restraints on Val Raven and such
  7. I honesty think The Beast has gotten smoother over the years. It used to give me bruises but now, even when riding in the very back, it barely shakes at all. I still think it needs a re-track, but I'm also nervous about a retrack. A retrack might take away the rides rumble. As for the most painful B&M I think we have it. Banshee's vest restraints plus its rattle has made it become far more painful than any of the head bangers.
  8. Boo Blaster -> Scooby Doo Race for Your Life -> King Mills Log flume (make it apart of River town again) Ladder game and Coke freestyle -> Der Spinnin Keggers
  9. I've also heard someone say that the only reason SOB was closed is because people were too sensitive. No joke edit: sorry for the double post, I meant to edit my previous comment.
  10. I got one! Scooby Doo was a good replacement for Phantom Theater. Honestly one I beleive. I thought it was charming, colorful , fun, and a great ride for kids and Scooby fans.
  11. Tagg is from "The Adventures of Gulliver". Gulliver was also in the enchanted voyage, and had a water raft ride in Hanna Barbara land named and themed after him.
  12. Kings Island (In Your Backyard!) - YouTube Looks like these guys still manage to have fun during the off season. As for me, ever since last year I have became pretty sickly(my brain is having a hard time communicating with my body). Its nothing to serious, but I've been home bound since before covid had started. Its very hard to get exercise. I get lethargic and dizzy really easily and some times even black out. This lack of exercise has lead to stress and back pain. So to remedy this( I know this sounds silly, but it works) I cast Kings Island povs on my tv, grab a wooden rod, and twist and turn with the rides as exercise. It has really helped my back, especially rides like Shake Rattle and Roll, Adventure Express, Mystic Timbers, and The Beast! This way I don't get sick and my back can still tense and stretch. It's also a good way to kill the off season blues and an excuse to get some me time.
  13. Cyclone Sams Worlds of Fun - YouTube I think we should put something like this in there, but with more elaborate theming and a more intense flat than a trabant. I would make it a psychedelic marsh theme and include a gigantic Alligator monster to rival the other monsters in river town. Either that or tear down the building and put a small water coaster there, but the former would be cool.
  14. Oh My God! I knew I wasn't the only one who liked Scooby on KICentral! I 100% agree. I honestly never thought it looked that cheap and I totally dig the combination of the omni-mover system and the interactive blasters.
  15. I'm not sure who said it or what thread they said it on, but I remember someone saying that whatever replaces Vortex needs to fit the carnival feel of Coney Mall. Though it's hard to describe why, I think Vortex fit Coney Mall amazingly. I think a Gerstlauer infinity, something like Monster at Adventureland, fits the Coney Island feel too. I truly think it is the kind of ride you'd find at home at a modern carnival or boardwalk park, and it's night look would really go well with the rest of Coney(plus it's compact enough to leave room for a Rivertown expansion/ new Coney mall flats.) The Monster HD Night Ride Front Seat On Ride POV & Review. Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster Adventureland - YouTube
  16. Is this it. It was taken at the sign shop during a BeastBuzz. Here's the link: ACE Beast Bash 2006 - October 7 - Sign Shop - KIExtreme Photo Gallery
  17. I choose The Beast. There may be bigger and faster rides in the park, but this ride feels amazingly unique and has lots of charisma(and its also pretty fast)
  18. I would say getting rid of both the Antique cars and the eagles were a mistake. The fact that they brought them back (albeit they were smaller versions) clearly means a lot of people really missed both attractions dearly.
  19. I feel kind of alone on this when on KiC, but I loved the Scooby Ride. I used to ride the ride over and over again, and I wasn't the only one according to a lot of people I've talked to. Don't get me wrong Phantom Theater seems like a very creative and amazing ride, but I thought Scooby was a colorful, charming, and friendly feeling ride. Anyway, I think the best decision the park has made so far is building The Beast instead of rebuilding the Shooting Star. And the worst decision was building The Son of Beast.
  20. I never used to mind the trims on the midcourse break run, but during my last ride on The Beast during the 2019 season they really interrupted the ferocious feel for a majority of the ride. I thought I just rode it at the wrong time in the wrong spot, but I've heard a lot of other people say The Beast has been running like that for all of the 2019 and 2020 season. Is there anything the park can do to fix this? I know they can't just remove the trims, but is there anyway to make them feel more gradual?
  21. I don't think this was the kind of book you were asking about, but I've read both of the RL Stein Beast books. I've heard a lot of people mention they exist, but I don't think I've ever heard anyone say they've read it. I honestly enjoyed how weird they were (especially the second one) and I think they hype The Beast up amazingly.
  22. I choose The Beast. I don't like the idea of millennium flyers since I feel they wouldn't be heavy enough to keep the classic Beast rumble. I think they should make the cars like Tornado at Adventureland. Put in a lot of padding that helps you stay comfortable while the ride is shaking and get rid of the divider. And of course (truly cannot stress this enough) bring back the buzz bars! The newer lap bars really pin you in and are very unfriendly to bigger guests.
  23. I never wouldve guessed it was a restaurant. It looks nice. It seemed to fit in coney very well. Was there indoor seating?
  24. Kings Island just released this video on there YouTube page. It has some pretty neat footage of the original bat as well as a unique look at some other attractions like KCKC. I recommend you guys give it a watch if you haven't already. Edit: Does anyone know what the white and red tent at 1:51 is?
  25. The Beast wouldn't exist without The Racer since it probably wouldn't have been built if Kings Island wasn't as successful as it was in the early seventies. However, I have to go with The Beast here. The question is asking which had the most significance and, while The Racer was the start of the coaster boom, The Beast was the one who got it rolling by making parks strive for bigger and better. I don't think there was any coaster before The Beast that people had such a strong loyalty to, but now that designers are striving to create more unique and intense experiences there is a mountain of coasters with a huge fan bases and are renowned around the world. It's truly impressive how, even 40 years later, The Beast is gathering more and more loyal fans. Honestly I am one of them. The Beast is one of my favorite coasters. It's setting and temperament makes it one of the most memorable coaster I've ever ridden. Every ride has a different feel each time because every little thing can change the experience( the time of day, the time of year, the whether, if there is a breeze or not, how much you feel the trims, etc..). It's truly a special ride. Basically what I'm trying to say is, The Racer is a classic that helped kick started the modern coaster industry but The Beast is a legend that changed the industry forever.
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