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  1. Yeah it was amazing, even with the rough patches, thank you everyone... even you [mention]gforce1994 [/mention]
  2. The rows are separated by a physical object above the riders’ heads, so I think that’s how they got away with Orion but not Mystic...
  3. Nevermind I found it regardless
  4. Still can’t see, am i the only one guys?
  5. Also the Health Screenings are now up... Here’s what it looks like! Just completed mine for opening day!
  6. Awesome, I’m going opening day and can’t wait to share my review!
  7. Loved Firehawk, but Orion is by far a worthy successor...
  8. 87 messages later I’m reading all of this..
  9. Ball joints weren’t used on inverted track, only track that was set upright....
  10. That thing hauls, I’m so excited to be going opening day!
  11. People are gonna complain either ways and don’t get anywhere with it so might as well ignore them...
  12. Yeah remember CP’s “A Place Like No Other” commercial and shot of Valravn at the end? Hell yeah!
  13. I’m happy it’s getting this attention
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