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  1. All of those ideas are spectacular, probably the best ideas I've heard for KI area theming in a long time. Love the new name idea for Delirium. Not to get hopes too high, but maybe they could do two interactives in the future: one in Rivertown for more of a family-oriented experience (appropriate for older kids under 13, along with their families) and another in a rethemed Action Zone for something more for something a little more mature (if you've ever heard of the now long-defunct "Cinderella Castle Mystery Tour" attraction at Tokyo Disneyland, it would be something along those lines). In regard of retheming Action Zone, I think they may as well join it with Oktoberfest. Folklore and the supernatural have always been tied to European cultures for centuries, and the area itself only has two or three attractions right now. Banshee: a female apparition of Irish folklore. The Bat: look at the depiction of Vampires, many being portrayed as European in origin. The proposed rename, Dark Forest Express: to me, that just screams "werewolf" all over it for some reason (not to rip off any other parks, namely Busch Gardens Williamsburg with Verbolten).
  2. True, very true. Backlot Stunt Coaster is more of a halfway mark between family and thrill. I think a Mack or Intamin launched coaster would be amazing. What about something in-your-face like Maverick at Cedar Point? It would have to be different enough to not be called a clone or mirror-image, though.
  3. @Magenta Lizard , I agree as well, but there is always room for improvement. As it stands, the four absolutely standout attractions are Diamondback, Mystic Timbers, The Beast and White Water Canyon, of course. It may seem silly of me to bring it up, but a rumor that I heard floating around elsewhere on the web are that an attraction similar to Cedar Point's interactive attraction--Forbidden Frontier--could be coming to a park such as Kings Island. I do think that this could be one such way to bring some new life to areas like Rivertown, reinvigorating the theme of an Old West frontier town. I do have to digress: an ideal way to place such a thing in the park would be to utilize some land where Vortex once stood, redrawing the boundaries of Rivertown to encompass such an attraction. Of course, KI has no plans in the works as far as we know; who knows what they'll do with it in the future?
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