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  1. I'm hoping the intensity of the double helix entry will be maintained and not neutered in any way. The work on the part is a full rebuild, pretty significant.
  2. I won't share the images because they seem to come from drone usage, but I just saw some HUGE Beast track work photos. Parts of the first drop and double helix completely removed, down to the supports.
  3. Seeing Tatsu get vibrant new paint makes me look forward so much to the day that Banshee and Diamondback get their repaint. Unlike Tatsu, however, I think Diamondback and Banshee will never change their color combinations.
  4. I know it's the enthusiast take, but I feel like a ground up RMC I-Box is a no brainier for Kings Island on The Vortex plot (along with a few other parks). Mack Extreme Spinner would be amazing, but the value and top tier ride experience that these can give just make it so appealing. You also don't have the supposed marketing issue that I-Box conversions have. Zadra was 15-16 million in USD and it could be the best coaster in Europe, and this medium sized coaster installation looks fantastic.
  5. The entire back wall of Frontier Town, from the two gift shops all the way to the Palace Theatre/Lusty Lills, is underserved. I hate that they aren't putting this there. Replace that whole block from the theater to the ice cream shop. Ugh
  6. Tatsu and Xcelerator... YES. Diamondback now being on there... NO.
  7. I really enjoy his channel. The vlogs are fun and his problematic coasters series are super interesting. We'll see if this ends up being right or not.
  8. 60,000 people, easy. I've been there once at capacity. It's insanity.
  9. This one is off the KI Season Pass FB page. Wow!
  10. The snack concept should become a thing for Cedar Fair. So far, I think it's just Dorney that has piloted it.
  11. Beastie, Flyers, Race For Your Life Charlie Brown and Boo Blasters are all must rides on our trip each year.
  12. If there was ever a time, it would be for the 50th anniversary, a one year only event. It would be fun to see.
  13. I think with their continuous operations on Saturdays (and now October Fridays) from morning till close, and with the on-site resorts, they won't enact this policy, similar to they don't use the "no re-entry during haunt hours" rule that a lot of other CF parks use.
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