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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. Except in CA. Interested to see what they will be doing at Great America in Illinois. Edit: I just watched Parks Bros new vlog from Magic Mountain from today. They are starting to fill trains on some coasters as well.
  2. My final rides on SoB came just two weeks before it's closure in mid June of 2009. They were absolutely awful. By the time it closed, it was good riddance. I never got to ride it pre-loop removal, but by the end it was nasty. It's kind of like Disaster Transport to me. A lot of CP fans fondly remember the original queue or blacklight queue of the early 2000s. By the end, it was ugly and not even air conditioned anymore. I much prefer Banshee and GateKeeper in their places.
  3. I am looking forward so much to getting back. VERY nervous about how well any CF park will be able to handle the anticipated high attendance, however. I must admit that, without the all season Fast Lane, I'd be much less excited.
  4. I know it used to win the Golden Ticket every year... But I think the current look of the kids area is ugly and mostly underwhelming, the least impressive area of the park (even beyond Action Zone).
  5. Other than the 2 California parks, I'm very interested to see what Cedar Fair does for the covid rules. Masks, queue line rules, train cleaning interval and train capacity. With how desperate they seem on social media for hiring, big crowds are making me very nervous for the in park experience, regardless of what they decide on for the above issues.
  6. We have made 3 trips to Carowinds. 2016, 18 and 19. Had 2 days at the park for the first two, only one the most recent with fastlane. It was easy to do everything multiple times in one day with fastlane. We have stayed at the Hampton Inn Charlotte/South Park at Phillips Place. It's SO WEIRD. South Park is this crazy upscale little area of a few blocks. They still have free parking at this one unlike some city Hampton Inns. We really enjoy it, it's the most memorable Hampton Inn I've stayed at. About 15 minutes from the park and also about 15 minutes to downtown Charlotte.
  7. The achilles heel of the B&M flyer is definitely sitting on the brake run when the double station is not in use and they stack. One of our runs on Tatsu in 2019 we waited over 5 minutes behind the other train and it was extraordinarily uncomfortable. I'm sure a large park like Kings Island would have and use the double station at first, but it's nasty when you have to wait to unload.
  8. They did actually set May 14 as the open date, but I'd be shocked if they open in May now. Ontario's minister of tourism and culture tweeted out some cold water about the park's ability to open the day after they sent out the reopening info to passholders, so I've been skeptical throughout. It just sucks. We're hoping to visit our first parks this year in late April, but I'm very worried for my home park.
  9. Ontario is going into a full lockdown for 28 days. Wonderland had an amazing, beyond- expectations-great 2019. Yukon a huge hit, WinterFest PACKED even with challenging weather. Hotel on the way (now cancelled). Now the real possibility of losing 2 full years at North America's highest attendance seasonal park. Awful. My home park, I miss it very much. I know it's still early in the year, but it's gotten pretty bad in Canada. I'm getting my second vaccine shot on Friday. For many in Ontario, there is no chance to get one anytime soon.
  10. If I set the sell out time as 10:03 am would you take the over or under? I'm going under.
  11. Under pre Covid operations, Hershey mostly closed at 9 or 10pm after Springtime in the Park. Even last season they opened with a 10am to 9pm schedule, we were there the week after July 4. However, demand at the start of last season was low, even with Candymonium opening. So they reduced hours to the 7pm close by mid July. CP and KI found similar soft demand last July and ended up with much smaller August calendars, in the case of CP about half the operating days as normal. A lot of these parks are being very conservative with the calendar. In CF's situation it's clearly a money saving me
  12. That Hersheypark calendar is rough. We've got 2020 season passes that are good until June 30 of this year. If they get Storm Runner open we will make one trip back before they expire. Such a fun vibe there at night, the 7pm close is a downer. Kennywood I'm staying away until I see Steel Curtain actually operate. I wonder if we'll see any other parks add hours as SDC has.
  13. CF parks, ALL opening way late and with short weekend only hours are going to be nightmare busy if they get good weather. Think about Carowinds. Opening 2 months late, all other Southern parks are slammed right now. Silver Dollar City has been begging people on social media to show up early or stay away until evening and increasing hours. Crazy pent up demand. And if Cedar Fair decides to keep the half full trains and 30 minute cleaning cycles... Look out. (SF and Herschend are filling trains) We are planning for our first KI trip of the season to be over Memorial Day. Even with our
  14. Operations have always been a mixed bag for me at BGW. On our most recent trip it was very busy both days, but Apollo, Tempesto and Griffon had crews that really were on top of things. Meanwhile, we stacked like crazy on Verbolten for all 3 of our rides, and it's queue was by far the longest. Alpengeist and Invadr also had us waiting on the brake run with 2 train ops. Pantheon only having 2 trains plus the pent-up demand is going to equal some nasty wait times. Not every crew can be Fury 325, but I hope they're ready to be efficient.
  15. With 2022 being the 50th anniversary, I think they'll play it as a celebration season. Pre-Covid, maybe a new ride as CP and Knotts were planning to introduce for their anniversary seasons. Now, I don't see it. A themed parade or mid summer anniversary spectacular, MAYBE a re-theme of an existing ride. The easy thing would be to go backwards Racer for 1 year, but I don't see Cedar Fair allowing that.
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