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  1. Hugos was a HUGE let-down for a new place at CP. Indoor seating, large space in a great spot for it in the park and the menu was a total miss. We tried twice, different items each time and both were close to throw-away-awful. I hope they change course on it in short order and make it a cantina style, bringing back burritos and bowls, adding standard tacos and nachos.
  2. On our 3 mid week visits during the final 2 weeks of daily ops in early August, CP was nearly "full" for what it could handle given the current operations. We observed 60 minute waits on the app for Corkscrew and Blue Streak all 3 days, and I personally waited in a 45 minute line for Rougarou and Magnum, 90 minutes for Valravn. The parking lot on those days I would characterize as slightly over half full. I can't imagine how it must have been this past Saturday, i saw one pic of the lot nearly full down the center. With how they have to operate, I'm suprised it took this long to turn the reser
  3. Chef is great. The quality and variety has been excellent. In the shadow of the flagship park in the chain, Kings Island has blown past Cedar Point in food choice and overall quality. We look forward to using our dining plan at KI, this year was a struggle at CP for our 3 visits, especially with the inexplicable removal of a Burrito/Bowl option and the excellent Frontier Foldover.
  4. Orion is also really flying with operations when possible. No bins helps, but they are also dismissing the entire train at the same time, unlike the row by row style in use on other coasters this year. It's almost Fury 325-like.
  5. I think the money on the table is to find a way to stay open daily through Labor Day. Cedar Point has been (2020) excluded, very busy in the last two weeks of August, even mid week. The passholders renewal/new passes push helps with that, especially in the last 3 years with "buy now, get the rest of this year included" perks. People trying to get in one more summer trip or family activity, plus some schools in the surrounding areas starting later. With maybe 12-8 hours or similar, I think they'd do well. Could add a theme to make it more interesting.
  6. I agree on the 2 year point. Even Disney and Universal are in trouble. Six Flags and Cedar Fair won't survive in their current state if they lose 2 years of operations for large parks in their chain. It's awful. It's crazy to think about how many lost operating days happened this year. And with Carowinds and Wonderland, Cedar Fair hired, trained and tested rides. Significant cost and ended up never opening either park. Wonderland was days away from announcing when Ontario removed them from phase 3. It's all relative and minor from a societal perspective, but speaking about the industry itself,
  7. We had 4 rides yesterday with fastlane, 2 in row 1 and 2 in row 8. I found the rattle to be much less than I was fearing, a bit at the bottom of the first drop and at the bottom of the pretzel loop, but we loved all 4 rides. It's fantastic in row 1, very intense in row 8. Its among the elite inverts for me with Montu (#1), Afterburn and Raptor. Still haven't ridden Flight Deck or Patriot, however. I doubt Patriot would rank very high but a lot of people speak highly of Flight Deck despite how short it is.
  8. Lines very busy today. Fastlane was worth it for our 2nd and final trip of the year. Great day so far
  9. We bought them online as saturday fastlane had sold out ahead of time the prior 2 weeks.
  10. Intimidator just isn't in the same class. I love Behemoth but Diamondback is my favorite of those 3. I just wish Shambhala would have been built in the US, the only other one to use the V trains. Behemoth badly needs a new paint job, too.
  11. My wish list for the 50th anniversary: 1. Significant Racer refurbishment and 1 year of backwards Racer available on one side of the coaster. 2. Boo Blasters refurbishment into a new experience, possibly back to a prior theme. 3. Rename Woodstock's Express into Beastie. 4. Anniversary parade as a love letter to the park's history. 5. Midnight closes on summer Saturdays. 6. Refurbishment/retheme of the restaurant above main gate. 7. Fresh paint for Diamondback. 8. Remodel of interior of Festhaus with new dining options.options.
  12. Horrible luck looks to be ruining our trip this coming Saturday, along with possibly Holiwood Nights and Keys to the Kingdom. That Hurricane remnant is predicted to roll through over the weekend. darn. Out $180 in fastlane if so.
  13. I'm critical of Six Flags in a lot of ways, but I must admit to really enjoying the version of Justice League we went on at Magic Mountain. They have a great IP for that and can sustain some larger queues with the multiple pre show rooms. It was a much higher quality than I was expecting.
  14. Wonder Mountain's Guardian is the reason I'm so skeptical of Cedar Fair doing a major dark ride well. I know Knotts just renovated theirs and I didn't mind Voyage to the Iron Reef... But WMG is a disaster. Wonderland is my home park and it's a reasonably popular ride but its a maintenance nightmare. It suffers from regular downtime, multiple guns on each train have been taped off in the last 3 seasons and the screens are already in a state of disrepair. For a major ride like that to be in such bad shape so quickly, and at the busiest seasonal park in North America no less, is telling.
  15. The 6 across dives look interesting. Valkyria has a great looking layout and rides fairly intense according to a couple a couple of reviews I've seen. Cost savings could be a factor as well.
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