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  1. Coast Rider is BRUTAL with those shin guards. I actually don't mind Apple Zapple, which is a shame. I wish they'd replace it with another small footprint coaster. I know most options that would fit there are often-cloned coasters like freespins, sky rocket 2s, Raptors, but Coast Rider is so, so bad.
  2. First statement of the year from Knotts... Extending their passes into 2022 for every day they are closed in 2021. I wonder if they'll open at all this year. Awful.
  3. Our most recent trip was this past year, second week of operations in early July. The new entrance area and Candymonium were top class. I slightly prefer Diamondback, but Candymonium was great. Coaster collection wise, I prefer CP, KI, Six Flags Magic Mountain and Six Flags Great America. SkyRush is so hard to love, the restraints are as bad as advertised. Fahrenheit is a weak Intamin IMO, and Wildcat is in desperate need of either Titan Track or the RMC treatment. Comet is a sleeper hit there, great old school woodie. Great Bear is unique, but limited. Their collection is solid, but not top 4
  4. Time Warp tied with Flight Deck at Wonderland. Steps away from each other! Honorable mention to Mind Eraser at Darien Lake.
  5. For Cedar Fair I believe its 40 or 42 Fahrenheit, someone on here may know for sure.
  6. Six Flags making this move with favorable weather parks, too in recent years. I wonder if Cedar Fair considers it at some point with Carowinds, despite the inability to operate the B&Ms below a certain temp (at least for Cedar Fair). Kings Island is probably too far North to consider it, sadly.
  7. Because of how beautiful International Street is, I don't hate the obstruction of it's view until I officially enter the park. It's always felt like a grand reveal of sorts, same with Wonderland and Dominion. I do wish the brown wall would be renovated and the building repainted/refurbished to look less dated and drab.
  8. It wouldn't suprise me at all if they hold until mid-late may. Maybe the week before Memorial Day. Sucks, but everything does right now so add it to the list.
  9. Missed it so much this year. Hoping very much to return in December 2021.
  10. 10 total rides over 2 visits. 2 in row 1 6 in row 8 1 in row 2 1 in row 7 (2 night rides)
  11. Yeah i think the last major coaster in the chain that has traditional full bins is Leviathan. Maybe HangTime also but i can't remember. Yukon has the fun new moving bin system but its complicated. Other than this year obviously i ride Leviathan a lot. You can really tell the dispatch difference between it and Fury/Orion. With the simplicity of the clamshell KI was flying with Orion dispatches like Fury does. On Leviathan, my wife and I noticed a few years ago how everyone at Wonderland seems to always have loose articles so most of the train crosses over to use the bins. Slows it down for sure
  12. So many smaller parks could use it. ValleyFair jumps to the top of the list if you're talking about the chain parks.
  13. One thing with Mystic is no waterfalls. Some of the old school ones like Thunder Canyon have like 3 or 4 of them.
  14. It is shocking to me that Carowinds is running without a water ride in park. In a perfect world I'd say they should renovate their SBNO rapids ride like Knotts recently did and then add a new modern flume in the Dinos Alive area but I highly doubt either would occur. If any major park in the chain could use those investments, it's that park. All 3 of our summer trips there in 2016, 18 and 19 it was VERY hot.
  15. Mystic River Falls was really a lot of fun. We went for two days at the start of August and had two rides. Not a soaker, but unique and super popular. Two hour wait during the peak of both days with one party per boat (max 8) due to distancing rules. It did break down a lot, we observed a party stuck near the top of the lift tower for about 30 minutes. That would have been interesting. It looked like it cost a fortune with the ride, theming and surrounding area.
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