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  1. That has to be miserable at SCarowinds tonight. Their operations this season were nightmarish for our August visit, and I heard of similar experiences from a park regular and a friend who went in July. It was a huge downgrade from how we had observed the park in 2016, 18 and 19.
  2. An exciting development if they are freeing uo that space. Would love to see Time Warp also get removed. It's time to add another major coaster in 2023 or 24. The park is insanely popular, with big crowds pretty much every day since reopening after a packed 2019 pre-Covid. After the Canadian Harmony Hall coming next year, I hope they turn their focus to the next new thrill. Mack Extreme Spinner would be my top pick.
  3. Busch Gardens Williamsburg joins Carowinds in banning all bags from evening Haunt operating hours. Wonder if it spreads further?
  4. Grain and Grill was outstanding. Combine that with their burrito/bowl place on the other side of International Street (complete with indoor air conditioned seating) for the two spots we ate at during our 1.5 day trip this summer (3 meal redemptions).
  5. Hearing its the slowest Saturday of the year today. darn. I am a Bills season ticket holder. If our opener was on the road or monday night, i would have driven down today. With it being not Haunt yet and a weekend where they are normally closed for a private event, I figured it would be dead. Nice weather and 2 full hours of night rides.
  6. Magnum XL-200, nothing else comes close for me. Only Wildfire at Kolmarden might be able to top it I think.
  7. I strongly prefer Orion over Candymonium. Orion on 2021 on full trains was a hoot. Phenomenal first drop and good pacing start to finish IMO.
  8. I just watched Canobie Coaster's review of The Ride to Happiness at Plopsaland. He has a crazy high coaster count from around the world and he called it maybe his new #1 overall. I think KI, especially with the layout of The Vortex plot, would be the perfect location for the next Mack extreme spinner. The Ride to Happiness looks insane, Time Traveler x10, and I really liked Time Traveler.
  9. With 4 day weekend ops for Haunt, open mid -April and daily operations through Labour Day, yes I think they could in a year with a major coaster opening.
  10. Significant re-track work in a similar fashion to Racer, led by the park and Gravity Group. Then new PTC trains with buzz bars/seatbelt. That's my dream scenario.
  11. Xcelerator remains open, to say nothing of Storm Runner and Kingda Ka. I think it's pretty clear at this point that this was a maintenance related failure, and not something necessitating (for any reason other than public perception) a complete overhaul of one hydraulic launch coasters launch mechanism, while the others all around the world continue to operate unchanged. Xcelerator is older, (the prototype for this kind of ride) operates at year round location and Knotts is a Cedar Fair park. Still operating.
  12. The membership is set up to be the FAR better deal now, and it was already close. The benefits on our Diamond Elite VIP membership are pretty staggering. Best in class among the chains, without question.
  13. I get that everyone is patting themselves on the back with how great a business decision it was to withhold these new rides and essentially lie to their membership base because they'll all want to ride them whenever these attractions finally open, but it just sucks. Being squeezed more and more as a consumer all the time is crappy and sad. Nice that all former members of a qualifying range will get a chance to ride, at least.
  14. Xcelerator remaining open this whole time, while in the same chain, certainly makes you think they strongly suspect that this awful Dragster incident was a maintenance failure, and not something design related. Hershey and SF have continued to operate Storm Runner and Kingda Ka as well. But Xcelerator is the big one, being the prototype and in the same chain.
  15. If the ride re-opens it will remain one of the park's most popular rides. Factoring in those that just stand/sit and watch it plus those that ride, you could argue that it's the park's most popular attraction.
  16. The mobile ordering, snack inclusion and 50% off all dining for the top membership tiers help SF make up for some of their food quality deficiencies.
  17. The uptick in symptomatic/serious cases with Delta in children is the most difficult part of the current situation, IMO. With basically 100% of kids under 12 unvaccinated, it makes me very concerned about the fall/winter, in addition to where we are already at.
  18. Absolutely. Our Diamond Elite VIP pass gets us free preferred parking, free drinks, FOUR free flash passes per visit, 50% off all food and merch at all SF parks. Add in their points system and other perks, it's a significantly better value than CF Platinum. $21 per month after tax, ($252 a year). I could also add their meal and flash pass options to that, which would bring it to about $550 a year.
  19. The Volcano situation was really bad. After years of very small investment, they get an excellent RMC conversion of Hurler in 2018, giving them one of the most interesting top 3s in the country with Volcano and I305... And that lasted less than a month. It's maybe the only instance of a park removing it's #1 coaster, as in most popular with the general public at the time of it's removal. It's announced as part of a blog post on Friday night during the off-season, and may end up not getting replaced for a decade. Had it been replaced by now, or going to be next year with some major new thrill, that's one thing. But now likely waiting 2-5 more years, with the only big rumor so far being a cloned B&M wing that would be smaller than X-Flight, is just sad.
  20. A breakfast option place, with a layout similar to Coney BBQ/Backbeat BBQ, should be under consideration for most parks in the chain. I think it would be very popular. Something like a pancake or two, meat and side on dining plan would be a great new option. Sides like hash browns, scrambled egg or fruit cup, meats your standard bacon/ham/sausage, pancake or French toast.
  21. The chain got killed on the full year pass extension and the crushing loss of having Wonderland closed through June. Add in the inability to get parks open early enough this year to meet the enormous spring break demand that other parks saw, and these results are not surprising. Not having a membership style program, rather than season passes, really tied their hands with the extensions. Since so few parks in the chain opened last season, it would have been tough not to extend. Perhaps they could have limited the extension at CP, KI, Dorney and WoF, but even that would have been risky.
  22. It will be interesting to see if they decide to re-track large portions of it, similar to what has occurred with Racer in the last couple of seasons. I think it still rides well in middle rows, but we no longer will ride it in a back row of any car.
  23. The yearly reminder about the end of daily operations has gone out, complete with the yearly surprised reactions in the Facebook comments. One of these years, I really wish they'd try to figure a way to stay open through August. Although not ideal, I feel like something similar to what Carowinds and Dominion just announced, (the 5 hour day with limited ride offering) could work with the staffing and school issues.
  24. The defunct Mount Rushmore is also interesting. Some of those old CP coasters I don't know, but for me I think it would be: Son of Beast Big Dipper Vortex X-Flight/Firehawk None of the defunct CP coasters in my lifetime anyway would make the list.
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