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  1. Masks are required at both Dollywood and Silver Dollar City but don't have to be worn on "High Thrill" or water attractions. We booked a trip to SDC for early August and that part of their plan caught my attention. I assume that means Powder Keg, Wildfire, Time Traveler and Outlaw Run. We are going with the neck gaiters like Lucky was saying for our trips.
  2. Large scale enforcement at these regional parks seems like an absolute pipe dream. The public seems, so far, largely against masks. Judging by social media interactions is always risky, but it looks almost exclusively negative between Facebook/twitter/IG and YouTube comment sections so far. I watched Midway Mayhem's vlog from SeaWorld Orlando just now and the park guy they interview even mentioned that guests are going to be surprised at the level of discomfort you might feel when wearing masks in the park. He said that to discuss the rest areas the park is setting up, but it gives you some indication that, at the park management level, they know this is going to be an issue. We will be wearing ours even when we go to Holiday World and Kentucky Kingdom, but I expect to be around a lot of guests at all the parks who are not.
  3. Thank you for that clarification, Don. Very much appreciated!
  4. I agree, and I think it's an issue for a lot of parks. Busch never put out a POV of any kind for Iron Gwazi. Very little in the way of construction updates as well
  5. Not seeing a reservation option on the app yet
  6. I think parks could really enhance their social media content with park run drone footage. Good drone work always looks really nice. Some sunrise footage, construction updates, highlighting the excitement of the park.
  7. In prep for our two summer trips this year, I wanted to see how it felt to wear one outside for a longer period of time. To that end, I wore one that we bought recently, lightweight that fits around the ears while playing a round of golf yesterday. It was in the mid 70s, sunny. It wasn't great. At the turn it was already pretty sweaty and breathing wasn't great. I'm looking forward to the parks this year, but I think the masks are going to be pretty uncomfortable and frustrating. Cost of doing business right now, but not great nonetheless.
  8. I still wonder about a mask on Top Thrill Dragster. Seems very likely that several would fly off on every launch. We booked Silver Dollar City and they are requiring masks, but not while riding their high thrill and water rides.
  9. A friend of Shawn's from Theme Park Worldwide is at Universal Orlando today and got a pic of Hulk with 8 riders on a train (32 capacity) with 4 of the 8 rows completely empty and a 75 min wait. YUCK
  10. I saw some of the social media feedback on the Six Flags debacle for the Great Adventure Safari. Site crashed, reservations at the end of the process after having to buy a ticket, couldn't book a reservation. Not a good omen.
  11. I watched the video that In the Loop had and loved seeing some of the people with hands up and screaming/yelling while riding Mako. I'd hate to have to keep a straight face and hold on while riding like the ride hosts have to in the morning!
  12. I've been thinking about that place. It hasn't even fully opened yet but with this crisis who knows if it ever will. You'd have to think that those coasters would get bought pretty quickly.
  13. I would agree with that. If The Bat/Vortex spot is destined for a new coaster at some point I think we'd all prefer it to be some A level attraction from Mack, RMC or B&M.
  14. Seeing the 2020 CapEx cut in half (per their update a few weeks ago) makes me think that it'll be small time stuff for a while. I could see additions like the rumored 4D Freespin at Dominion and Switchback style Gravity Group for Dorney being the norm when coasters are called for.
  15. As a follow up on something from earlier in the thread... Cedar Point emailed me this morning advising that my 3 night reservation for June 12,13,14 was cancelled and my deposit is being refunded. Not surprising or anything like that. Email stated it was due to uncertainty on opening date.
  16. I saw that report today about it being in Ohio far earlier. Makes me think about the large groups I was in at the presentation, lunch room and several exhibits at Winter Chill Out at CP in late February.
  17. I believe if major parks open up reservation banks for a late June/early July-Labor Day operating schedule that they will book up quickly. Especially parks like Kings Island and Hershey who have major new rides opening. Unnless there are strict limits or penalties, I think it will resemble a major concert on sale date, which have become a nightmare to get tickets for. Just my opinion.
  18. I read that "some" at the top of Jason's Cedar Point update the same way. If they open, I think ride availability will be very much like HalloWeekends Fridays, which is pretty awful. We have a Run Ride (also just canceled) weekend 3 night Breakers reservation (made in January). I figure I'll wait a few days and see if I get any communication before I contact to cancel.
  19. A sad end, knew it was coming. The use of "planning" for 2021 is telling, too. No guarantee its back in May 2021 either based on the reported vaccine timeline.
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