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  1. The mobile ordering, snack inclusion and 50% off all dining for the top membership tiers help SF make up for some of their food quality deficiencies.
  2. The uptick in symptomatic/serious cases with Delta in children is the most difficult part of the current situation, IMO. With basically 100% of kids under 12 unvaccinated, it makes me very concerned about the fall/winter, in addition to where we are already at.
  3. Absolutely. Our Diamond Elite VIP pass gets us free preferred parking, free drinks, FOUR free flash passes per visit, 50% off all food and merch at all SF parks. Add in their points system and other perks, it's a significantly better value than CF Platinum. $21 per month after tax, ($252 a year). I could also add their meal and flash pass options to that, which would bring it to about $550 a year.
  4. The Volcano situation was really bad. After years of very small investment, they get an excellent RMC conversion of Hurler in 2018, giving them one of the most interesting top 3s in the country with Volcano and I305... And that lasted less than a month. It's maybe the only instance of a park removing it's #1 coaster, as in most popular with the general public at the time of it's removal. It's announced as part of a blog post on Friday night during the off-season, and may end up not getting replaced for a decade. Had it been replaced by now, or going to be next year with some major new thrill, that's one thing. But now likely waiting 2-5 more years, with the only big rumor so far being a cloned B&M wing that would be smaller than X-Flight, is just sad.
  5. A breakfast option place, with a layout similar to Coney BBQ/Backbeat BBQ, should be under consideration for most parks in the chain. I think it would be very popular. Something like a pancake or two, meat and side on dining plan would be a great new option. Sides like hash browns, scrambled egg or fruit cup, meats your standard bacon/ham/sausage, pancake or French toast.
  6. The chain got killed on the full year pass extension and the crushing loss of having Wonderland closed through June. Add in the inability to get parks open early enough this year to meet the enormous spring break demand that other parks saw, and these results are not surprising. Not having a membership style program, rather than season passes, really tied their hands with the extensions. Since so few parks in the chain opened last season, it would have been tough not to extend. Perhaps they could have limited the extension at CP, KI, Dorney and WoF, but even that would have been risky.
  7. It will be interesting to see if they decide to re-track large portions of it, similar to what has occurred with Racer in the last couple of seasons. I think it still rides well in middle rows, but we no longer will ride it in a back row of any car.
  8. The yearly reminder about the end of daily operations has gone out, complete with the yearly surprised reactions in the Facebook comments. One of these years, I really wish they'd try to figure a way to stay open through August. Although not ideal, I feel like something similar to what Carowinds and Dominion just announced, (the 5 hour day with limited ride offering) could work with the staffing and school issues.
  9. The defunct Mount Rushmore is also interesting. Some of those old CP coasters I don't know, but for me I think it would be: Son of Beast Big Dipper Vortex X-Flight/Firehawk None of the defunct CP coasters in my lifetime anyway would make the list.
  10. For historical significance, I think the Ohio Mount Rushmore would be Racer, The Beast, Magnum XL 200 and Millennium Force.
  11. Valkyria looks like an excellent ride, I would rank it as my top bucket list Dive. I like the idea of a dive into a tunnel plus no mid course second dive. Emperor has some of that, but no trench or tunnel like Valkyria does. Yukon is my favorite of the big 4 in North America, although Valravn has the best view IMO.
  12. I was watching Airtime Thrills new video about this and wondered what members here thought for Ohio (His was Steel Vengeance, Millennium, Maverick and Orion). For me, it is: Steel Vengeance Top Thrill Dragster Orion The Beast What say you?
  13. Our trip last week was Tuesday-Friday. Good god it was busy all week. FLP was sold out all 4 days, we waited 45 minutes for Valravn and SV multiple times with FLP (all season was huge for this trip). 35 for Maverick, TTD. FLP is hilariously oversold there. Easy to understand the greed of selling so many at $120-$170 per day, but man I wish they'd sell fewer.
  14. This looks really fun! 7 across seating seems odd, likely to break up a lot of groups, but otherwise great to see SF working with B&M again.
  15. For our Cedar Point trip this week (Tues-Fri) it was very busy each day. On Friday, they ran two trains, which I hadn't personally observed in years. I had heard it was common on Fall Saturdays, but both Myron H and GA Boeckling were running, and it was great to see. We did a full lap on both.
  16. Orion made a good first impression on me last year with the 10 rides we were able to get on it, but this year on our trip I enjoyed it even more with the full trains. We were fortunate to get 14 more rides, 8 of them coming in row 8. It's moved past Millennium now into my 2nd spot among the 5 Cedar Fair GIGAs, behind only Fury (in 1st by a wide margin). It was really enjoyable from start to finish, and that first drop is spectacular in rows 7 or 8.
  17. With blue powerade and now a nice vitamin water flavour on most of the standard refill stations, we only bothered to wait for freestyle stations twice during our trip last weekend. Loved seeing those options, and my wife goes for the tea which they also had. The express refill stations in Fest and Coney were awesome.
  18. On Friday, 7/2 we rode at about 920. The ride operator on the mic gave a time of 935 (he said 15 minutes at 920, i checked my watch to be sure) as the time the ride would be suspending operations. Not sure if they closed the line then, as we went over to Mystic after our ride. 7/3 and 7/4 I know were different, but 7/2 was the normal short fireworks 10pm show.
  19. The dispatch times we experienced and observed two weeks ago at Dorney on Hydra and Talon were so bad. Steel Force was much better, but my god those two B&Ms were so slow. Not to be outdone, the Candymonium and Fahrenheit crews at Hershey were even worse. Agree 100% that Kings Island ops are in another world.
  20. We enjoyed the Ham and Cheese Croissant, but I hated those fries. They were like the awful mini potato sticks from salad bars of old. I wish they would swap them out with a nice kettle chip bag.
  21. We started going in the mid 90s, 94-96 we went every year when I was 9, 10 and 11. After 96, we only went up a few times before Cedar Fair took over, I remember our last Paramount trip was Italian Job's opening year. We went in Behemoth's opening year, and then every year since Leviathan opened we've been going yearly, usually 2 or 3 times each season. It's always nice to get the platinum pass and add ons through Wonderland, saving on the exchange a bit. I can't wait to get back. I saw that even more markers have been found all around the White Water Canyon area, so hopefully major investment will resume for 2022-24.
  22. We tried that Smores bread on Sunday, it was so good. I only wish I had some cold milk to have with it!
  23. It can be a very frustrating park. I love it being my home park (Covid lack of access notwithstanding), but there are a lot of things I prefer at CP and KI, which we also visit for multiple days each year. The food at Wonderland can really be awful. They've added some improvements to the dining plan, but frustratingly removed several in 2019. Drink locations are sparse and restrooms are oddly located. Merch, specifically ride merch, lags well behind CP and KI, and even smaller parks like Dorney and Dominion. Flight Deck/Time Warp is the obvious candidate for removal. I'd favor that to be their next major new coaster location, but a lot of people think it will be in the back of Frontier Canada, where the park's two water rides are currently. Cedar Fair inherited an awful coaster lineup, and WMG was a big miss in my opinion. The 3 B&Ms are all excellent fits, Yukon was a smash hit in 2019. The flat ride lineup deserves all the praise it gets, however. I love that they spent the money to refurbish their top spin, rather than scrap it like so many other parks. SkyHawk is great fun and Sledgehammer is the high maintenance nightmare/awesome one of a kind star. My wish list: 1. Modern indoor multi option eatery, replacing the decrepit Backlot Cafe (nasty building). 2. Remove Flight Deck and Time Warp, replace with a Mack, B&M, Vekoma or Intamin. If any park were going to bring Cedar Fair back to Intamin, I'd say its Wonderland and not CP. 3. RMC the Wild Beast. That'll likely never happen for a couple of reasons, but I can dream. 4. New park entrance and toll plaza. 5. Re-theme of the two kids areas into one coherent theme. They did a ton of work in that area for 20/21 it seems, so that's a step in the right direction.
  24. It's all over the KI season passholder Facebook page today. Multiple reports of employees at the Soak City gates saying reservations are no longer required and I saw two people mention they heard that also announced by the train host. We rode the train on Saturday, and at that time he was still reminding of the reservation requirement. Looks like finishing up our trip on Sunday was the right move ..
  25. Park started slow again today on the 4th. We took a few hours off mid-day and came back at 615, it was busier by then but not insane. It took them nearly an hour to get Beast/Orion back open after the fireworks (20 minute show tonight) but we managed to finish with 2 Orion and then Beast at midnight. Great 3 day trip has come to a close.
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