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    Design, art, architecture, photography, technology, urban planning... so amusement parks and coasters hit A LOT of notes for me :)

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  1. If I never hear that ridiculous bluegrass cover of Love Shack in river town again, it will be too soon. No offense to bluegrass or the B 52S. But that song…. Ugh.
  2. I was referring to Orion lol. I forget all the time that the park even has actual shows. Showpiece meaning that it’s a huge draw for guests and it IS something to behold! Man… he’s pretty. All B&M coasters are elegant. But I digress
  3. I basically meant that if the park didn’t install a ground cover under their brand new showpiece it signals to me that aesthetic maintenance isn’t in the budget. I think it can only be seen from a few high vantage points anyway. Someone mentioned the work on The Racer in the thread too. I would argue that was a multi-year overhaul and necessary to preserve and maintain a staple asset. This was the second or third year it had extensive work, if I am remembering correctly. And you can see it represented visually because new wood stands out! The Racer really does look great and the ride experience has improved so much! As for the steel coasters, their mandatory maintenance isn’t as easy to visualize. New paint doesn’t do anything to make steel coaster run correctly. And I can’t be sure, but I imagine hiring a crew to paint a steel coaster is nowhere near the cost of some grass seed. Or even sod for that matter.
  4. Cincinnati has to have some extra soda fountains somewhere too.
  5. I’m curious to know what kind of leverage and/or stake the people on this forum who love the park actually have.
  6. Nothing is getting painted if Orion didn’t even get sod
  7. I liked that place. Only visited once in 2007. Always meant to go back, but never did
  8. Admins, can you tell us how to ignore or block forum users please? For me at least, that function is not apparent.
  9. I really enjoyed the Red Racer this year after the off season track work. It was the only thing I rode during my visit other than Orion. I had just enough time to kill before getting in line at my assigned time, remembered reading about the Red Racer getting track work for this year, and walked right onto the front seat so I got a good look at things. The ride was noticeably smoother. I didn’t know The Beast got track work as well. Dang! I thought I experienced all the 2020 coaster improvements. You‘ve tempted me to the park again lol. Hopefully we will get some open days at the park this fall.
  10. I called it in March. This has me like: @SonofBaconator All the regional chains are in an untenable situation at the moment. Cedar Fair, at least, has astronomical debt and can’t even afford electricity at the moment. I would assume the ride budget is going to be strictly allocated to maintenance and possibly fulfilling current contracts on projects in development. Six Flags called off about a dozen parks that were in the works in China. They totally cancelled every development plan and a huge global expansion. I doubt we will see many new rides at any of the regional chains for years.
  11. My guess is that it is a budget issue.
  12. I just accidentally clicked on a video of someone reacting to the POV. I do not want to watch the POV! I watched the render, but I want to be surprised by the experience of Orion the first time I get to ride
  13. Oh crap. I really didn’t know about the Marge situation. I just remembered photo with those dogs always being in the paper. I should have taken a temperature before I started posting. So sorry.
  14. F1, IndyCar, the Civic, or that new Acura NSX... I guess what I’m saying is that it would be neat to see a Honda themed backlot. It could promote their presence in the state and maybe turn some coaster kids into car nerds lol
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