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  1. I liked that place. Only visited once in 2007. Always meant to go back, but never did
  2. Admins, can you tell us how to ignore or block forum users please? For me at least, that function is not apparent.
  3. I really enjoyed the Red Racer this year after the off season track work. It was the only thing I rode during my visit other than Orion. I had just enough time to kill before getting in line at my assigned time, remembered reading about the Red Racer getting track work for this year, and walked right onto the front seat so I got a good look at things. The ride was noticeably smoother. I didn’t know The Beast got track work as well. Dang! I thought I experienced all the 2020 coaster improvements. You‘ve tempted me to the park again lol. Hopefully we will get some open days at the park this fa
  4. I called it in March. This has me like: @SonofBaconator All the regional chains are in an untenable situation at the moment. Cedar Fair, at least, has astronomical debt and can’t even afford electricity at the moment. I would assume the ride budget is going to be strictly allocated to maintenance and possibly fulfilling current contracts on projects in development. Six Flags called off about a dozen parks that were in the works in China. They totally cancelled every development plan and a huge global expansion. I doubt we will see many new rides at any of the regional ch
  5. My guess is that it is a budget issue.
  6. I just accidentally clicked on a video of someone reacting to the POV. I do not want to watch the POV! I watched the render, but I want to be surprised by the experience of Orion the first time I get to ride
  7. Oh crap. I really didn’t know about the Marge situation. I just remembered photo with those dogs always being in the paper. I should have taken a temperature before I started posting. So sorry.
  8. F1, IndyCar, the Civic, or that new Acura NSX... I guess what I’m saying is that it would be neat to see a Honda themed backlot. It could promote their presence in the state and maybe turn some coaster kids into car nerds lol
  9. I think some sweet red and white track would fit the park anesthetic well and a launch or multi launch could have some dumb connection to a fast pitch of home run or something. Marge Whatsherface’s giant white dogs could be cute cuddly mascots. Or even better... re-theme Backlot with HONDAS and give it a Need for Speed kind of theme. Not necessarily Cincinnati, but they’re pumping out cars and wind turbines in your state. They also have an R&D arm and I believe they do testing at Mid America.
  10. I am super okay with this. It is part of the reason I felt comfortable to make a reservation. What I would like to see would be watch apps as well so I don’t have to mess around with my phone at all.
  11. That the park is even continuing opening plans is phenomenal. The people who will be attending the park for the first two weeks are going to be theme park and coaster enthusiasts holding season passes who have been anticipating this for basically a year. Incredible planning and work by a team of creative, brilliant, and dedicated people have been investing YEARS of their life’s work to get Orion ready for its debut. The people working at and attending the park are taking a huge risk by showing up. A very calculated risk that if mitigated or judged incorrectly could result in tragic consequenc
  12. I do see American hornets, wasps, and other bees kill an average of 62 people per year in USA... Only 62? With the number of people who are severely allergic to bee stings this statistic is surprising. good news!
  13. I live in Indiana an have been trying to keep my daily 2:30 “date” with Governor Holcomb and Dr. Box. What I think has been missed by many discussing on this thread is that strict new rules in regards to capacity and distancing must be in place for businesses to reopen. The governor and doctor also mention that the plans could change at any second depending on models and data of new cases, hospitalizations, vent capacity, and spread. Where I live, people haven’t been paying much attention to stay at home measures and are traveling WAY more than BEFORE some orders were put in place. I read
  14. If the world is even still here in five years, I’d be surprised if Cedar Fair will have been able to repay the $1 B they borrowed with their parks put up as collateral. Who knows? anyone who reads this could be the next lucky owner of a theme park. They’re going to be going for pennies on the dollar.
  15. @King Ding Dong Could the name possibly be derived from the intention of the program’s use by creative professionals? @Rivertown Rider If you have a photograph of your drink stand, you can use Adobe Capture to convert a photograph to a line drawing. I am assuming that is how the park pictures in the coloring book were created.
  16. I’m going to check this program out. Thanks for the advice. And apple pencil is amazing.
  17. @Zexeos Fantastic! My vision started out more like this, but I had to read the manual to be reminded of how the fill function worked. Which program did you use? Did you use a computer or tablet?
  18. As the coloring book was distributed digitally, I think digital coloring or traditional coloring would both be fair game in a theoretical contest. It could even be two separate contests. One for digital coloring and the other for traditional. As for cheating, It’s not a contest yet so no rules have been established. I was just trying out some graphics programs I haven’t touched in a while, and Procreate is about the best and most complex digital art application for iOS. At least out of all the ones I have tried. Where’s your coloring page? Lol
  19. I haven’t used my iPad for graphic programs in a while, figured I’d try to get reacquainted with Procreate. Couldn’t close the gaps in Woodstock’s head well enough to get a decent fill. But I had fun.
  20. I would love to see the scare actors on the rolling slidey board things disappear from the entrance plaza. I was carrying my camera and an iPhone when one of those guys tried to frighten me. Unfortunately, I feel like I scolded them a bit. I kind of shouted “what are you doing? Do you see what I am holding? What if I had dropped this stuff?” It is way too crowded to let these rolling slidey boards be a thing. The last thing Cedar Fair needs are personal property and injury claims all over the place.
  21. Safari on iPad. I didn’t get a cookie warning, either.
  22. Safari said that the website wasn’t secure, so I didn’t spend too much time there. But I noticed heat mapping and updating infrastructure to be required for implementation. Based solely on the site being unsecured, without research holovis, I wouldn’t trust this company. Has anyone ever used a map application using only WiFi and Bluetooth? You’d be amazed at how accurate it is. Sometimes more accurate than using cell network data. Especially in more densely populated areas. I truly believe Bluetooth tracking is how the tracing issue is going to be solved. Now to look into whoever holovis is
  23. They could but they sure don't have a history of enforcing rules other than phones out on rides or sidewalk chalk. The best jobs I have ever had, and also the most successful for me and the companies as a whole, were extremely strict when making sure people followed the rules and held them accountable across the board. If you were tardy because of a car accident and it was your last chance, they let you go. Why have policies or rules at all if some can get away with breaking or bending them and others can’t. This isn’t just a problem for theme parks, but any business.
  24. I LOVED this! I had no idea it was still in the park at all. Thanks for posting. Can I put it in my album?
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