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  1. Saw pictures. They’ll definitely need to replace a section of track.
  2. I hope this doesn’t spell the end for Bat!
  3. Yeah this news sucks!!!!! I really hope it gets a new life at a different park.
  4. I would love this more then anything! I think it would be a coaster like no other to the park. Something like Pantheon comes to mind! It does seem so far that the newer coasters they are putting out have much better reliability. Just basing this off of Hagrids and Velosicoaster.
  5. I hope Winter Walkthru and Keys to the Kingdom stick around!
  6. I could think of a few coasters to removed before Gemini! Cough Corkscrew cough. lol
  7. That states need needs more Intamins! This will be a bucket list coaster for me.
  8. ohh the reputation of B&M in decline lol j/k I would also assume they will not replace a whole section of track over welding. There is no way that's a cheaper move. ALso they would have to repaint the entire coaster......it needs done as is but still lol
  9. Yeah she is......we just didn't want to wait in that line.....It was back in the outside que. I know how slow that line moves haha.
  10. Thank you! That is odd for a B&M to need this kinda work but i guess there are those times that happen.
  11. I didn't make my way over to that side of the park Saturday since I never saw it run. What could you see? You saw boards? were these on the ground and what kinda of machinery did you see?
  12. So much for the reliable B&M lol j/k i was sad i really wanted to get my niece on Banshee. this is the first year she is tall enough to ride!
  13. I can also confirm it did not run at all Saturday.
  14. Just posted some video from my trip to KI this past Saturday! Check out the trip reports!
  15. I'll be there Saturday and I'll pay for it.....very important coaster to me! First time going upside down on a coaster as a kid. Slight change to my weekly budget but oh well!
  16. I will say i'd like to experience that Veritcal / upside downish launch.
  17. There are parts of a water slide complex that came from Wyandot Lake ( now Zoombezi Bay). It was call Zuma Falls. I just want a piece of the that complex. Brings so many childhood memories.
  18. That is a really cool lightning package. Would look amazing in green!
  19. I posted a video in the trip reports section! Check it out...I review some areas of the fall fest!
  20. I assume you mean Tatsu @ Six Flags Magic Mountain? I would like to see the ol Vortex spot used for a multi launched coaster. Preferably Intamin or Mack. I've had my fill of B&M for now.
  21. Whats done is done......This thread was posted to just make light on what happened. None of us know where it goes from here. We just want to make sure it doesn't happen again!
  22. I mean Chad has always come off a bit D-baggy to me....sorry for the language. We can't let what 1 person does effect how we are as a community acts! We can all come together and move on. I think OVC needs a name change and they need to distance themselves from him. Don't let him back on that channel or any channel at that.
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