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  1. My friend went today and said Daimonbdack is rough is it
  2. Taula knows everything about roller casters and stuff because he has travelled world and 7 sees but I don't know why dad said that. I looked up Coaster Bob and he is really good but he's really old
  3. There goes Sally lady complain again. Be happy don't go if thing makes you anger. Dad says life to short. Indyguy4ki is this better I try real hard in this one!
  4. Beer gross and look nasty dad calls it bull **** and he says drunk driver drank beer and the story ghost guy said the guy died on efel tower after drunk on beers
  5. Sitting in the garden you smell conel BBQ and it so nommy nom nom and I can't waite
  6. Daimonbdack is my favorite caster that strike Kings Island and I love it
  7. Um he not supposed to tell what he knows cause he like work at King's island why do you have to be mean and sin a cull??? Dad said to eat some good ice cream and chill lady Sally
  8. I like when they do the I ride daimond you ride back daimond back daimond back let's have in the Daimonbdack I heard it one and it's on yiutube videos
  9. Mean Sally don't ride if you don't like oroin and get happy because dad said life to short for being angry and make good choises
  10. I thought you were scared to go to King's island because of virsu and drones and why talking about beaster eggs in July that's like to late
  11. Noooooo I too scared but I want ride. Why would they put eastern eggs out because it summer not spring which beaster is
  12. I got stay up late for farworks and that big moon was like so bright. Dad told me to get working lololol
  13. There is that Sally lady afian and she just complain dad said better to be happy than mad. Baconman you right my duuuuuude
  14. Maybe they caught the virsu lol kidding
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