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  1. My dude I spit out my chocolate milk that so funny. I mean why would they buuild a big hospital right there because isn't the a Christ hospital near King's island all ready?????
  2. I want something good to replace vortes. My friend dylane said they are gonna build hospital there but I don't beleve him
  3. Nommy nom nom!!!! I love me some ribs!!! Conel BBQ is the best
  4. My dude thank that makes so much sense about legs in the oroin fainting circle! Like how powerful is that gravity in there! Kentuckys kingdom is fun but no huge casters like Daimonbdack!
  5. I think I got 200 the last time but this is scary ride for me and I trip on that crazy floor.
  6. Well I love King's island and I don't know why people get all bent over shape about it. We have awesome stuff like Daimonbdack and oroin and I even like merry go around! The circus showed were great and so was that motorsickle in the giant spinning ball and hamster wheel thing from when I was little. But the people who think people are gonna die from going to King's island because of the dumb virus on here are like poison. And then the people that fight all the time about stuff I mean we should be like brothers and sisters not like mean Sally and mad owner of big candy company. My preacher said we are to love each other
  7. I like what taula from caster studos says about oroin. He is really smart and I want my own chanel like him one day if I ever get to take cell phone out of the house.
  8. I like the merry go around. It's not Daimonbdack but it's fun
  9. Thanks my dude I know but that guy that always has those weird forgotten coaster ideas was talking about vortes and even I know they are cleaning it up!!!! they can't just take the metal away and leave the ground looking bad
  10. My dude thanks!!!!! And I like Daimonbdack just the way and I like that flating very very much!!!! I flat on oroin a couple times but it fast and fun. But I only ride front oroin and now back my favorite on Daimonbdack! Today we are gonna do math and convers the feet long they are to inches and meaters!
  11. Um well this is King's island not those other places. We looked them up and they did that before a global pandamic took over the world and rooned everything for every body but King's island is open and I'm so thankful and I love Daimonbdack and oroin!
  12. Um I don't think that should be on here. She needs to wear a maks if she is going to the fair but she can't go in there and even at King's island she couldn't leave sak city without putting clothes on.
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