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  1. It's been a long time since Son of Beast has been operable, but I just wanted to confirm something I think I remember. Where was Son of Beasts original spot for the on ride photo? I seem to remember it was originally later in the ride but that it was painful and it moved to a spot at the beginning of the lift hill to get better photos. Any and all information would be appreciated!
  2. I heard a blues country version of monster mash at the park today by Diamondback, and my phone google song identifier couldn't find it. Anyone know what artist sings it? I've searched and can't seem to find it anywhere...
  3. Why is it that Cedar Point Kings Dominion and Carowinds have a pre k pass but Kings Island doesn't?
  4. There was a 50s show that was all outdoors and an outdoor stage where they did a modified peanuts show I think that I saw. All were socially distance the entire time and they wore masks before getting the equipment down or near each other and were all outside. Also dueling pianos in the gazebo near maverick and the firehouse looking building.
  5. You guys talking about lawsuits and I just want a digital park reservation system at Cedar Fair parks and top thrill dragster to open...
  6. this. very much this. it is a difference to say you pay to wait 5 minutes instead of 60 minutes per ride, and to say you can ride it 6 times today when others wait 4 hours of their day to hope to ride once, at a time when capacity is cut to a third or so for most rides. this severely affects the lines and overall structure they have in place.
  7. Hi guys, figured I would give you a heads up on my experience.I will start by saying current handling of ride operations in my opinion makes this park not ready to be open at the moment. Let me explain. For starters, I will say that from an enforcement of mask and social distancing policy standpoint, mostly Cedar Point nailed it. They were clearly the best enforcers of this in all 5 parks I have been to post covid (Indiana Beach, Holiday World, Six Flags St Louis, Kings Island, and now Cedar Point). Multiple associates using their best ability and diligence to make sure people are
  8. I'm gonna be updating this later, but figured I would update with initial impressions of the park so far. Firstly, signs and stickers everywhere for keeping distancing and wearing masks. A really cool triage tent that you just walk through for taking temperature. they are verifying you have a reservation before you get through the parking gate. On roller coasters they are running every other row for each train then spraying them with cleaning spray, running them empty and then loading after return. Mobile ordering works with food places, ordered with the barbeque place here successfully.
  9. honestly most companies have to test it in a real live environment. its not like they accidentally leaked the link, someone internal probably accidentally posted it somewhere. it wasnt an easy to guess page, and honestly its not like customers info is leaked or anything. no need to be critical of a live test.
  10. i wholeheartedly support this. smoking is not a right, and the inherent no mask / covid risk of being around someone smoking or vaping due to it is completely unneccessary. they should however clearly identify this change and set it somewhere between where you get temp screened and when you enter the park away from people entering.
  11. does this confirm that they are opening at 10:30am? all the time slots said 10:30 start.
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