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  1. Day 137: Ive run out of food and water. They said soon but nothing yet... The gods do not favor our reservations....
  2. I dont know if this is considered off topic or not, (I hope not) but I keep getting this on my dashboard. I dont know how to confirm it, despite checking all emails ive received from KI.
  3. The real question is when are the going to open reservation?!
  4. Ive been sitting at my PC waiting since 9:00 am, if they could put the link up that would be cool
  5. Smh, I live less than an hour away. Personally I would go the 2nd so you chill with me and all the other enthusiasts
  6. Any idea when the official registration launch will be live? Been spamming refresh on the KI website for days now just waiting to slip my way into July 2nd. I managed to get that day off work and praying that I can snag one
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