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  1. That is what I thought, but how would Kings Island dry park be open and enforce limited capacity? It might be poor wording or I might be looking into that line too much.
  2. So I'm confused by this bit on the reservation site: Kings Island Reopening | Health & Safety Plan | Kings Island (visitkingsisland.com) "Kings Island and Soak City Water Park will open with limited capacity so you can maintain proper social distancing from other guests. To ensure that happens, you will need to purchase tickets or Season Passes online in advance for your visit..." So how does this work for the dry park season pass holders for limited capacity? Last year you made a reservation for the dry park as well.... Just get there early and hope they don't meet capacity?
  3. My family went yesterday (Monday 7/6) at 10:30 slot. After we got their height wristbands and parent swap we went to Planet Snoopy. We rode literally every ride there except log flume (down a good portion of the day) by 2. We rode The Bat twice, 5 minute wait max. The only line that looked long was Orion. According to the app, FoF was consistently the longest at 45-60 minutes and Diamondback at about 30-45 depending on the time of day. Beast, Banshee, and Mystic Timbers consistently showed between a 15-30 minute wait, and by the looks of the lines that looked accurate. We left around 4 and we were not the only ones, people were leaving in droves. I'm not sure if it was due to people getting their fill and leaving, or couldn't bear the heat any longer.
  4. Reserved at 10:30 for the 6th. I was able to nab them at 8:30. There had already been 400 or so reserved for that time spot before I got to them. Being reserved pretty quickly it seems.
  5. First time poster; I just purchased season tickets for my family this morning. I've added them to the app/put in my "wallet" in the app but they are not showing up under my profile on the website. I'm a bit nervous about reserving the tickets; should I be concerned about the website issue? Thanks for your time.
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