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  1. How is the line for Orion right now? Might pop on over for a few hours.
  2. Yes, the ops are definitely a welcome change of pace from the infamous Diamondstack
  3. Sorry, should have said potentially close off the line before sunset. If the park is crowded, this could definitely occur.
  4. Thanks, it definitely seems odd for the park to promote night rides and close off the line before sunset.
  5. Can you please point me to where the park is hyping up night rides on Orion? This is the first I have heard of them doing this.
  6. @purdude86 said it best. Even if Orion isn't one of my favorite coasters in the park, it is certainly better than Firehawk. Likewise, a ground-up RMC or Intamin/Mack multi-launch (the two most popular rumors) will likely be a step up from Vortex.
  7. I can't agrue about Silver Dollar City getting the top spot. I haven't been there, but it looks incredible – easily one of my top bucket list parks!
  8. I would definitely trade Orion for Vortex back. Vortex was a great ride – the best first drop in the park, greyout forces on the double loops, awesome hangtime on the double corkscrew, and fun and forceful batwing. Orion is sadly a bit underwhelming for me.
  9. That's definitely accurate, I think a tunnel after the first drop would have been nice instead.
  10. I've only had 4 rides on Orion, but I only experienced weak floater on the big hill before the helix. The trim absolutely killed that hill and helix for me. I am going back in about 2 weeks to get some more rides, so hopefully the trim has been toned down a bit!
  11. Intamin should have done the 2 across T-Rex single rail style instead of the Raptor style. Could have beaten RMC to the punch and offered a unique experience.
  12. They're quality rides that are relatively inexpensive, easy to clone and install, very marketable, and take up next to no land. They have been Premier's biggest hit this decade. These are much better rides than similar coasters like Vekoma Boomerangs and Intamin Impulses (not the GIB's though).
  13. Thinking of doing my first ever coaster roadtrip to hit Holiwood Nights and Keys to the Kingdom and just have a few questions before I commit to anything: 1. Has HW or KK released their COVID-19 safety guidelines for their events? 2. Is there an itinerary for Keys to the Kingdom like there is for Holiwood Nights? Do we know how much ERT there is expected to be? 3. How beneficial even is ERT at KK? I have never been to KK but I get the impression that it isn't a very crowded park. If I go on Friday before hitting up HW will it be dead enough to marathon LR and SC? 4. How long are the lines at Holiwood Nights? Can you pretty much just walk onto anything or is there still a decent line for Voyage? How many people usually show up? 5. I am a broke college student and don't want to pay for lodging. Is it okay if I just sleep in my car in the HW parking lot? Are there cheap lodging options in the are 6. I see that you have to join an enthusiast club to purchase tickets to HoliWood Nights. Is there any advantage to joining one club over the other? Is there one with a student rate? 7. I would be making the trip solo as my friend who I usually attend parks with has to work that weekend. I've never done a park solo before. Would anyone on this subreddit like to meet up? 8. Would anyone in the SW Ohio region be interested in carpooling to and from the event? 9. When do the tickets for HoliWood Nights usually go off sale? I don't really want to commit so far out in advance. Thank you!
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