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  1. I guess Haunt wasn't completely cancelled this year. And at 300 feet up, riders can be scared without violating social distancing
  2. Anyone notice something different about WindSeeker today? I observed several times from a distance that the ride slowly stopped rotating once at maximum elevation. After a few minutes, the ride then descended very slowly. Exiting riders appeared uncomfortable.
  3. I hope this can help The Beast riders looking for a 'smooth' non-wheel seat row. With COVID-19 and social distancing, many non-wheel seat rows are currently unavailable. Fortunately, row 14 is available. My last three rides, all in row 14, were relatively smooth.
  4. A night ride on The Beast has my vote.
  5. I was hoping some sections of track from Vortex’s demolition could be fabricated into a monument to the legacy of KI’s record-breaking multi-inversion coaster. Rather, it seems they were sliced into $198.70 mementos. As much as I want to buy a memento, I wonder if the demolition contractor still has salvaged track it has yet to recycle? The less cynical me hopes proceeds from the mementos will fund a monument, or perhaps something greater to replace our sorely missed legendary invert.
  6. I'd love to see the Miami River Brewhouse serve either fresh-cut french fries or a side salad with their menu choices. Not hating tater tots, but...
  7. Great twilight photographs of International Street. Hopefully, late next summer we can again enjoy night rides and leaving KI during the near pitch black hours of early morning.
  8. Duck fat cooked french fries are divine.
  9. In my opinion, Orion is a giga coaster. Why? Well, simply because the change in elevation between the top of the lift hill and the bottom of the first drop is at least 300 feet. And may I add, an awesome first drop.
  10. I understand they also limit the number of Fast Lane passes sold each day. Yesterday, Diamondback's regular line queue time often exceeded 90 minutes (https://queue-times.com/). I waited at most 20 minutes with Fast Lane. 20 minutes doesn't seem too bad in comparison to 90 minutes.
  11. I voted for 300 to 399 ft. I've only rode one giga coaster, which is KI's Orion. The intensity of a front row ride on Orion is seriously awesome. I feel a 400+ foot drop could scare away riders and depending on its location could become an architectural eyesore from a distance. And Diamondback at 230 feet is still KI's airtime champion.
  12. The ride attendants count how many Fast Lane riders pass through a ride each hour. My guess is that when a ride has significant wait time, KI regulates the number of Fast Lane riders per hour. If Fast Lane riders were not throttled, then wait times for regular riders could become unreasonable.
  13. I have not seen the single-ride-fast-lane-wheel-of-fortune in operation this year. However, from my experience, the queue for Orion hasn't been too long. The KI ride attendants do any awesome job of cycling the trains.
  14. I remember first visiting KI from the United Kingdom in August 1991. I visited again during the spring of 1992. Recollecting, I do remember the Raider's of the Lost Ark score being played. Being a 20-year old, I thought the ride was pretty awesome. I guess it is still a crowd-pleaser, as it is now my 10-year old's favorite KI coaster.
  15. AE is my 10-year old daughter’s favorite ride at KI. MT is a close second. I understand the ride was originally themed to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, during the days of Paramount. Today, I would like to see the ride remove the old theming and utilize the native landscape with additional tunnels for effect. What to do with the second lift hill? No good ideas come to mind yet.
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