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  1. I love Minecraft and KI. So this is awesome. Thank you for sharing.
  2. I agree. There is just one KI All Season FL now.
  3. The 2023 All Season FL is priced at $799. This is the same price the 2023 All Season FL+ was priced last fall. This suggests to me that the price of single-day FL passes will go up. If their price goes up, less people may purchase FL passes. Ride times for FL customers are also determined by the percentage of customers allowed on each ride by the operator. On busy days last year, FL+ customers could easily queue 20 minutes for a top coaster. At CP, queue times for FL+ customers were often 30 to 40 minutes. At the end of the day, the FL(+) customer pays significantly more to wait less and ride more.
  4. You wake up, it’s Saturday morning. A glimpse through your bedroom window, promises a beautiful spring day ahead. A perfect day for Kings Island with friends. For some reason you get delayed and end up driving to the park alone. The drive is uneventful, you park, and walk to the entrance. You step through the metal detectors and approach the ticket booth Distinctively, you remove your mobile device from your pocket and select the Kings Island app. Your friends are already inside the park, and you don’t want to keep them waiting. Suddenly, the wind picks up, you feel a chill down your spine, and goosebumps on your arms. Your vision greys and familiar sights and sounds fade into the distance. You stumble and pause to catch your breath. As your senses return, you open your eyes and find yourself standing at the ticket booth. There are no familiar sights or sounds. You’re alone. In your hand is a paper entrance ticket. A young girl with freckles attending the ticket booth beams a goofy smile at you, ‘Good morning, Mister. Welcome to Kings Island!’. You turn towards her and gingerly hand her your ticket. She happy tears the ticket in half and offers you a park map in return. ‘Enjoy your day at Kings Island!’, she giggles. With hesitation you accept and clench the map in your hand. Your eyes adjust to the light as you step into the park. You are standing in front of the magnificent Royal Fountains, but little if anything seems familiar. The synchronized choreography of the Royal Fountains is gone. So is the fencing around the fountains. Looking into the distance, you see the park’s horizon is void of familiar roller coasters and flat rides. A series of cable cars are seen passing in front of the Eiffel Tower. Familiar name-brand stores along International Street are no more. In disbelief, you look down at the park map still clenched in your trembling hand and turn to a passing park associate for help. “Where am I?”, you stutter. The associate laughs back, “Welcome to Kings Island, Sir, America’s Family Entertainment Center!” “What year is it?”, you respond. “Well, it’s opening day, Sir, 1974.”, the associate jokes, “Enjoy your stay!”
  5. I rode Banshee 9 times this 2022 season. Every ride was enjoyable. Certainly, no recollection of the painful 'jack-hammer' experiences of 2020. Either I got lucky this season, or in my mind something (coaster wheel replacement) should be more frequent.
  6. Maybe an upcoming CF announcement - Winterfest down under, reporting from either Australia or New Zealand?
  7. 1. The Beast (front row; night ride) 2. Orion (front row) 3. Diamonback (back row) 4. Mystic Timbers (back row) 5. Banshee (front row) 6. Mehe...
  8. CP guest services last Saturday stated to me that CP P pass benefits are not available to other park P+ pass holders. No surprise there. I wonder how many P passes have sold. I have an all-park session FL+, but have yet to see anyone in a FL queue with a single ride FL+ ticket. CP's Millennium Lounge was as empty as usual last week. Personally, I'd rather queue 20 minutes and ride MF, than relax in the nearby lounge.
  9. Neither my friend's nor my KI P+ passes worked for CP's Millennium Lounge today.
  10. I'd like to see continued repairs and upgrades to existing facilities and attractions. My top two for 2023 are: (i) parking lot and entrance upgrades, and (ii) Diamondback train upgrades.
  11. Based on this thread and calls to CF parks, my educated guess is that each KI Prestige+ (P+) benefit will be available to KI P+ pass holders at other CF parks that also offer that benefit. For example, if KI has P+ preferred parking and CP has P+ preferred parking, then a KI P+ visitor will receive P+ preferred parking at CP. If CF parks introduce additional P+ benefits, they will be available to all P+ pass holders. Or maybe this is just a fantastic notion or vain hope of mine?
  12. Last I saw there are still Dinosaurs Alive! Pokemon Go PokeStops in that defunct area of KI. Good luck spinning them thought.
  13. My Prestige+ pass worked at CW yesterday. It looking the parking attendant a few scans of my pass (5 or more) to register, but it worked.
  14. If the Prestige+ benefits apply only to your home park (KI for me), I'll revert to a Platinum pass in 2024. $160 more (for 2023) for a Prestige+ pass isn't worth it for VIP access and preferred parking if both have limited availability due to demand.
  15. I wonder if the FOTL passes are transferable? As the passes are the same as a singe-use FL+, they are of no value if you have a season FL+.
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