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  1. In my opinion, this reporter's facial expressions and lack of inquisitiveness suggest she does not believe the news she is reporting.
  2. I got four rides in between 5 and 6 PM. Then I called it a day at 6 PM, when the clouds descended. Seems ride wait times can be okay during the weekdays.
  3. I was at Kings Dominion on May 23. I had to reserve the date to enter the park. The park was pleasantly full and enjoyable. FL was on sale, but not many people seamed to purchase. Perhaps because the park was not over crowded. I am going to CP this coming Sunday and I am anticipating a crowded park with very long queues.
  4. For me, a ride on Orion is almost too priceless to count. Sadly, this year just three rides.
  5. Preteen girls be spending their parent's hard earned money.
  6. Adventure Express is my daughter's favorite ride. She was also excited to see the badly needed upgrades.
  7. In my experience, FoF still operates during moderate thunderstorms because it is protected by its building's lightning protection system. However, when other coasters shutdown because of inclement weather, the queue for FoF is crazy long.
  8. Diamondback is probably the number one FL ride. Note, it is FL and not FL+. My recent experience is that FL fill about 30% of each train. It seems the line separator allows FL to generally pick their seats. The line separator then must fill the remaining 70%. The trains can seat 32 riders and 70% is about 22 seats. The line separator does not have time between trains to logistically fill all 22 empty seats, because they cannot mentally log which seats are still available. My experience is that typically 6 seats of each trains are empty. That equates to about 27% empty seats of the 22 non-FL av
  9. I can sympathize with you. I've been planning for weeks to go to CP on June 6, 7, and 8 of this year. Today CP e-mailed me to say the park will now be closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays during June, because of staff shortages. I purchased a Platinum Pass and a Platinum Season FL+ to make this trip. I can easily visit an additional weekend later in the season, but how many other people also made plans during these days that they must now cut short?
  10. I was at KI on Sunday. I observed the rotating disc of Delirium supported on stands. Presumably, the crane was used to place the disc on the stands to relieve load in the swing arm. I also saw an oxygen acetylene hose on the side of the swing arm. Oxyacetylene is commonly used for cutting and welding of steel. Looks to me that structural work was being performed on the powertrain of the swing arm.
  11. I don't feel the ride is rough. There is vibration and a few sharp transitions. The final brake run is brutally exhilarating. I'm going to KD on Sunday and will ride their FoF for comparison. My only gripe with FoF is the seats have little leg room.
  12. Based on my experience today and talking to a line separator on Banshee (while the ride was temporarily down), I'd say the FL quota per coaster train is between 30 and 50%.
  13. From my experience, the coaster ride operators have white boards they use to log the number of FL riders each hour. I'm going to KI tomorrow and I'll ask the operators if they have FL quotas. My guess is they limit the number of FL per an hour.
  14. My daughter and I share an annual meal plan. I agree, it is difficult to utilize because of the queues. Season Dining Fast Lane Plus would be $375? Crazy money for fast food.
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