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  1. If I suggested that Skyline and LaRosa's should be removed to make way for better quality local alternatives, would that be wrong? Yes, they are both local establishments, like Graeter's. But, Graeter's is as good as it gets for ice cream. The other two, are not so good, IMO. Sorry...
  2. I'll let you know when I enjoy a night ride this coming Saturday. Fingers crossed
  3. Maybe, maybe not. Steel Vengeance, Maverick, and Top Thrill Dragster have been down repeatedly during my six CP visits this year.
  4. Blue Streak. And that's about it, sadly.
  5. With The Beast at KI down last weekend, I drove to CP for a change. CP has phenomenal steel/hybrid coasters, but lousy wooden coasters. Looking forward to visiting KI again this coming weekend. And a night ride on The Beast.
  6. Sounds like thirdhand information to me. Respect your mother's advice, but if you may go to KI, make your own opinion after visiting. I've visited KI (and other CF parks) many times this year. Everyone I've met has been friendly. I am also very courteous to other park visitors and employees. I hope this helps and you can enjoy KI.
  7. I was in the Squishmallow Store for the fourth time on July 3. The shelves were packed full of squishy, pillowlike, and loveable take-homes. The store was a little empty of customers though. I hope the store returns, but perhaps its business model did not meet revenue?
  8. Yeah, they are popular. My daughter has already spent her dad's hard-earned money at the KI Squishmallow's store four times this year
  9. I agree, Orion is a front row ride. It's the premier row where all elements of Orion are at their best. For me, it's the first drop, the feel of the hurricane force wind in my face, and the speed hill.
  10. Great to hear the trim brake on the airtime hill is barely engaging. The trim brake was the only complaint I had about Orion. I hope to visit the park again soon to enjoy our improved Orion.
  11. This year, I've been to KI 5 times and CP 3. CP is amazing and features an extreme collection of coasters. Although CP is the holy grail of CF, it has a price tag. In contrast, I agree that KI is more relaxed and would add KI is more accessible to visitors. I managed a front-row night ride on Orion last September, it was awesome. If you return to KI for a night ride on Orion, it is definitely worth the drive. While you're at the park, a night ride on The Beast is also a must. Nothing compares to it...
  12. I voted FoF and I am glad to see at least 10% of people agree with me.
  13. In my experience, on a busy day FL+ at KI is worth the extra cost. KI seems to sell less FL+ compared to CP. Both KI and CP do about a 50/50 FL+/regular queue split. Compared to KI, CP sells too many FL+ and CP queues are crazy long.
  14. The silence of Orion's lift hill vs. Orion's fist drop screams.
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