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  1. Watching this footage a few times, I only see one trim break at 2 mins and 30 seconds.
  2. I agreed. This year, I rode The Beast just twice. Each time in a non-wheeled row to minimize discomfort. Pre 2018, I rode The Beast every KI visit. Seems to me that the track’s ongoing deterioration, resulted in increased trim breaks to reduce rider discomfort. Looking forward to April 2022!
  3. I don’t know if the trim breaks are original or added later. Recently, they felt overly aggressive - perhaps to slow the trains due to the roughness of the track and resulting rider discomfort. Hopefully retracking can reduce the trims (to near zero).
  4. If the amusement rides are being repainted with an epoxy coating system, the primer will appear to be an off-white color. Epoxies typically 'chalk' prematurely due to UV light breakdown of their binders, given them a faded or pastel look. Binders hold the paint and pigment together. This might account for why the fading of paint on certain rides simply makes them look older.
  5. I heard his voice in the distance, between DB and BSC. So, he was likely promoted.
  6. In my opinion, it is the most painful roller coaster at KI. However, it is also the coaster that draws people's attention as they enter the park, with its rider's screams. I'll ride it occasionally, but not for fun. Hopefully, one day it is replaced in conjunction with a major upgrade of the main entrance.
  7. My daughter enjoys the jack-in-the-box and green ogre. In 2019 they were both along the Coney Mall. I saw a green ogre at CP and assumed KI's had been relocated. Last weekend, I heard the ogre's voice in the distance, between DB and BSC, but didn't investigate. Based on your sighting, I'm glad to hear he is still with us.
  8. My experience is that Orion occasionally goes down for mechanical reasons. Usually within 20 minutes the ride reopens. If the ride closes for weather reasons, that's a different matter. Thunderstorms at amusement parks are no fun.
  9. A welcome promotion for Chef Major. Hopefully, the tater tots at Miami River Brewhouse were also promoted to French Fries.
  10. If The Racer's retracking commences again this off season, a rear-facing train is a possibility. For me, without a smooth ride a rear-facing train would be an uncomfortable.
  11. Linus Launcher. Oof typo, I meant Surf DOG
  12. My daughter and I went last Saturday and enjoyed the torrentuous downpour like everyone else … oof. This Friday was Haunt alive again - many scare actors and awesome weather to enjoy night rides on Mystic Timbers, Diamondback, Orion, and Adventure Express. Yes, Adventure Express with its recent repairs is again an enjoyable night ride.
  13. If I suggested that Skyline and LaRosa's should be removed to make way for better quality local alternatives, would that be wrong? Yes, they are both local establishments, like Graeter's. But, Graeter's is as good as it gets for ice cream. The other two, are not so good, IMO. Sorry...
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