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  1. Awesome Coaster Studios review of Orion. Totally agree with the feel of the speed hill and the last airtime hill. Regarding a possible rattle, as a structural engineer I do not feel the ground beneath B&M coasters at Kings Island is the cause of the so-called B&M rattle. As a mechanical engineer, I would feel it has something to do with dampening. Personally, I love Diamondback's rattle. A visit to Kings Island would pail without the sound of her rattling over the first airtime hill. And in the wild, Diamondback rattlesnakes rattle.
  2. I've not 'greyed' out on Orion's helix. The upward helix on the Backlot Stunt Coaster feels more extreme to me.
  3. Nervously, I bought the all-season Fast Lane last September. Oof, then C-19 took over and I regretted the purchase. Following my second visit to Kings Island, I'm now glad I took the plunge.
  4. I'm sure this isn't a winner. But, it is in the spirit of social distancing.
  5. I walked on Orion with FL six times today. So, yes rinse and repeat, lol.
  6. I have ridden Orion six times. Twice in the front, middle, and back rows. For me, the front row is awesome. The ninety mile-per-hour wind in my face is very exhilarating. The middle and back rows were a tad lackluster, perhaps because the ride has little airtime (maybe less than 10 total seconds). For airtime, the back row of Diamondback is my choice at Kings Island. However, comparing Orion and Diamondback is like comparing apples to oranges. They are both roller coasters, but very different and in many good ways.
  7. I'm with you. Riding Diamondback in the front and back rows is awesome!
  8. Perhaps, FoF could be next to go and a new dark ride replace it in the same building? Theming would follow the newly renamed Area 72. Other than the awesome exhilaration of the LIM launch, this ride is uncomfortable, compared to modern coasters. Recent aesthetic updates to FoF have been limited to the loading station at little cost.
  9. I voted for Diamondback. I’ve always loved its silky-smooth ride. Saturday, I rode Orion for the first time immediately after Diamondback. Orion was the better ride but given an 11-year age gap between the two rides, only just so.
  10. My daughter and I visited KI yesterday. We were really impressed with how the KI ride attendants kept visitors to social distancing guidelines. We rode Orion twice, but that was too much for my 10-year old. I’ll return alone next Saturday to enjoy more rides. It was awesome to see KI open and people enjoying themselves, while being both healthy and safe.
  11. I rode Orion twice today. Once in the first row. It was seriously awesome. No night rides though, as I had to leave early. I'll return next weekend, although the park closes at 7 pm. Hopefully, in August the park will be open until 10 pm for a night ride.
  12. Last summer, the back car was too painful for me. So, I would always wait the extra time to ride near the front.
  13. I would agree that The Racer is rough. I feel the Red train is more torturous than the Blue. Hopefully, future retracking of both coasters will make them enjoyable to ride again.
  14. No offense taken. My 10-year old daughter also avoids The Beast like bitter-tasting boiled brussel sprouts
  15. During daytime, Diamondback: what's not to love about the silky-smooth ride? During nighttime, The Beast: terrifyingly enjoyable, especially the helix tunnel and screams in the dark. After I ride Orion tomorrow, maybe my views will change.
  16. Father's Day 2012. Kids, wife, and I had Fast Lane wristbands. We stayed until the park closed. Awesome day.
  17. Agreed. And ride variety is important too. I could ride Diamondback three times in a row, but then I'd be yearning to ride something more retro, like The Beast. And if I could ride Orion in the morning, I'd probably want to enjoy something a little less aggressive, like Diamondback, in the afternoon.
  18. You are correct. There is intentionally a bogie without a car at one end of the train. Aesthetically, it looks like a car is missing though. The bogie without a car probably also leads to the jitter some experience, because it is not dampened by riders.
  19. I am not sure Invertigo is eye candy anymore. Last year, it was missing one of its end cars for most of the season. Queues are often long because of low ride capacity. Headbanging was only fun at 1980’s metal concerts. Congo Falls is okay but seems more fun to spectators, who stand on the wooden bridge over the bottom of the Fall and try to second guess where to stand to get (more or less) soaked. Would love to see a future coaster that swoops over KI’s main entrance. Perhaps something like Cedar Point’s GateKeeper?
  20. Agreed, Diamondback needs a midlife face lift. It's one of the top hypercoasters in the US, in my opinion, but it's looking tired.
  21. We are going on July 4th. Last year was so much fun. I suspect this year the park will feel kind of empty, because of reduced park capacity and everyone queuing for Orion Well, hopefully the queues aren't unbearable. But if they are, my daughter and I will get some exercise, spin PokeStops, and enjoy the fireworks. Added bonus, we can enjoy fireworks while social distancing.
  22. If we look at deaths because the numbers are more accurate. About 1,155 people died in road accidental last year in Ohio. So, about 96 deaths per month. Over the last month, Ohio had about 800 COVID-19 deaths. About 15% of those deaths are people aged 60 years and younger (age group of people visiting KI?) So, that is about 120 deaths per month for people under 60 years. Assuming people spend as much time driving to KI as being there, based on exposure time a person is more likely to die of COVID-19. The point is that exposure to COVID-19 increases by visiting KI. However, there are many other
  23. Agreed, I doubt we will hear from WLWT5 of people contracting COVID-19 at KI. Generally, we don't hear where people catch the virus from.
  24. I agree, masks are generally for prevention, not protection. As long as everyone wears a mask per CDC guidelines (rated for a 80 to 90 mph wind speed) we are safer. That said, I'll be at KI riding coasters in July and beyond. Statistically, we're more likely to be injured driving to KI and home than contracting COVID-19.
  25. For the steel coasters, I am going with Diamondback. There is never a dull moment on this ride. The front row and back row also have very different ride experiences. Maybe once I ride Orion, my choice will change. But from the POV videos, Orion appears to be a long-lost big brother of Diamondback. Banshee front row is awesome, but other rows limit your view to the back of the chair in front of you. Enjoy the ride by closing your eyes and counting the inversions as you experience them.
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