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  1. Social distancing and wearing masks are principles that help prevent inhalation of droplets emitted through sneezes and cough of an asymptomatic person. These principals cannot work on a roller coaster train traveling at speed, where riders immediately pass through the air expelled by riders in front of them.
  2. If Orion runs at its 1,650 rides per hour capacity, family members standing in pairs and six feet apart could be queuing into the main parking lot.
  3. My 2020 Season Pass Fast Lane Plus – EZ Pay terms and conditions state that Cedar Fair reserves the right to refuse admission and control occupancy. I see initially suspending FL(P) for a month or so could be deemed as necessary occupancy control. And with COVID-19, “We are all in this Together”. So, I’m not expecting to benefit from FLP this season.
  4. With social distancing policies in place, there’ll be no demand for No-Boo necklaces and Halloween Haunt would become financially nonviable.
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