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  1. https://KICentral.com/forums/index.php?/topic/37680-the-orion-theory/&tab=comments#comment-880551
  2. The only rides that I KNOW have some sort of connection with the lore/backstory of Area 72 are the following: Orion(obviously), FOF(Flight of Fear), Invertigo, Vortex(R.I.P), Firehawk(R.I.P), Adventure Express, Banshee, The Beast, Mystic Timbers, and Son of Beast.
  3. With the new Area 72 and the interesting lore surrounding it, I wonder if there's a way/theory that connects all rides and puts them on one single timeline. I'm asking you guys to come up with a theory that connects all the rides mentioned in the theming of Area 72 into one single timeline. Enjoy!
  4. Maybe after you do the history book for KI, maybe you could do a book explaining the lore/backstory behind Area 72. It could be called, "Tales From AREA 72: And Other Extra Terrestrial Discoveries".
  5. Dj325

    KI posters

    Here's one that I did for Diamondback.
  6. Dj325

    KI posters

    With the park's 50th anniversary coming up soon, I wanted to see if anyone can make some posters for the park and maybe some of its rides. I can't wait to see you come up with.
  7. Is the book by any chance available for pre-ordering? If so, where?
  8. That one used to be. Last year (2020) it wasn't as bad as it used to be. There was a time where I came off that ride with a headache so bad, I had to go home with an ice pack on my head. Never fear! Steel Vengeance is here, with a very strict loose-article policy! I think there was a time where I rode it 2 times in a row and don't ever remember getting a headache. To me, I think the worst ride at Cedar Point is Magnum XL-200. I'm pretty sure that the headache I had after getting off the ride was so bad, if the ride's track length was double, I would probably have a
  9. When I rode Invertigo back in 2019, I thought I wouldn't ride it for a long time. But when I rode it last year in 2020, I actually really enjoyed it! It could possibly be because I heard that in 2019, they moved the old trains from Stinger to Invertigo, which could've been the reason why it was rough that year.
  10. Here's a topic where you can express your opinions on what YOU think is the "worst roller coaster you've ever ridden". And of coarse, like all opinion related discussions, please be respectful of everyone's answers, no matter how negative they are, or if they're against your favorite roller coaster. Anyways, enjoy!
  11. Backwards Racer was basically the regular ride experience, except one major difference. They had one train facing forwards while the other train, however, was facing BACKWARDS.
  12. If only Kings Island was good or experienced at making last minute surprises/additions.
  13. So you're saying that Diamondback and The Beast aren't popular?
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