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  1. There's an area in the park that once made sense, but is now nothing but a shell of what it once was. That area is Action Zone. Back when Kings Island was known as Paramount's Kings Island, the area was called Paramount's Action Zone. Back then the area contained rides themed to various Paramount movies like: Face-off (now Invertigo), Top Gun (later named Flight Deck, and now The Bat), and Drop Zone (now Drop Tower). There was also a stunt show that was done around a big water tower to show guests how stunts are done when filming a movie. But when Kings Island dropped the Paramount name and we
  2. True. I think I do remember that.
  3. Maybe they could do something for the park's 50th anniversary in 2022? They could have a new sign that could be the shape/outline of the Eiffel Tower. I COULD maybe draw to show you what I mean. Just a thought.
  4. As of when this forum has been posted, I've been to Kings Island at least two or three times during the FALL season. In those 2-3 times I've been, I've been looking for in the "Kings Island ride graveyard" for The Vortex's tombstone. But all the times I've looked, I've had no luck finding it. Here are MY two possible reasons why I think this is: One; Kings Island hasn't had the time to make the tombstone yet. Or, two; Maybe Kings Island is, possibly, planning on, sometime, resurrecting the ride. Who knows? This is just MY prediction. Let me know your thoughts on why there is no Vortex to
  5. I didn't notice the date until after I posted the reply. Oops
  6. I used to not like The Beast very much until I started riding in the non-wheel seats.
  7. You know, if they turn it back to the Phantom Theater, the TVs could showcase acts different that you'll see during the ride. Or they could do something similar to some of the changing portraits from the Haunted Mansion. Just a thought.
  8. The only Vekoma boomerang that I've ever been on, that I know I've been on, is Invertigo at Kings Island.
  9. Hey @grsupercity, if you ever ride The Beast at any point, then here is a suggestion. If you want a smooth ride, or the smoothest it can be, then I'd suggest you ether ride in a non-wheel seat, or ride as closest to the front row as you can. Never ride in the very back row on, The Beast!
  10. Which version of the Vekoma Boomerang is more comfortable? And when I say "comfortable", I mean as the most comfortable it CAN be.
  11. Do you think you have a picture of this.
  12. What got me more comfortable with rollercoasters was The Vortex. I think it was the feeling of going upside down that made me feel calm. Except, at that time, I would only ride in the BACK ROW. My dad had "fun" with that. LOL
  13. The Mystic Timbers option was just a joke to see what the people would say.
  14. I would choose The Vortex in honor of it's memory, and because so far, I've only found one video that talks about it's history. If I could choose more than one, I would also choose the King Cobra because one: It was the world's first Stand-Up coaster. And Two: So far, I haven't found a single video that talks about it's history.
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