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  1. I used to not like The Beast very much until I started riding in the non-wheel seats.
  2. You know, if they turn it back to the Phantom Theater, the TVs could showcase acts different that you'll see during the ride. Or they could do something similar to some of the changing portraits from the Haunted Mansion. Just a thought.
  3. What about Orion? There's probably a, hopefully, good reason why they don't.
  4. The only Vekoma boomerang that I've ever been on, that I know I've been on, is Invertigo at Kings Island.
  5. Hey @grsupercity, if you ever ride The Beast at any point, then here is a suggestion. If you want a smooth ride, or the smoothest it can be, then I'd suggest you ether ride in a non-wheel seat, or ride as closest to the front row as you can. Never ride in the very back row on, The Beast!
  6. Which version of the Vekoma Boomerang is more comfortable? And when I say "comfortable", I mean as the most comfortable it CAN be. Adventure Express would be one of my favorite rides if it weren't for its sharp turns. Those turns make it a ride that I would NOT recommend riding DIRECTLY after you eat.
  7. Do you think you have a picture of this.
  8. What got me more comfortable with rollercoasters was The Vortex. I think it was the feeling of going upside down that made me feel calm. Except, at that time, I would only ride in the BACK ROW. My dad had "fun" with that. LOL
  9. The Mystic Timbers option was just a joke to see what the people would say.
  10. I would choose The Vortex in honor of it's memory, and because so far, I've only found one video that talks about it's history. If I could choose more than one, I would also choose the King Cobra because one: It was the world's first Stand-Up coaster. And Two: So far, I haven't found a single video that talks about it's history.
  11. I have not ridden the Raven at night, but I did ride the Legend at night in the, front row! I will definitely add those to my bucket list!
  12. Remember I did say this at the beginning and still remains true. "Please note: The only two amusement parks I've been to other than Kings Island that I got to ride at least ONE of their roller coasters at night are Holiday World (The Legend), and Cedar Point (Valravn, and I think Top Thrill Dragster?)."
  13. The name "Outback Rider" gives me Maverick at Cedar Point and Outlaw Run at Silver Dollar City vibes (even though I've never ridden Outlaw Run). I can see that being the name for an RMC, Mack Multi-launch, Intamin Blitz or Multi-launch, and, if possible, a big Out-n-Back GCI. I could see it break the speed record for whatever type of roller coaster it ends up being, or it could, possibly, break the record for the fastest coaster. But due to the pandemic that we're in, Kings Island might just put in something small. Who knows? Maybe they might put in a temporary, small, low-budget attraction. And then maybe in the future, when the park has more money, might replace the small attraction with something even BIGGER. Kind of like what Disney did with Camp Minnie Mickey which was temporary and was supposed to be replaced by was supposed to be a land called "Beastly Kingdom", but then was scrapped and then eventually replaced by what is called "Pandora: The World of Avatar".
  14. Here's my list of roller coasters that I think WILL/MIGHT replace Vortex ordered from most likely to least likely: B&M Dive B&M Wing Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster Launched B&M Wing Mack Multi-Launch The NEW Vekoma Flying Dutchman model/prototype Here's my list of roller coasters that I WANT to replace Vortex ordered from rides I want to replace it the most to the least: The NEW Vekoma Flying Dutchman model/prototype Mack Multi-Launch Launched B&M Wing Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster Intimin Blitz Coaster
  15. Okay. Here's how it will go: First you'll enter through the usual outdoor entrance. Now, here's where things might get a little different than the original ride. Instead of going straight into the room where the organist would usually be playing, you'll go into what is listed on the picture below as "Extended que line". Before getting close to the usual entrance to the building, you'll enter the "Pre-Show" building. Here, you'll be greeted by the owner of the theater. He might say something like this: "Hey! What are you people doing here! You're trespassing on my property! What's that!? How could you be trespassing on a property that hasn't been in operation for years you say? Well, if that's what you think, then why don't you go find out for yourself! Come on! Don't be shy! It's only, HhHhHh, THE PHANTOM THEATER! BUT, WHATEVER YOU DO, DON'T, GO INTO THE THEATER BASEMENT! It's completely off limits! Other than that, the rest of the theater is all yours to explore, EVEN THE BOILER ROOM! Just follow the maestro's instructions. He'll tell you the rest. NOW! LET THE TOUR OF THE PHANTOM THEATER, BEGIN!" After that, you'll leave the "Pre-Show" room and then go to the room where you'd be greeted by the the maestro playing the organ just like you would in the original ride that ran from 1992 to 2002. And just like the original attraction, what happened after meeting the maestro/ organist is still the same as usual.
  16. Just wanting to know: Do you know WHY Kings Island removed The Son of Beast? Just out of curiosity.
  17. I used to not like The Beast at all. But this year, I now have mixed feelings about the attraction. Recently, Kings Island had GCI partly re track both sides of The Racer. Before it was official that it was GCI doing the re tracking, some people thought Kings Island was going to have The Racer RMCed. This of coarse didn't happen. But now it makes me wonder this: When will the next wooden roller coaster at Kings Island get RMCed or re tracked by GCI?
  18. Do you think these two companies will EVER work together any time soon?
  19. Did this ride (Voyage To The Iron Reef) replace anything?
  20. They could use what is currently the "Fantasy Theater" (Possibly a reference to the building's first name being the Fantasy Voyage) and use it as a pre-show. They could also get rid of The Great Pumpkin Coaster and use the space for an extended que. Could you maybe give a few labels? Or maybe I could see if I can maybe see add some more stuff to it. But overall, arguably, it still looks like a great layout.
  21. Okay, I said this in the poll for "How Much Longer For Boo Blasters On Boo Hill?". Here it is: "Okay, here's my SUMMARIZED description of Boo Blasters on Boo Hill: It's a Scooby Doo ride, but with no Scooby Doo characters from the TV show, or any mentioning of Scooby Doo. Right now, the ride, to me, just looks outdated. It's an eyesore. Whenever I'm on the left side of the parking lot, I look over at Woodstock Express and see this wacky cartoon castle behind it. Every time I see it that, it looks weird and out of place. Another thing is that the black lighting used in the attraction makes me think of those small low-budget dark rides usually found at the small road side amusement parks. Also, the blasters aren't always very reliable. One time my friend told me that there was a glitch where if you were to point and shoot your "Boo Blaster" at the ceiling, it would give you a lot of points. Sometimes that usually isn't a good thing for an interactive dark ride. So, do I think Boo Blasters will be leaving soon? No. But do I think it's okay that Boo Blasters might not be leaving soon? No. I think Kings Island has kept Boo Blasters is because it has a high attendance. What I think Kings Island isn't doing is looking at WHY the ride has had the attendance it's been getting. I think one the reasons for the ride's high attendance is because it's an indoor attraction and it has air conditioning. So, I think Kings Island should close Boo Blasters and maybe replace it with a Phantom Theater 2.0, or maybe a new interactive attraction that's more reliable."
  22. I've ridden seven of Kings Island's roller coasters at night (Beast, Mystic, Orion, DB, Banshee, BLSC, and R.I.P The Vortex. I have yet to ride AE and Bat at night.), and each of them provided a unique experience. Do you think Kings Island has the best collection of roller coasters that give GOOD night-rides? Please note: The only two amusement parks I've been to other than Kings Island that I got to ride at least ONE of their roller coasters at night are Holiday World (The Legend), and Cedar Point (Valravn, and I think Top Thrill Dragster?).
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