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  1. Okay, here's my SUMMARIZED description of Boo Blasters on Boo Hill: It's a Scooby Doo ride, but with no Scooby Doo characters from the TV show, or any mentioning of Scooby Doo. Right now, the ride, to me, just looks outdated. It's an eyesore. Whenever I'm on the left side of the parking lot, I look over at Woodstock Express and see this wacky cartoon castle behind it. Every time I see it that, it looks weird and out of place. Another thing is that the black lighting used in the attraction makes me think of those small low-budget dark rides usually found at the small road side amusement parks. Also, the blasters aren't always very reliable. One time my friend told me that there was a glitch where if you were to point and shoot your "Boo Blaster" at the ceiling, it would give you a lot of points. Sometimes that usually isn't a good thing for an interactive dark ride. So, do I think Boo Blasters will be leaving soon? No. But do I think it's okay that Boo Blasters might not be leaving soon? No. I think Kings Island has kept Boo Blasters is because it has a high attendance. What I think Kings Island isn't doing is looking at WHY the ride has had the attendance it's been getting. I think one the reasons for the ride's high attendance is because it's an indoor attraction and it has air conditioning. So, I think Kings Island should close Boo Blasters and maybe replace it with a Phantom Theater 2.0, or maybe a new interactive attraction that's more reliable.
  2. Definitely! They could probably put it in the Coney Mall section of the park and have it running across the midway. If Cedar Point can still have their skyride, why cant Kings Island have their own? But of course, it is Cedar Point. They can pretty much do almost anything.
  3. Dude, this might sound crazy but, one time I was actually thinking about Kings Island actually doing that.
  4. Don't you mean... Blast Boo Blasters back to a water ride? That is SO TRUE! Fun Fact: Gary Wakchs (or however you spell his last name), the founder of Kings Island, actually used to work at Coney Island. He said that Kings Island is basically a Coney Island fit for a king!
  5. You're definitely not the only one saying this. I 100% agree that it should. That will make me actually want to take pictures at the front entrance a lot more, even if it's more than one time in a single day. I don't know anything about a tunnel being there before. Do you have a picture of it that you can show me?
  6. As cool as that sounds, there are two reasons The Racer doesn't go backwards anymore. 1. They wanted to change it back to how it was when it opened with park in 1972. 2. The ride's mechanics weren't designed to handle sending the trains backwards. But if we could, that would be totally awesome!
  7. Oh, got it. Sorry about. You are right about that.
  8. If it's original, then why is there another Boo Blasters ride at Carowinds? Canada's Wonderland? And Kings Dominion?
  9. I'm pretty sure it was 10 years. Just like us, attractions don't turn one they open.
  10. There's a website I found that talks about the making of the attraction. Here's something it says. "Even though Smurfs Enchanted Voyage was a boat ride, Kings Island decided it was too much upkeep and maintenance to keep a boat flume attraction running properly. Once the Phantom Theater concept was agreed upon, the building was gutted and it was decided they would use an omnimover-style system similar to Disney’s Haunted Mansion, which was also developed by Morgan Manufacturing." It also says, “Kings Island wanted something to replace the Smurfs Enchanted Voyage at the end of the 2001 season,” recalls Bastrup. “We discussed several ideas, but ultimately decided on the Phantom Theater. A lot of that had to do with the popularity of the Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical ‘Phantom of the Opera’ which was extremely popular.” Here's the website:The making of Kings Island's Phantom Theater
  11. Dj325

    Phantom rising?

    I had this as a 50th anniversary idea for Kings Island. What if Kings Island closed Boo Blasters and brought back the Phantom Theater? I've watched the POV for the ride and it looked like a ride that would probably always be a must ride for me. Here's a website I found that talks about the ride's creation. It's actually really fascinating. https://themeparkuniversity.com/haunted-attractions/designing-phantom-manor-kings-island-rr-creative-amusement-designs/
  12. Here's one interesting 50th anniversary idea that I have. Maybe Kings Island could get rid of Boo Blasters, without tearing down the show building of coarse. By doing that they could re-theme the ride back to, wait for it, The Phantom Theater! I think if Kings Island did that, I'm willing to bet that it'll probably please a good amount of their fans. Below is some old concept art for the ride.
  13. Definitely love the idea for The Racer! But, if they were to add a Kings Island museum, they could probably use one of these two places. #1: They could use the Kings Island Theater located near the front entrance. Or #2: They could use the old Action Theater, A.K.A the place currently used the Urgent Scare maze during Halloween Haunt.
  14. Maybe they could take away interactive stuff and re theme it back to The Phantom Theater. Especially since the park's 50th anniversary is coming up soon in 2022.
  15. It's kind of hard to believe that in 2022 Kings Island will turn 50 YEARS OLD! So, here's the question: What are some things that you would like Kings Island to do? Is there an old attraction that you want see come back? Maybe a Kings Island museum?
  16. Like Michigan's Adventure? Actually, they barely even get a coaster.
  17. The MII channel music sounds like great backround music for this ride LOL.
  18. I Noticed that the ride with the second most votes was a dive coaster. We've already gotten four GP crowd pleasers (Mystic, Tropical Plunge, Antique Autos, and I kind of Orion). Personally, I would never want a dive coaster to replace The Vortex. The coaster that I would want to replace The Vortex would be a Mack multi-launch coaster. Or maybe an Intamin blitz coaster, something like Pantheon at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Kings Island hasn't had a launch coaster since the 2000s with The Italian Job Stunt Track, now known as the Backlot Stunt Coaster. Also it has to have at least a 48in. height requirement. Vortex was the first roller coaster I rode that went upside down, since the other roller coasters in the park that went upside down either had a height requirement of 52 or 54 inches. That means Vortex was the park's only looping family coaster.
  19. Maybe they could give it a barnstormer theme.
  20. This is true, but you gotta admit its theming is kinda cool, especially at night!
  21. I would say The Bat because if Kings Island were to remove it, it would open up a good amount of land for a new ride. That's why Kings Island chose removing Firehawk over Vortex, because by removing Firehawk opened up that whole area behind The Racer to build what is now known as Orion.
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