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  1. even though I voted for Hannah Barbera Land, I think Kings Island wants Planet Snoopy because kids are more familiar with Snoopy.
  2. I'd say either for a new show, or maybe for some kind of announcement for plans the park has or what to expect next year in terms of stuff with Covid-19.
  3. Ok, I know that a good amount of fans have been asking this since the ride was announced. When Kings Island announced that they would finally be getting a giga coaster, the fans started to question whether this was true or not. In case you don't know what a giga coaster is, it's any roller coaster with a height range of 300 - 399 ft. Another type of roller coaster is a hyper coaster, which is any roller coaster with a height range of 200 - 299 ft. Well, Orion has a height 287 ft., which would put it into the category of a hyper coaster. Although, Kings Island is deciding to call it a giga coaster. I think that we should at least try to settle this debate. So, here's the question: Is Orion a Hyper, Giga, or something else? Your answer must include a reason for your. Evidence like things people have said in videos you've watched or stuff mentioned in articles you've read are optional. Please note that I can't 100% guarantee that this will settle the debate. This is the best I can do.
  4. I don't know if this can prove it so let me know. Back in the Fall, the park announced that they would be removing a rollercoaster. The park narrowed it down to two rollercoasters, Firehawk and The Vortex. Kings Island chose to remove Firehawk because if they removed it, it would give them access to all the land behind The Racer so that they would have enough land to build ORION. Fastforward to 2019 when the park made a surprising announcement that The Vortex would be giving a final ride at the end of the 2019 Fall season. The reason why they needed to remove a ride back in 2018 was because they wanted to build a new major attraction. But to do that, they'd need to remove another ride (which ended up being Firehawk) so that they would have room to do it.
  5. Celebrating it could be an interesting idea for the park's 50th anniversary. The Festhause could be a representation of different German food kind of like a German farmer's market. The burrito restaurant near the lake could become a pretzel factory.
  6. Yeah, that is true, but keep in mind that Kings Island's decision to remove Firehawk was intentional and was also a part of the park's plan to a giga coaster which ended up being ORION. Removing The Vortex was different. The ride's removal wasn't a part of Kings Island's plan. The Vortex wasn't supposed to be removed that year.
  7. Since Kings Island just removed The Vortex, the park probably won't remove another rollercoaster for a while. But, that doesn't mean they couldn't possibly remove a water ride from Soak City any time soon. When I think about a ride being removed from Soak City, the first ride that comes to mind that I think would be the first ride to get removed from Soak City, it's Thunder Falls. The reason why is because the last few seasons the ride was running, I've only been seeing them using one slide. One time when I was riding the train, I was able to get a glimpse of the slide that they haven't been using and noticed that there was a lot of mother nature's works growing inside of it. So, it might not be too long before Thunder Falls takes a "Final Fall" (no pun intended) before it bites the tide (The water ride version of the phrase "Gets the axe"). Two other rides that I think could also be the next to "Bite The Tide" are Zoom Flume and sadly, Mondo Monsoon. Now, as of when this topic is being made, I really can't think of any real good reason for Zoom Flume, other than the fact that it's kind of hidden and it's also tucked away in a back corner of the park where the only thing that attracts people to that area is the Lazy or Splash River, whatever you prefer calling it. Anyways, if they remove Thunder Falls and Zoom Flume, they could maybe combine the land and build a new water coaster! I went onto Google maps and created a layout for a possible new water coaster. Now this picture might look a little weird, but this is the first time I've drawn a layout for a new attraction, so it might not be like other ones that are really detailed you've probably seen before. In case you don't know what each of the different colors mean, here's a key to hopefully help you understand: Yellow box/square - loading and unloading station Red line - first line: lift hill Red line - second line: lift or maybe launch hill? Purple line - airtime hill Green line - banked turn Purple circle - helix Let me know what you think will be the first Soak City water ride to "Bite The Tide" and what you think could possibly replace it/them. If you think that the replacement could be a water coaster, do you think it could or should be record breaking?
  8. Well, I feel like The Bat has a vibration problem. Every time I've ridden The Bat, I've come off that ride with a really bad burning feeling on my nose. I guess his pants weren't able to withstand the vibrations and....tore.
  9. If there's one memory that I won't forget is one that I get reminded of every time I hear someone mention The Bat rollercoaster. One time I was at Kings Island, and I think my mom was on Banshee and my sister was with my grandpa on The Bat. I think my mom got off Banshee first. Once she got off, she met me waiting outside. My sister and my grandpa hadn't gotten off The Bat yet, I get it had a long line. Anyways, I finally see them coming out the exit. When I start walking towards my grandpa, all of the sudden, I look down at his pants and I see a bunch of HOLES torn into his pants! That's something you don't see every day! Now everytime I hear someone mention or talking about The Bat rollercoaster, that's one of the first things that comes to my head (^^) !
  10. I was actually thinking about that being the entrance. I just didn't say it because I wanted you guys to have more room for creativity. Even though I wasn't talking about an RMC Son of Beast, I absolutely love your comment ! That's definitely how it always should've been. The Exterminator. I absolutely love the intimidation that I'm getting just by looking at that name right now!
  11. I think you basically just described how The Beast makes me feel, except for the "burn it to the ground" part. Now, if you were ridding it in the back row, then that's probably why it was rough. Even though I haven't ridden them, you're lucky it's not a Vekoma SLC! Here's the two different versions of these pain machines, and from what I've heard, they're both painful! There's one version where it has big bulky restraints that can give you a really bad headache, or maybe erase your mind. (No pun intended) The other one is the T3 version at Kentucky Kingdom. This version has more of a lapbar style vest restraint. From what I've heard, these ones will kind of give you the simulation of leg imputation, if that's what it's called.
  12. I would definitely suggest you not ride in the back row, especially near the end of the season before the park closes to get ready for Winterfest. If you ride it in the back row at that time of the season, it'll feel like the ride is on steroids and is trying to smash you into an oblivion. One time, I rode it in the back row CLOSE to end of the season, and I had to go home that night with a ice pack on my head. So yeah, I would definitely ride it more if they retracked it and gave it millennium flier trains.
  13. FOF wouldn't be the next to go. But, it probably won't be here forever. When I rode it on July 4th, it was pretty rough. Instead of getting rid of it, they could maybe give the ride some new ride vehicles. The only other ride listed on that wall still in operation is Invertigo, which is probably the ride that is more likely to be the next to go.
  14. Definitely like Orion. But, I don't really like Banshee or The Bat. I'm not a fan of Banshee's restraints. They just kill all the airtime. For The Bat, I feel like that ride has a real vibration problem. Every time I come off that ride, I come off with a really bad burning feeling on my nose.
  15. Yep. I recently watched the video from Thrills United were they pulled that big prank on Taylor Bybee. It was super funny.
  16. I know you said that The Racer is one of 2 rides that you won't ride at Kings Island. What's the other ride?
  17. Thank you for your understanding. I was a little worried there for a second.
  18. Orion is super cool! Especially at night when it's all light up! Also, Diamondback, hands down the best ride that I've ridden other than Steel Vengeance and Maverick at Cedar Point, and Orion at Kings Island! Unfortunately, your most favorite ride to ride at night, which is The Beast, just so happens to be my least favorite ride at Kings Island. So sorry if that might upset you :(.
  19. Uuhh, so The Beast is your most favorite ride. Ookaay. Apparently your most favorite ride is my least favorite ride. Sorry about that:(. But, I definitely agree with what you said about Xtreme Skyflyer, even though I've never really ridden it.
  20. Diamondback is my most favorite too! And I do agree with what you on Xtreme Skyflyer. It is kind of a little ugly looking. Maybe that might be the next ride to "Get the axe."
  21. My number 1 ride at Kings Island is Diamondback! Diamondback is the ride that made me a thrill seeker! I always make sure that I ride in the Front Row! I love it how the drop is super close to the pathways! But by far the best part of the ride and definitely the most iconic part. It's the Splashdown at the end! I love that fact that it feels like I'm flying across the water! It's just a fantastic ride! Now, I'm not going say what my least favorite ride is. It isn't because I don't have one, because I do have a least favorite ride. I just don't want to say it.
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