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  1. What's your most favorite ride at Kings Island? Give as many reasons why it's your most favorite ride as you like. What's your least favorite ride at Kings Island? Give as many reasons why it's your least favorite ride as you like.
  2. Dude, me too! Diamondback is and always will be my #1 rollercoaster that I've ever ridden!
  3. One ride that holds a special place in my heart is one that got removed recently. That ride is none other than The Vortex. On opening day 2014 when I was 10 years old, I had finally reached the 48 inch height requirement, so my dad decided to take me to The Racer for my first "Big coaster." When we got up to the station, me and my dad got in the row behind the front. When we started going up the lift hill, all of the sudden my dad says, "Hey Dylan look how high we are!" After that, I look down and started screaming at the top of my lungs the rest of the ride. After that, I wouldn't ride another rollercoaster again until 2015 when I rode The Vortex and conquered my fear. Thank you Vortex! I will always remember you!
  4. My favorite was the Orion First Riders event. I enjoyed getting to be one of the many first public riders on Orion. I got a total of eight rides on Orion! I recognized two YouTubers. Logan from Thrills United, and Paul from Ohio Valley Coasters. I was able to get a picture with Logan, but not Paul. I did however get a picture with a YouTuber who's channel is called Coaster Challenge. He got to be on the first public train during the event. Riding Orion eight times, meeting some YouTubers and getting to talk to some of them, that, that was a lot of fun! I don't think that I'll ever, ever forget that night.
  5. An event at Kings Island that I had a great time experiencing was a pretty recent one. It was the Orion First Riders event. I enjoyed getting to be one of the many first public riders on Orion. I got a total of eight rides on Orion. I recognized to YouTubers there. Logan, a.k.a the Coaster kid, and Paul from Ohio Valley Coasters. I was able You got one of the last rides ever on Son of Beast! What was the ride like? What was the ride like? Was there any other times that you rode it when it still had the loop?
  6. Do you have a favorite memory of Kings Island that you remember? Do you have a favorite Kings Island tradition? Is there a favorite event of yours that you got to experience at Kings Island? Is there a ride at Kings Island that holds a special place in your heart?
  7. Maybe they could have a Mack multilaunch coaster themed to the Cincinnati Bangles. It could be called Wild Tiger! They could place it where the old Tomb Raider building is right now. It can have an orange track and black support beams.
  8. Do you remember this poster? When this poster appeared at Kings Island, fans were starting thinking that Kings Island was going to build an R.M.C Son of Beast for the 2019 season. That however, didn't happen. But, maybe that wasn't for 2019. Maybe it's for sometime way into the future. In 2019, Kings Island announced that they would be removing The Vortex. Now fans are wondering when and what will replace it. I think it could be a ground-up r.m.c. I don't have a picture of what it could look like, but I have an idea for a ground-up r.m.c called GHOST MOUNTAIN! I even made up my own story for it. "Rivertown had grown from a tiny old town struggling to survive, to the busiest town in the West. People from all over came to Rivertown to see and do anything that the town had to offer. They enjoyed getting plashed and soaked on the town's White Water Canyon Expeditions. They heard many legends and tales, from the sighting of a giant creature near Beast Canyon, to a mysterious haunted lumber mill. The town was so popular, that it was decided that they would expand Rivertown. But, what they would add to the town, would end up being a big mistake. In 2025, Rivertown officially opened the Ghost Mountain Expeditions. Everything was going great, but there was something the mayor of Rivertown knew about the mountain that he didn't tell anyone. Ghost Mountain was in fact haunted. After the second train was loaded and left, they began loading train no.3. Once the train no.3 was finished loading, it departed from the station. But, when train no.3 came back, it was empty. Pretending like nothing happened, they began loading train no.3. But, one of the citizens was the brother of one of the passengers that was on train no.3 before him. When he got into his seat, once the train departed from the station, suddenly he heard a voice. It was his brother. He looks to his right, and sure enough, his brother is sitting right next to him. He goes to touch his brother's face, but his hand goes right through, almost as if his brother was a ghost. When he got back to the station, he went to one of the employees in panic. When runs towards the employee, he runs right through the employee as if he was a ghost himself. Legend has it that anyone goes inside the caves of this Mountain, come out as ghosts and spirits, walking along with the living as if they were alive. But that's the thing, they're not. They're actually dead!" That's all I have right now for a story for this ride idea. You would board a ride vehicle themed to a black western train. There will be two lift hills. The first hill would have a 90° drop. The drop of the second lift hill would be a combination of Twisted Timbers' first drop and Lighting Rod's first drop or something similar to that. The ride would take you through twists and turns, a few moments where the train would pass by another train, lots of dark tunnels and parts where the riders would be in complete pichblack darkness, and tons of elements and inversions similar to Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point and Twisted Timbers at Kings Dominion. To build this the way I imagine the ride to look like would require removing the Backlot Stunt Coaster. If there's anyone who is good at drawing rollercoaster concept art, or has NoLimits2 or Planet Coaster, could maybe come up with some design ideas for this ride using the details and information given. I do have NoLimits2, but I'm still learning how to use it. So until I'm able to successfully create something on NoLimits2, it'll be up to you guys to come up with a design for this ride.
  9. Orion wasn't the only thing that was added to Kings Island this year. The area where Orion is located, formerly known as Xbase, has now been rethemed and renamed to "AREA72". That would also mean that there might be some easter eggs and small references to rides at Kings Island and other Cedar Fair parks. How many can you find? You can even take pictures of them. Here's some pics I took from in the Orion que line.
  10. Very good point. I was just trying to see peoples' opinions on which one was better.
  11. Diamondback gets 1 point
  12. w(°o°)w w(°o°)w
  13. I think I was on the second to last train too! We were on our seventh ride and I was sitting with my friend Alex. When we were on the the final breaks, right behind the station, Alex says, "hey, do you wanna try to get the last ride of the night?", and I said, "sure!" And sure enough, when we got into the station and those lap bars went up, me and Alex started running towards the entrance. We didn't stop to look at our pictures. Now I that I think about it, I don't think me and Alex even stopped to spray our hands with hand sanitizer. Oops. *\0/*
  14. With Orion now being the tallest roller coaster at Kings Island, are people going to ride Orion more than Diamondback? Which ride is better? Make a list of pros and cons for the two rides and then list the final score. Here are the topics that you'll use for scoring the two rides: Theming: Is it very detailed? Does the ride have any audio to go with the theming? Is there a story that is represented well? Size: is a taller roller coaster (Orion) better, or would you rather ride a coaster shorter (Diamondback)? Length in Time: would you rather have the ride over quick (Orion), or have the ride last longer (Diamondback)? Operations: How long does it take for the people to get off the ride for you to get on? How long does it take for the employees to check each of the seats before they can give you the "All clear" for you to go? This one will be what you choose it to be: *description of topic of your choice* May the best roller coaster win!
  15. First of all, nice pics dude! Second of all, you got twelve rides! Man, I only got 8.
  16. Did you do any of the other rows other than the front one? If so, which one was your favorite? I think the back row was the most intense row.
  17. Even though I haven't ridden Behemoth, I do kinda agree a little bit about what you said with Diamondback feeling a lot longer. It did kinda feel like Orion was over pretty quick and I do remember Diamondback feeling like it was longer. Also, I didn't say Orion was my most favorite ride or that it was the best ride in the world that I've ridden. Right now, my #1 roller coaster that I have ridden is definitely Diamondback, with Maverick at Cedar Point being #2, and Orion would probably be #3. But, it's okay if you didn't like it. It is your opinion after all.
  18. Personally, Orion is a great addition to Kings Island. First, the theming is on point. Probably the most theming I HAVE SEEN outside Disney world since Forbidden Frontier at Cedar Point. Second, I like how they did the preshow. It's good they did it like how it's done in Flight of Fear where they have the show on a loop instead of everyone having to stop everytime the show comes on. And finally, the ride experience was unforgettable. I rode in the front row during my first ever ride, and today still remember how it felt. We got to the top of the lift hill, the train starts to slow down, I see the big banked turn that comes after the first drop, then I see the bottom of the drop and, it was all down hill from there. Now, my second ride was in the fourth row and after the big banked turn that comes after the first drop, the ride started to have what I think is what enthusiasts like to call, "the B&M rattle." This rattle was not that great. Its worst point was probably during the final Helix. For a brand new ride, I'm pretty sure that shouldn't be happening. It could've been the heat we were having that day. Other than that, the ride was still good. I think My third ride was in the back. If you want a more intense ride, then you'll need to ride in the back row. The back row is definitely the most intense row. But if there's a time when you'll get the best ride on Orion, it has to be at night when it's really dark out. It was truly an unforgettable experience. Orion is definitely a great addition to Kings Island. Very good and very detailed theming, a fun and thrilling ride experience, and an amazing and very photogenic night ride. My friend Alex that was with me at the First riders event said that he gave Orion a 5 screams rating. I'll give it a scream rating of 5 too. Overall, Orion is a very memorable ride experience that I'll probably never forget. That was probably the best night of my life!!
  19. With the opening of the new Orion at Kings Island, and the all new Area 72, there's bound to be tons of easter eggs scattered throughout the new area and Orion's que. Whenever you get to ride the new ride, try to take some pictures and maybe some notes. This includes the following: Orion's que line, both fast pass and stand-by lines; Flight of Fear que line and exit; all of Area 72, including the podcast car you pass by before you go under The Racer's first hill. Can you find the most easter eggs? Maybe even all of them. Good luck !! Let the challenge begin!!
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