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  1. What a terrible, terrible location for any sort of campground. Behind a McDonalds and a Wendy’s and next to the old Outlet Mall parking lot (that became offices). They say less than a “mile to Kings Island”...sure I guess if the Kings Island parking entrance is your KI destination or the fence outside The Bat. It’s a really long walk across a parking lot from there. I’m sure the “cabins” will be nice on the inside but I can’t help but think this was originally going to be an actual trailer park but became a camp ground at the last minute. it will still be popular I’m sure because t
  2. My guess it was added around the time the Festhaus was built to serve as sort of a “directional” to it and the Beer Garden. A “turn this way for beer and Octoberfest” sign if you will lol.
  3. This is awesome! I especially enjoyed the POV of Scooby Doo with the two maintenance folks out on the layout on either side of a fully moving train.
  4. I rode Banshee yesterday and it has become nearly unrideable for me. It reminds me of how the trio of awful stand ups aged way back when (Iron Wolf/CW and CGA Vortex). Banshee is one and done now. It’s sad.
  5. I wonder if Disney knows...lol. They might but then again they might not lol
  6. Isn’t this the Disney Paint the Night Parade music? I mean the song IS from Wreck It Ralph....
  7. Aww good on KI! I walked around the new park last week over at LeSourdsville and it just made me miss it more. It was such a fun small place.
  8. Cringy...but fun cringy. LOL.
  9. They seem to be sacrificing their own rules and health practices for capacity sake. When everyone scrambles off at once there is almost no way to stay six feet away from another guest. This is made very clear when all the other rides in the park abide by the rules but the newest latest and greatest chooses to ignore them. Uncomfortable.
  10. I took my 2 nieces and 2 nephews age 8-12 to the park yesterday (who have never been on a Giga OR a Hyper coaster) and after riding Orion and Diamondback I asked them what they liked better... 2 votes for Diamondback 2 for Orion but all agreed both were awesome rides. I’ve been on all but one of the giga coasters (just missing Red Force) and I still rank Orion at #5 of the 6 I’ve been on. 1) Fury 2) Millie 3) Leviathan 4) Steel Dragon 5) Orion 6) i305 I personally enjoy Steel Dragon just slightly more than Orion as I’m a fan of the big hil
  11. Thanks for taking into account the fact you have no idea who I am and what I do and where I’ve been (not to mention who I work for ) AND how many times I have been on the ride. If you knew you would probably change your tune just a little bit. You can have any opinion you wish but I’m certain your definition of “more established” would absolutely need to be adjusted. You have every right to enjoy Orion but it’s important to realize that not everyone has the same opinion and for you to claim one persons option of something is any less valid than anyone else’s puts nobody but YOU in a neg
  12. I personally enjoy MF much much more as an overall experience. Orion might have a slight edge coaster wise but MF has the lake, the sweeping curves and the rampant all over Cedar Point feeling. For the fifty seconds of coaster tho Orion packs a couple more thrills.
  13. I just got off Orion about thirty minutes ago. Waited about 3 1/2 hours. It’s a decent super short ride with some good speed but it definitely ranks for me below Fury, Leviathan, I 305 and to an extent I still prefer Diamondbacks over all ride experience. It’s Still a good addition to the park and the GP seemed to enjoy it. I personally wouldn’t wait more than 45 minutes to ride it again but it will make the lines shorter for the other coasters in the park. One major note, however. The park has social distancing markers all through the queue...which is good...HOWEVER they have every
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