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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. Funny but I actually like how the International street restaurant at the entrance blocks the view of International street and the Eiffel Tower. It just makes it more breathtaking when you finally walk through the gates and see all the magnificence! Don't know why some people feel the park entrance is ugly, I think it looks fine. Most people don't even notice one way or another and to me the worst thing is to have a ride right at the entrance.
  2. Lately I've been seeing a lot of enthusiasts place Kings Island as their #1 park, even ahead of Cedar Point. They point to the more relaxing atmosphere and the magnificent staff and ride ops....Good job people! Coaster Studios 1 month ago I’ve always thought KI was right up there with Cedar Point. Quality is high, it’s clean, amazing operations, and great rides. Never had a bad visit to KI. I know I’ve said this before, but KI really feels like a park you can take your time with and just enjoy, while Cedar Point is almost overwhe
  3. Admit is you want one of those coasters just as badly as I do...You don't have to be afraid to agree with my obviously perfect proposal
  4. Lot of nice ideas here but I would greatly prefer an X2 killing S&S Axis 4D coaster over all other options. If people are going gaga over a 800 ft. prototype I can't imagine what a full scale model would be like. Reliability and Maintenance costs would obviously be the biggest concerns and may be a deal breaker but these things look to be a riot. https://attractionsmagazine.com/my-test-ride-on-axis-the-next-evolution-of-roller-coaster/ "As the coaster launches (approximately 0-70 in 1.8 seconds on the prototype! WOAH!) I am thrust back into my seat; then, what looks like an oute
  5. Those 4d's are great and I'm sure no one would complain at having one but this Axis concept is their evolution of the original 4d coasters. Looks to be much more comfortable and less abruptly jerky than the standard 4d rides From the S&S site (with a lot of over the top marketing intertwined) "S&S has started a revolution! We have re-imagined roller coaster dynamics by taking our patented and proven 4D rotating vehicle technology and turned it on a new AXIS. The new AXIS roller coaster delivers deliberate and fluid movements that give the rider a feeling of flying unlike any
  6. KI is in very good shape compared to most parks, they wouldn't need to add another major attraction for another 5 years or so but they probably will before that time anyway...would like to see them add some low-mid intensity rides like the old Flying Eagles, the drunken barrels, etc. and as stated work on landscaping, adding flowers, trees etc. I don't think this S&S would be nearly as risky a prototype as The Bat what with all the advancements in coaster engineering/technology over the last 40 years, From listening to the S&S rep from the 2nd video above it seems as if they are q
  7. I don't think it'd be a risk as long as S&S has all the kinks worked out. It would probably cost quite a bit less than a B&M Dive or Winged Coaster and would have a lot more character and would be appreciated by Enthusiasts and Casuals alike....Doesn't look crazy intense it just looks like pure fun.
  8. They need to add this new S&S Axis free spin to the old Vortex area. It's like the complete perfected evolution of the original free swinging Arrow Bat design. Riders also say it's very comfortable (unlike the regular S&S free spins) and it would give a different ride each time similar to X2...Be cool if they paid homage to Vortex by painting the ride with the same colors.....Be perfect in that spot
  9. Then all you'd need is an RMC....something like Outlaw Run but with a longer ride length to take you through the forest to complement Mystic Timbers and The Beast.....sure would be a rad ride lineup
  10. Man some of you guys need to lighten up a bit....You have to remember that these employees and executives have a passion for the rides and the park just as much as the public and I'm glad that they freely express their opinions and show a sense of humor....better than being all stiff and official like a politician Some people are just too easily offended.....snowflakes
  11. This is probably the most intelligent review I've seen of Orion....Orion makes you feel like you're an eagle in flight....you feel like you're gracefully soaring and then swooping down for prey....it's an awesome beautiful sensation and different from other gigas.... I don't think KI will need another coaster for the next 5-6 years, I'd like to see the return of some rides like the Flying Eagles, Der Spinnen Keggers and rides like that. When a new coaster is added I'd like to see the new S&S Axis prototype be put into The Vortex spot and painted the exact same colors as Vortex...seem
  12. Nothing worse than being forced to listen to dumpy modern day music in an amusement park....can pretty much ruin your whole day when you're waiting in line and Taylor Swift or Maroon 5 come blaring through the speakers .No.......No.........Gawd No.....Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.............................
  13. I think that starting next year Kings Island should stay open until midnight at least one night per week during their operating season (Friday would be best) Kings Island has so many good night rides yet due to closing at 10 pm you really only have time for 1 per visit.....If they were open until midnight then you could get in 5-7 night rides....Orion, The Beast, Mystic Timbers, Banshee....heck even rides like The Bat and Adventure Express take on a whole new meaning at night and give phenomenal rides. That way you'd get all that goodness in one night... I can only imagine the elect
  14. I don't even notice roughness, rattles, etc. unless I have a headache afterwards....roller coasters are never going to be perfectly smooth and that's part of their charm but if a ride gives people a headache then I think changes should be made...not sure what percentage of people acquire a headache after riding Banshee so who knows...dain bramage is not good
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