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  1. Actually, he says he enjoys the ride when he gets the smooth blue train and feels that it's the teal train that ruins the ride for him. Pretty much common knowledge that some of the trains, for whatever reason, deliver rough rides for some . Also, the fella sounds a bit on the skinny/frail side. Seems the heftier, sturdier built riders don't seem to complain about roughness Most enthusiasts place Banshee as a top 3 invert pretty consistently. Airtime thrills has it at number 2 and has ridden every invert in North America, and is certainly one of the more intellectual and respected enthusiasts. To say Banshee, an extremely intense invert which boasts a great, unique layout, seven well-thought-out inversions, the longest track length, best first drop and, to top it off, best color scheme and theming... to pass off such a coaster off as mid-tier or the worst of it's kind is like saying a Ferrari 488 is the worst sports car because it simply needs a new set of shocks. That's really reaching, and I mean REALLY REALLY reaching
  2. Can't get a darn gif to work on this site to save my life.................
  3. I think you're secretly a Bieber fan and just have trouble controlling your enthusiasm for this sonic excellence ...........No seriously though I agree that not everyone likes the same type of music and I feel it's quite crummy to make people listen to music they don't like...I think they should just keep classic orchestral music playing on I-street and not have music playing elsewhere which is the way I think it used to be
  4. He's probably indicative of your average intelligent park goer.....goes to a few parks here and there but his life isn't based around visiting amusement parks....(which is similar to 99.99% of the people who will ever ride Orion)
  5. Everyone's got a different opinion, It just all depends on what you're looking for in a ride....There are Cedar Point ride ops who come down to Kings Island and think it blows Millennium Force out of the water and even like it better than Fury...some who have ridden over 500 coasters thinks it the 2nd best B&M coaster and feels it easily the best ride in the park......and yet for others it's just not giving them what they want (I seriously think some people wanted the Euthanasia coaster)....I guess a ride can't do everything for everybody all the time
  6. Seems Orion is better in the front seat at the moment (skip to 14:02 to 15:02). Seems when the trains are full you'll get whipped over the hills more in the back seat improving the experience there "Mid afternoon....front row...one of the best rides I've ever experienced on a roller coaster. That was insane." Doesn't sound too shabby to me....
  7. Here's the official theme song of KI for 2020
  8. This is the type of pop music they should be playing ...it's a Friday night just before closing...You're waiting in line for a night ride on The Beast along with a bunch of very eager energetic patrons...everyone's chatting and laughing looking forward to their last ride of the night ...the scene is set for one of those timeless immortal rides on a moonlit night.....the spirits are very alive and awake tonight and you feel their electricity permeating the air yet you don't feel threatened....Wes (Tower Johnny) and possibly some buddies are waiting in the woods to give the riders a spine tingling chill,,,Little tram girl is being her oblivious self and running active throughout the park....this song is playing in the background... .. you step up to board the train and pause to look off into the dark distance......will you return back to the station with the trains?....or will you be the one..... to disappear..... merging....merging.... ever so subtly into that timeless ether...
  9. Pop music and amusement parks just don't mix...completely ruins the immersion. KI should just stick to playing classic orchestral instrumental music on International Street and not play any music anywhere else. If they are intent on playing pop music in certain areas then they should stick to classic pop (1955-1990 ).... you know when the songs had genuine unforced hooks... Certainly is crummy to force people to listen to rubbish modern music when you generally go to an amusement park to escape from such duplicity .....I do know that it's Cedar Fair who decides what music is to be played and not Kings Island per se so maybe not much that can be done... except maybe wear some Air Traffic Ground Support Ear Muffs throughout the park...
  10. Lol...I just think that Kings Island has a very passionate fan base due to the great experiences that the park has been giving them for many years. You can see that the employees also are very passionate and care about the park which frankly I don't see in many other parks. I feel that some people resent that Orion; brand new B&M giga Mystic Timbers; universally considered the best GCI woodie Banshee; the longest inverted coaster in the world with great intensity and easily one of the best of its kind (if they can get it running consistently smooth again) Diamondback; one of the best B&M hypers with loads of airtime and a nice unique splashdown The Beast; longest wooden coaster in the world that takes you on a trek through the forest with an epic double helix finale and gives maybe the best night ride of any coaster in ever created. Hard to argue against these Top 5. Some people just get it and others don't want to get it. Like some may think 'Metallica' is the greatest band ever but hate the mere mention of 'The Eagles' but anyone with finer intelligence knows who the superior band is In the end I don't believe that Kings Island fans aggrandize/overhype their rides and attractions I just think that they are genuinely and spontaneously enthusiastic about the park and if a if a park can create such reactions with its guests then it's surely doing its job
  11. You should go back and put an UPDATE disclaimer on your initial post. I'm sure people would like to read about the differences between the experiences since you have a new outlook on the ride
  12. Seems you articulated very well what you felt. Can tell you were quite impressed. Looks like a sweet ride and it will feel even better with a full train especially that first wave turn. Can't wait till things turn to normal and we can ride this thing 7-8 times per visit with minimal lines. Such a gorgeous package all around and a perfect fit for the park.
  13. Thinks it's hilarious how nobody has ever considered Phantom's Revenge or Apollo's Chariot as anything other than a hyper coaster even though their height is less than 200 ft (drop over 200 ft. of course) and then Orion comes along and some morons try to argue that it's not a true giga...lol. Some have wanted to dislike/hate Orion from the get go and just can't face the fact that it may be better than some of the other Gigas although the stats may not look as impressive on paper...Hilarity indeed
  14. OK review. I think you really need to ride it multiple times in different rows to make such quick judgements on the elements. You rode with only half a train and the elements especially the first wave turn would greatly benefit from a full train. For you to make a blanket statement like Diamondback is only a mid tier hyper as if it's a fact doesn't hold weight...For instance Airtime Thrills a popular Youtuber who has ridden quite a lot of coasters himself (over 400) has Diamondback as a top 10 coaster and is his #1 hyper after having ridden all of them in North America. He just happens to like the very unique airtime it gives. It's all one's opinion Like I said you need to ride multiple times in different rows before you come to such conclusions. Most of the non KI fanboys (KI not their home park) who've ridden the ride and given reviews feel the ride is indeed better than Leviathan (better layout, doesn't slow down) and some feel its even better than Fury (no dead spots) so don't think people are crazy or only KI fanboys for having such opinions Good day
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