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  1. If anyone is going to the park today (Sunday, September 6th), could you let me know how the wait times look. Me and my dad like to pop by for a few hours sometimes, and it’s been a while since we have gone, but I am not sure about the crowds due to it being Labor Day weekend. I just wish the app let you look at the wait time outside of the park!
  2. I’m here today and it reminds me of why I never come on weekends! So long for everything.
  3. I’m here today (August 2nd) and the wait lines are borderline insanity. A lot of the more popular rides (Invertigo, Banshee, Etc.) are 40-45 min and Mystic Timbers is a 75 min wait. Haven’t checked Orion yet, but I’d assume it’s in line between those wait times.
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