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  1. Find your iPhone pinged and showed it was on the maintenance path on the exit side of the ride. One of the workers said they heard something hit the roof. Not sure if it could still be on the roof or maybe under the platform?? I’m not sure where they found the case but I would think the phone should be nearby.
  2. We were just there this past weekend. They are taking the mask and social distancing serious. If people have their mask down or are too close in lines they are being called out. I expected less people overall but it was still pretty full. Line waits were long because they only fill the rides partially full. Have fun!
  3. Lost it on the Invertigo. It’s an iPhone 6s with a silver back. The called and said the found the case today but not the phone. Still hoping they find it. Thank you for replying. you are So kind
  4. Maybe the first one?? Can’t really tell. It was lost on the Invertigo. It is an iPhone 6s with a silver back. Thank you so much for the photos. They called today and said they found the case but not the phone. Still hoping they find it.
  5. Sorry my bad it was this past Saturday July 25th. Not a scam. My daughter phone is lost and I am offering a reward to anyone at Kings Island that will actually take the time to search deeply for it I submitted a claim and have called every day since. We had a ping on it’s location and I have very detailed location but they haven’t found it. I just wonder if it’s stuck in a tree or bush or under the platform. Invertigo is not that big of an area to search. Called every day since and also submitted a report.
  6. I am offering a reward for any worker that will find my lost phone on the Invertigo. Lost on Saturday July 25.
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