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  1. You are describing how it works if you already have everything established ahead of going to the park. I already went to the park...liked the photos...and took the cards with me so that I could download them after I buy a pass at home. I did that and it is very unclear how to make it work. There is a remarkable lack of support. I thought that I got everything working, but when I typed in the code on each card on the FunPix website, it said that there was an error.
  2. I was given cards with codes for my pictures on them at the park and was told that I can download them at home. I purchased a Fun-Pix season pass when getting back home. Paying for it is easy...they rest is not. How does it link to my season pass? How do I download the pictures with the card? I can't get anything to work and don't want to have to go back to the park to figure out what really shouldn't be complicated.
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