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  1. A tiny part of me thinks it might be just trees to make The Beast more immersive but it will probably be a coaster or some kind of ride
  2. Why not just put a strata coaster inside of it... or even a Trex? talk about potential...
  3. Is that because of it's footprint or because it isn't very thrilling? I've found its a good fit for where it is given the appeal to families. I personally think its kinda boring but Id hate to see it leave. Surely another family ride goes there.
  4. I like the ride but now I go to the park more than I have but i may start opting to skip it unless I have friends with me who aren't ready for orion and other thrilling rides. the final lift hill kills it for me
  5. Well obviously they wouldn't bring back SOB as SOB but some type of wood/hybrid coaster in the nature of The Beast or sob *could* happen because of the legacy it left on the park
  6. If we are talking 2020s whats the chance KI gets an RMC? Maybe Racer for 50 years? Also for KI whats the chance SOB comes back in some form? Either RMC, or some kind of reboot for the ride (i.e. Daughter of Beast, or Son of Beast Reborn). Im sure this has been discussed a million times, sorry I joined today.
  7. I personally like tunnels, part of me feels like the noise they create even adds to the intensity. I mean it kinda may be a "cheap" addition but I wouldn't take away from it just because they are improving a ride even in a small way.
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