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  1. Wow, did any of you ever go to Winterfest? They had about 10 shows running. Ice skating on the fountain. All the inclosed rides were running. A load of food shops. Hay Rides, threw the closed section of the park. It is really amazing how much there was to do. Kings Island was so busy during Winterfest that the last time I went the main sign said. "Park Full, come back tommarow." Let Me throw a few of My Ideas to get things going... Walking (secrets) Tours of rides or sections of the park. Add heaters to the lazy river and Make a Lazy Jacuzi. Build an Inclosed section of the waterpark. (New Section) All old Winter activities listed above.
  2. Hmmm, Hows this, Make Ruite 666 a Year round attraction. Theming, anamatronics, blood. like a dark ride...
  3. The Idea of Winter Fest has been thrown around a lot reciently so let me ask this. If PKI was open YEAR ROUND what attractions, shows, anything could they have open and when? Don't limit yourself to attractions that they currently have, be creative. (we will asume that all current attractions would be open when weather/design permits. However, If you have an Idea that would make a normally weather restricted ride operatible please add it.)
  4. Raven and Son of Bat, along with a slew of others are from the origional brainstorming lists. (and Son of Bat was droped very quickly) Very few people see these lists so Im not suprised you haven't heard the name. If you can ever get your hands on one it's really funny what some of the rides we love may have been called.
  5. I was just wondering If anyone had some silly stories about things they have done at the park. When I found out about top gun in the fall of 1992 I designed a TG T-shirt and had a bunch pressed up for all my friends and we wore them to Winterfest. Needless to say we got a lot of questions. The only problem with the shirts was I used the KI logo because I didn't know paramount was going to change the name of the park. Another time the punk band I was in did a photo shoot in the park. So we dressed up in costumes, colored hair and mowhawks and ran around all day snapping pics with anything or one we liked. It was a lot of fun. (and for anyone itching to point out legal issues, we had permission)
  6. SOB, the greatist name for a ride if there ever was one. Named for what you say when you get off of it as in... Wow that was a painfull SOB... or SOB!!! my legs haven't hurt that much in my life... or That SOB Just busted my knee cap, Medic.... But heres the Kicker question. When KI first bought Top Gun before the big "P" came in the name on the early layouts was "Son of Bat" If this stayed true would they have Son of Bat and Beast or would Son of Beast be given a totally new name?
  7. Personally I love spungebob and think it's by far the best movie they have had. And thats big from me because I on a general rule loath simulators. I miss Flight commander too, that was a scary ride...
  8. I know there were good reasons for a lot of rides being removed, I just wanted to think back on them... "KCKC: Flop Why have 2 flumes?" hmmm, for the same reason you have more than one Rollercoaster...
  9. On the part about FearFest being Droped. Way back in 1992 PKI decited to end Winterfest so the park could stay open till the end of october. (It closed at the begining of October to allow time to set up Winterfest.) So This is Really 2 rumers coming together. If they Do Restart Winterfest They will have to close the park early in order to have time to get ready. So the choice is WinterFest or FearFest, and it looks as if they might have chosen...
  10. I just wanted to make a note to see if anyone else feels as sad as I do about what is lost every year in the name of expansion... Gone Forever ..... Replaced By.... Year... Ant. Cars Stunt Track.... 2005 Speed Slides Racing Slides 2004 Phontom Theater Scooby Doo 2003 King Cobra Delirium 2003 Keelboat Canal TR:TR 2002 Jelly Bean Bowl, Grand Prix - Nic. Cent. 1995 Smurfs Phantom Theater 1992 Flying Dutchman Adventure Express 1991 Zodiac Flight Commander 1990 Screamon Demon Amazon Falls 1988 Just to name a few. I remember the first time I went to Kings Island. I road V.T. Land. The tumble Bug, Scrappy's Farm, the Ferris wheel and the witch's culdrens. I also watched the puppet tree like 3 - 4 times. I also remember when you could get Real Ice Cream (not soft serve) In line for The Beast. Thats it, I love the new rides but I feel we should stop and shead a tear for the old times once and a while too. Marc...And I'm only 28, Ha!
  11. The thing about the new seats is the seatbelt is shorter, making the ride very uncomfortable for us 6-4 290lb guys "Cramed in" would be an understatement.
  12. Yea, Before it was AZ Wild animal habitat had all types of lakes, ponds and streams. Now, It's a parking lot....
  13. What ride, attraction, shop or anything would you like PKI to add or change?
  14. Actually they never froze the watter in the fountain. What they did was build a area inside the fountain that held watter and all the freezing lines, like when they have a hocky game at the area. the fountain just got old and needed some fixen. By the way I ent to winterfest for yearz and loved it all... If you never got the chance top go you will be in for one of the best park experiences there is.
  15. The Power is used to keep the breaks open (off), if a power failure hapens on a rollercoaster all the brakes come on. safety first... Marz Yar
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