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  1. Orion, beast, Diamondback, FoF, bat in that order
  2. I've been before. Way back when I was a little kid. Thunderhead was the star attraction then.
  3. thank you for posting this. I might have gone over the holidays
  4. Here's an idea that I haven't heard much of. How about something like a scaled up Storm Runner at Hersheypark. It could fill a lot of KI voids all in one coaster, and it would take a double role as Maverick and TTD while remaining different than both.
  5. Agreed. But the GP loves intense coasters too. The GP would also love if Kings Island got something like Maverick at CP or Storm Runner at Hersheypark. But I still think Orion does what it was meant to do very well. My favorite ride in the park.
  6. I really feel for KI. I betcha they would have seen 4 million plus guests this year because of Orion. Hopefully, next year they can bring in the guests that should have came in 2020. I wouldn't mind if Cedar Fair strikes a deal with RMC or Intamin to get some clones across a few of their parks. Something on a larger scale for big parks, and something like Railblazer for MA and VF. Six Flags probably.
  7. This will never happen, but let's bring back buzz bar restraints on The Beast and racer.
  8. I certainly hope so. Kings Island may have to try to differentiate it from SteVe. I honestly had more fun on Twisted Timbers than SteVe so I would not be upset if Kings Island builds a "budget" RMC for cheap and installs a TT size ride. One thing I want from an RMC hybrid at KI is for them to install their first vertical loop (with good hang time preferably).
  9. I'd love to see a repaint of Racer and the return of the backwards racer. I would also maybe like to see something similar to Disney's Carousel of Progress, but for Kings Island history. It would be nice to have an air conditioned place to relax and learn about the park. The attraction would include the opening of the park, The Beast, orion, and also mishaps like the original bat and Son of Beast. Whatever KI wants, they could use. It could also show the different ownership and their visions (Paramount, CF, etc.).
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