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  1. Good take. I like Orion better, but Diamondback is not rendered obselete. They have different strengths that make both a must ride.
  2. What do you think of a bobsled coaster at Kings Island? It's a cheap ride that is fun for all ages. Perhaps they could purchase clones to put throughout a few parks in the chain.
  3. Flight of Fear is an amazing ride. It's almost Maverick level for me. Those are the most fun inversions in all of Ohio.
  4. Kings Island lacks a ride with ejector airtime and a few inversions. I think any coaster with maybe 2 ejector moments,at least 3 inversions (at least 1 of which is a vertical loop), along with other forces like hangtime would fit great. Final verdict: copperhead strike or an abyssus like coaster would would be great.
  5. Would you guys rather ride Wicked Twister or Invertigo?
  6. Orion, Flight of Fear, Millennium Force, Maverick
  7. How about a wooden hyper coaster with an inversion In all seriousness, it'd be cool to see an Intamin multi-launch Blitz where the second launch sends you up a top hat over 300 ft like red force. Giga Maverick
  8. Orion, beast, Diamondback, FoF, bat in that order
  9. I've been before. Way back when I was a little kid. Thunderhead was the star attraction then.
  10. thank you for posting this. I might have gone over the holidays
  11. Here's an idea that I haven't heard much of. How about something like a scaled up Storm Runner at Hersheypark. It could fill a lot of KI voids all in one coaster, and it would take a double role as Maverick and TTD while remaining different than both.
  12. Agreed. But the GP loves intense coasters too. The GP would also love if Kings Island got something like Maverick at CP or Storm Runner at Hersheypark. But I still think Orion does what it was meant to do very well. My favorite ride in the park.
  13. I really feel for KI. I betcha they would have seen 4 million plus guests this year because of Orion. Hopefully, next year they can bring in the guests that should have came in 2020. I wouldn't mind if Cedar Fair strikes a deal with RMC or Intamin to get some clones across a few of their parks. Something on a larger scale for big parks, and something like Railblazer for MA and VF. Six Flags probably.
  14. This will never happen, but let's bring back buzz bar restraints on The Beast and racer.
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