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  1. This was all super interesting to read! I so wish we could get inside info on what they were working on. I just find it fascinating and would love to know exactly how B&M does maintenance on their coasters! Hopefully Banshee is back up and running soon!
  2. I bring a fanny pack in with me because I need to keep my cellphone and inhaler with me. I will say this: I’ve been allowed on every ride with my fanny pack, and it fits feminine items very easily! In my Orion fanny pack I can fit my debit card, iPhone, rescue inhaler, sunglasses, and some feminine items. I have a Harley Davidson one that’s a little bigger and fits a few more things. Just thought I’d throw that out there if you were worried about fanny packs on rides.
  3. The flamethrowers scared me last year. I wasn’t expecting them and nearly jumped out of my skin. LOL No more “spicy spooky time.” But all the decorations so far look lovely!! I can’t wait to be back up there again soon!
  4. #WhatsInTheFesthaus #DontGoInTheFesthaus
  5. That El Chupacabra is calling my name. And the Dragon Breath Wings, El Diablo Cupcake, and that Cinnamon Cider! (Can you tell I like spicy food?)
  6. I definitely think KI will do some cosmetic work for their 50th. I know this is probably wishing for a lot, but I’d LOVE if they just went all out with the Eiffel Tower! A fresh coat of paint, some lighting effects, maybe even design a way to make a light show on it. I’m kind of thinking along the lines of how Disney paints the castles and uses them as part of their nighttime shows. And maybe new lighting packages on some of the coasters? After Orion got the royal treatment there, I feel like they could really beef up their nightlife game and incorporate their coasters into the nighttime show, also. I know they’ll come up with something amazing, though! It’ll be a year to remember for sure!
  7. That article was so nice to read! You can tell they really kept The Vortex fans in mind! I still need to get to Carowinds to ride Carolina Cyclone and Fury!!
  8. I agree! My first ride of the day was blue train, row 3. It was actually REALLY smooth!! Second ride was teal train, row 4. That one rattled me a little bit. Something about row 4 is rough, because that’s the exact spot I was in when I rode it a month ago and it rattled. I was glad to get two rides in a row with practically no wait before crowds picked up yesterday! I ended up being able to ride all 3 of the B&Ms.
  9. If engineers could somehow pull this off, this would be AMAZING.
  10. Theming won me over on Orion from the very start. I’m a huge sci-fi/Star Wars/Mass Effect/Expanse fan, so when that theming was shown off I was instantly sold. Plus, I’m more into elements than just airtime, so I definitely go for Orion’s wave turn and helix. I really don’t think one could claim to be the best over the other, though. They’re both unique and really cater to which kind of ride you’re wanting.
  11. Ooooh this is a brain-scratcher for sure. I have to go with Diamondback, but I am VERY biased towards B&M. I also have an intense love/hate relationship with wooden coasters. (Lookin’ at you, Voyage.) Mystic Timbers is by far the smoothest wooden coaster I have ever been on. It’s drop hill is super fun, and I like that it gives you those quick elements without all the pain. But Diamondback is a fun ride I could go on again and again. Those airtime hills are so fun, and I love screaming on that first drop! Plus that splashdown is just perfection. *chef’s kiss*
  12. I ONLY picked Racer because I’d love to see it revamped. I’d love to see RMC come in and breathe new life into it. (And make it a lot less painful.)
  13. I still have yet to get a night ride on Beast. (I’m either with friends/family that want to leave too early or not been able to go on a day when they stay open late...) So, just from my experience when I was up there last time a couple weeks ago, I got in line for Orion at around 8:35 PM, it was about an hour/hour and a half wait apparently because I was still in line at 9:45 PM. So what they did, they basically paused the line for fireworks. They stopped running trains and we all basically stood around, watched the fireworks in line, then at about 10:20 PM, they started everything back up to get people on. I had no idea how this worked, being my first time there during fireworks, first night ride and everything. But again, this is just my experience! It was absolutely worth it! Let me tell you, going up Orion’s lift hill, looking behind you at Area 72 all lit up, then getting to the top and seeing nothing but pitch black below you... it hits you different. That drop in complete darkness, not being able to see the bottom, it’s absolutely amazing!!
  14. I had at least three dreams about riding Orion from like mid-February to my first visit of the season last month when I finally rode it for it real. LOL It felt so real, like I could feel airtime. Thankfully, the real thing was WAY better than in my dreams!
  15. So what exactly is this pop-up grill? Is it just something new they’re trying? I wish my stomach would let me eat full-course meals at the park! I just don’t like to eat a lot... I get too hot and then by the time I’ve drank all my Powerade, I don’t feel like eating. All the food this year looks so good! I hope this sticks around during the Tricks & Treats Festival! I’d love to try it! On my next trip, I’m heading straight to Hank’s Mexican Grill! I read that they have burrito bowls like Chipotle and I am all about some burrito bowls!!!!! Hoping my stomach will agree to that!
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