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  1. Everyone was so worried about record crowds for starwars land that it actually had a opposite effect with less crowds
  2. Cedar Point overall experience SF Magic Mountain coasters Disney/Universal immersive theming Kennywood (diminishing) classic rides
  3. We did near the front on the red side. Non wheel seat and the middle on the blue side non wheel seat
  4. On my lone visit to the park a few weeks ago I though both sides were smooth
  5. Way more pumped after POV then before. I was expecting it to be like Goliath at SFGAM but it is not at all luckily
  6. I liked the que, I liked the color scheme and the theme. The ride was glass smooth and very rerideable. It easily in the top 3 best coasters in the park. The speed hill was great
  7. I was shocked when I went to purchase one and they were all sold out so quickly.
  8. They are last in profit made. But they are highest in money coming in vs the money going out. The margins are the highest. Lets see any other Cedar Fair park get the lack of investment this park gets and continue to maintain attendance
  9. Oh it would. The chain bought the park to not compete with Cedar Point. Cedar Point pulls so many people from Michigan.
  10. Cincinnati themed coaster? The Bengal. A black and orange multi launched coaster. Kinda like how Fury is loosely themed to the charlotte hornets
  11. That is what Kings Island is missing. A low to the ground, fast paced multi launched coaster. Vekoma, Intamin or Mack come to mind with Cedar Fair being predictable and going with Mack
  12. They relocated Thunderhak in 2008 and had record attendance. Did nothing in 2009 and 2010 and continued having record attendance. They literally invest very little in this park and pull in the highest profit margins in the chain. The park has proven to not have a drop off in guest's even without new attractions. The park has no real competition other Cedar Point which they do not want to compete with.
  13. When Cedar Fair purchased the park sadly the Hotel, Hyper and campground were canceled. The old owners of the park though did end up building a glamp ground across the street.
  14. I last visited this park in 2016 and really enjoyed it Steel Hawg and Cornabll were fun. They had a solid flat ride collection and there small water park had a crazy river and some bonkers slides
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