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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. I think either a Vekoma mad house or a flying theater good be good fits for KI
  2. Move Flight Deck to Valley Fair and give it new Vest trains. I picture Adventureland and Lost Island to really give Valleyfair trouble in the coming years. Demolish that abomination Time Warp. That would free up a nice amount of land for a good invert.
  3. I was still able to visit 4 new parks last year and have plans to do the same this year. It seems like if states let parks open that people are still going
  4. I believe anything more then 4 and they will not do a vertical lift
  5. If I am remembering correctly I believe this place is third in revenue behind Cedar Point and knotts
  6. I guess I dont know how to explain it to you. I am sure Cedar Point wants to make sure its workers are as comfortable as possible
  7. No 18 year female wants to live in a dorm next to a creepy 45 year old male
  8. Take it from a guy who visited Adventureland Iowa for the first time this summer. I enjoyed my visit there more then parks like Valleyfair and holiday World. The park had a nice vibe, nice coasters, flats and a nice waterpark.
  9. I have seen companies like Chance, Intamin and Mach make hyper lite coasters. I would love to see B&M take a crack at something like Alpina Blitz.
  10. Ever since I saw Alton Towers build the Smiler I have pictured Cedar Point going for the inversion record
  11. I went to parks last year that required them and some that did not require them. Parks like Mt Olympus and Adventureland did not require them and I did not feel any less safe then I did at a place like Kings Island. I think each person has their own feelings on if they need them or not
  12. Very sad. I am visiting this park for the first time in April and that was the coaster I was most looking forward to
  13. I was expecting to see Bernie Sanders at KI
  14. Coasters like the Boss, Beast and Mean Streak are just not my cup of tea
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