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  1. My vote is either Cedar Point or Icon Park. I think the bigger news is Cedar Point teasing Wicked Twisters demise. That coaster would be a great fit at WOF, MIA, or CGA. Its to good of a ride to scrap
  2. I think Six Flags and Cedar Fair could be interesting. I like certain things from both companies. If they combined the best aspects from both chains and spread it through the parks I think we would like that!
  3. Monster is a very solid ride. As for the scrambler I have no idea. I did not ride many classic flats there. Focused on the coaster credits, water park and unique stuff
  4. TPR is my favorite site. Loads of information on every park. I am not part of club TRP. Its vast array of forums always has up to date news on the industry.
  5. Oh I am on the Banshee train. I have ridden all 5 north American B&M coasters with vest restraints and I do not like them. X-Flight was the only one I could seem to get a little comfy on. Most want to crush and destroy you!!!!
  6. Mystic Timbers Orion Diamondback The Bat Invertigo
  7. Last Saturday we attended Wild Adventures for the first time. We only had about 4 hours before the storms hit. We really enjoyed this park. Lots of stuff for our 2 and 4 year old to do. Twisted Typhoon was my 150th credit! Nice mix of coasters, flats, animals and other activities. Since its on the way to Florida right off of 75 we will happily go again in the future. Since we only had 4 hours I am sure we missed alot. Seeing Cheetah SBNO killed me. Hopefully it turns into Steel Cheetah lol
  8. Very good news. Never fun seeing little parks closed. I am really curious to see what Mr Staples does to this park. We have already seen him purchase 2 coasters for Indiana Beach
  9. I think the last coaster I rode was Orion. luckily I am going to Wild Adventures first week of April and Beech Bend in May so I can finally start riding coasters this year!
  10. I am glad you had fun. That park has been near the top of my list to visit ( We usually visit 5 new parks a year). Sorry to hear you felt unsafe at times. I have heard the last year or so that security has really tightened in this park
  11. If you ever drive on highway 75 to Florida they have 1000 billboards advertising the park
  12. I think either a Vekoma mad house or a flying theater good be good fits for KI
  13. Move Flight Deck to Valley Fair and give it new Vest trains. I picture Adventureland and Lost Island to really give Valleyfair trouble in the coming years. Demolish that abomination Time Warp. That would free up a nice amount of land for a good invert.
  14. I was still able to visit 4 new parks last year and have plans to do the same this year. It seems like if states let parks open that people are still going
  15. I believe anything more then 4 and they will not do a vertical lift
  16. If I am remembering correctly I believe this place is third in revenue behind Cedar Point and knotts
  17. I guess I dont know how to explain it to you. I am sure Cedar Point wants to make sure its workers are as comfortable as possible
  18. No 18 year female wants to live in a dorm next to a creepy 45 year old male
  19. Take it from a guy who visited Adventureland Iowa for the first time this summer. I enjoyed my visit there more then parks like Valleyfair and holiday World. The park had a nice vibe, nice coasters, flats and a nice waterpark.
  20. I have seen companies like Chance, Intamin and Mach make hyper lite coasters. I would love to see B&M take a crack at something like Alpina Blitz.
  21. Ever since I saw Alton Towers build the Smiler I have pictured Cedar Point going for the inversion record
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