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  1. On 4/14/2021 at 7:49 PM, IBEW_Sparky said:

    By chance, do they still have the manually operated scrambler with the rotary crank speed control, or have they replaced it with electronic controls?  I grew up in DSM, and while I didnt really appreciate the park while I was growing up.... like the second my Friends started getting licenses we rolled to WOF as opposed to going 35 minutes to Adventureland.... I went back in 2013 and really had a great time.  Unfortunately, various circumstances have prevented me from returning, I havent even ridden Monster yet :-(.  

    Monster is a very solid ride. As for the scrambler I have no idea. I did not ride many classic flats there. Focused on the coaster credits, water park and unique stuff 

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  2. Last Saturday we attended Wild Adventures for the first time. We only had about 4 hours before the storms hit. We really enjoyed this park. Lots of stuff for our 2 and 4 year old to do. Twisted Typhoon was my 150th credit! Nice mix of coasters, flats, animals and other activities. Since its on the way to Florida right off of 75 we will happily go again in the future. Since we only had 4 hours I am sure we missed alot. Seeing Cheetah SBNO killed me. Hopefully it turns into Steel Cheetah lol 


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  3. I am glad you had fun. That park has been near the top of my list to visit ( We usually visit 5 new parks a year). Sorry to hear you felt unsafe at times. I have heard the last year or so that security has really tightened in this park 

  4. On 2/6/2021 at 2:06 PM, SonofBaconator said:

    I'm not trying to sound rude but is Wild Adventures really that popular? Is it on par with parks like Adventureland, and so on? I've only heard about this park within the year.

    Take it from a guy who visited Adventureland Iowa for the first time this summer. I enjoyed my visit there more then parks like Valleyfair and holiday World. The park had a nice vibe, nice coasters, flats and a nice waterpark. 

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