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  1. That is what Kings Island is missing. A low to the ground, fast paced multi launched coaster. Vekoma, Intamin or Mack come to mind with Cedar Fair being predictable and going with Mack
  2. They relocated Thunderhak in 2008 and had record attendance. Did nothing in 2009 and 2010 and continued having record attendance. They literally invest very little in this park and pull in the highest profit margins in the chain. The park has proven to not have a drop off in guest's even without new attractions. The park has no real competition other Cedar Point which they do not want to compete with.
  3. When Cedar Fair purchased the park sadly the Hotel, Hyper and campground were canceled. The old owners of the park though did end up building a glamp ground across the street.
  4. I last visited this park in 2016 and really enjoyed it Steel Hawg and Cornabll were fun. They had a solid flat ride collection and there small water park had a crazy river and some bonkers slides
  5. Is it just me or would Back Lot Stunt Coaster be perfect with some free spinning trains?
  6. someone in our group had a tasting card. I was impressed with the number of different places to eat at!
  7. Racer is what sparked the first coaster wars. We wouldn't have twisted shivering or Mystic Timbers without The Racer
  8. I have not. I am hoping to pair it with BGW. I305 is my number 1 bucket list coaster!
  9. I really liked the park. It is right up there with Cedar Point and Carowinds. I wish I could of got more rides on Mystic Timbers. It had the longest Fast Lane line. It is easily one of the best GCI's I have ridden. The park had a really nice layout, great local and chain food options, great shady areas and nice large trees. I was very impressed with this park. Who ever has this park as a home park are lucky
  10. Michigan's Adventure was pulling in more attendance then GL in 2008 and with half the rides and staff. The park would of really needed to be down sized without declining in guest to stay affloat. I would be more curious to see how it would of ended up if Seaworld bought out Six Flags Ohio and not the other way around
  11. So we finally got to Kings Island. Everytime we planned on going in the past something would come up that would prevent us from going. We went Saturday the 24th. Thank goddess for Fast Lane! It was also our first experience with funpix. We have avoided parks this summer that required masks but with how chilly it was the mask was actually nice to keep the cold air off my face. We started the day off with Banshee. I have never met a B&M invert that I did not love..... Until this ride. The vest got tighter and tighter throughout the ride. I have been on all 5 coasters in America with the vest and they are not for me. It also had a vibration that I am not used to on inverts. I could see how the layout would be very good otherwise sadly. Next was The Bat. This was a very fun coaster. Good swinging. Way better then Iron Dragon which is my only other suspended coaster. Invertigo and Adventure Express opened late so headed over to The Racer. We did the blue and red side. I found it to be a pretty smooth ride given its age. Decent pops of air! Orion was next. My first ride was underwhelming. My later ride which was a fastlane walk on was better. It had warmed up and felt fast. Smoothest coaster in the park. Someone else said it best that it is a gentle giant. First drop is steeper than I anticipated. First drop and speed hill were best parts of the ride Backlot Stunt Coaster was the surprise hit of the day. That death delix out of the launch was great. This would be a perfect coaster for spinning cars Flight of Fear was fun. Launch was good. First cobra roll and ending corkscrew were great. Everything in the middle didn't do much. Rougher than other premier coasters that I have rode. But Banshee and Diamondback were also rougher than their counterparts so theme of the park lol Beast is a legend among gp and enthusiasts. A ride so big in lore, The world's longest wooden coaster. Broke every record out when it opened............Was not for me. Grouperut me on a rear wheel seat and I felt every bump and pothole. Between the trims, and rough ride and lack of any airtime this was a one and done for me. I can see how it could be fun with some drinks and a night ride but a midday sunny ride did not live up to the hype Mystic Timbers was my most anticipated ride in the park and it did not disappoint. Had a bunch of quick transitions and quick pops of airtime. I am torn between this and Orion as the best ride in the park. I am leaning towards Mystic though! Diamondback was fun. Grouper actually gave us back seat. Had a noticeable rattle but did not take away from the ride. Had that nice classic floater air these are known for. Third best ride in the park after Mystic and Orion. The hammerhead turn around felt more forceful then others I have ridden Adventure Express was a neat mind train. Liked the theming on the final chain lift Invertigo was fun. I used my SLC trick, I hold my head all the way forward out of the restraint to avoid any head banging. I am sure I look stupid but makes them good rides. I would say most forceful ride in the park Skyline chilli lived up to the hype. We had a 3 sample tasting card in our group. We tried pizza and cupcakes with the pizza being the better selection We walked away with way too much merch. Great Merchandise in this park. Sorry I had my phone in a locker most of the day so not a lot of pictures Very very very nice park. Easily in my top 3 Cedar Fair parks. I hope to return soon
  12. A new age Vekoma suspended thrill coaster to replace Volcano. This park and BGW try to avoid over lapping coaster types
  13. Generally coasters like the Voyage are considered wood since the track is made of wood.
  14. Michigan's Adventure will happily take The Bat off your hands! Shoot give us Invertigo as well
  15. Isn't there a large indoor park in Cleveland during the winter months?
  16. I am a fan of Joe Draves rides so many a huge 10 looper from S&S. I would love to see Cedar Branch off and start using some new companies
  17. I hope your right. Though the park really had its issues I actually liked the park. Lakeside was nice as well but really needed someTLC
  18. Its sad that its another park I will miss out on. The second I heard Elitch Gardens was closing I flew to Denver to make sure I didn't miss the park. I was a year shy of GL in Ohio before it closed.
  19. Thunderhawk is by far the smoothest SLC I have been on. Flying Cobra's is by far the best boomerang I have been on! Your are right that Wild Water Adventure is huge. I have never seen it hit capacity even on the busiest days. It has 3 kids areas, 3 wave pools, a lazy river and around 7 slide towers. The park on paper may not look much different then 2005 but it is. Everything has received new paint, new flats, reworked midways, Thunderhawk and a second train station. It looks much more Cedar Fair now and way less carnival.
  20. These were from July. They have made lots of progress since then
  21. Hello MIA is my home park and I am starting this thread to keep this site updated on Cedar Fairs Michigan Location. I am also the head of the Michigan's Adventure fans facebook page. The park is currently finishing its new for 2020 (now 2021) Camp Snoopy. It is looking great. Beagle Scout look out has been topped off. Camp Bus and Trailblazers are also finished. When I went to the park last month the entrance signs and canoe were also in place!
  22. I have been trying to get my hand on a real roller coaster wheel. I would much rather have a running wheel over a guide wheel or upstop wheel. Places like blackpool pleasure beach sell old ride parts online and in park.
  23. Michigan's Adventure is my home park. Wolverine Wildcat has 3 bench PTC trains which is what The Beast has correct? So I have grown very used to riding in a middle non wheel seat car lol.
  24. I would really really love to see an new generation looper from Vekoma. Would be very different from anything they have (or the competition anywhere)
  25. I feel like the Eiffel Tower does the same thing as a Ferris wheel. They both both provide elevated views of a park without the fear of large drops of extreme speed.
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