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  1. My home park is MIA so I am used to marathoning Thunderhawk. I have a great trick with some rides with otsr's. I hold my head all the way forward to completely keep my head out of the restraint. Creates a very fun ride with zero head banging. I will use that same trick on Invertigo and Bat and should be fine! I am soooo bummed I was not able to ride Vortex. I had a poster of that ride on my wall like 20 something years ago!
  2. Its hard to beat Penn. Waldameer, Kennywood, Idlewild, Del Grossos, Seasame Place, Dorney, Hershey, Dutch Wonderland, Coun something lake ect ect
  3. That coaster in my pic is the Monster at Adventureland. We went there labor day weekend. I am really looking forward to Mystic Timbers! That would be top of my list. Fury 325 is my number 2 coaster so I am also looking forward to Orion. If it is even half as good as Fury then I will be thrilled! I love B&M inverts but hate the wing vest restraints so I am very curious to see how that relates, Banshees layout looks very good. Montu is my favorite invert and they look very similar. Invertigo looks fun. That will be my first inverted boomerang. Adventure Express looks neat. I will not be able to exprience The Beast at night so that is sad. I was supposed to go to Kings Island last year on the final day of Vortex's operation. My flight had a break down and I did not make it. I am hoping that Diamondback is better then Ragin Bull and Intimidator at Carowinds. I do not expect it to be as good as Mako. This has been such a bucket list park for me . I am very excited
  4. I am a chance rides fan boy so a uni coaster and whip out would be my vote!
  5. Im going to assume the new Vest restraint trains weigh more causing more stress on the track?
  6. Any chance they are going to make a second run of them? First set sold out very quickly
  7. Yup already bought it online!
  8. Hello I am a Steven and I am a coaster Junkie. I have been to 25 plus parks and Kings Island has always been my white whale. I am finally going in a few weeks and I am excited. For some reason this park is the one that gets dropped from larger trips. But hopefully this year that curse is over. I bought a flash pass so I should be able to have a good time. The only other new parks I have done this year were SFOT, Mt Olympus and Advnentureland Iowa! With my usual go to forum down for maintenance I stumbled across this community. Just wanted to welcome my self!
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