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  1. State department fines Orlando FreeFall attraction company $250K after death of Tyre Sampson https://www.wlrn.org/news/2022-11-23/state-department-fines-orlando-freefall-attraction-company-250k-after-death-of-tyre-sampson
  2. Here’s an image of the area where Adventure Express’ entrance/exit used to be.
  3. While walking near the Haunt graveyard on Saturday, I noticed this grave: This grave, with the big letters “MOHR” and unique font, stands out among the other graves. I was wondering if this grave has been here before and/or if it means anything.
  4. Noooooooo! My mom and I took the 9 hour drive to Six Flags Great Adventure back in August of last year, but it was closed because of the accident in June. I’m going to be really disappointed if El Toro gets closed down forever after this accident.
  5. The Code of Conduct has been updated for Halloween Haunt and there is nothing mentioned about minors needing to be with an adult.
  6. It’s strange that neither Kings Island’s or Canada’s Wonderland’s announcement has been announced yet. Since Canada’s Wonderland is most likely going to get a new attraction next year and Kings Island might, I find it weird that neither park has announced anything. I’ve been staring at the parks’ Twitter pages for hours, so I’ve been going a bit crazy waiting for the announcements to be announced. Will they just surprise us tomorrow morning and not let us know all of the parks that are getting new rides?
  7. I really hope that Kings Island gets something!
  8. I hope that they have a big video like what Six Flags does!
  9. Oh shoot! I didn’t see that one! I tried it and it just takes you to the Carowinds website homepage.
  10. I find it interesting that there is a QR code on the ticket. I tried to scan it, but my phone can’t seem to pick it up…
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