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  1. There was a crane working on The Bat today. I saw it from the Adventure Express lift hill.
  2. You may be confused with the Xtreme Skyflyer towers
  3. The Bat is NOT open
  4. Well, the track could be fixed by now, but wouldn't they have to also fix the wheel that fell off and inspect all of the ride vehicles and all of the wheels?
  5. Really? I didn't think it would reopen this soon. Do you have any pictures or videos?
  6. Doesn anyone know where I could find a Son of Beast track slice for sale? Thanks!
  7. I'm pretty sad to see that it got taken out... I never got to ride it ):
  8. It's been almost twenty years and we still haven't locked this thread...
  9. Well... I guess Cedar Point is doing a holiday video... whoops...
  10. It is from their 2020 Holiday Video
  11. Kings Island is releasing a 2021 Holiday Video later today. This caught my eye because Cedar Point usually does something similar to this, but Cedar Point doesn't seem to be doing it this year. Cedar Point usually implants some sort of teaser into their holiday videos. They're usually just joking around but it is fun to see. I am wondering if Kings Island might tease something that is actually legitimate. Thoughts?
  12. Sorry for the double post, but... I got another meme!
  13. I bought this information book off of Ebay and I'm wondering if anyone else has anything similar to it? Also, in the inside of the book, they mention the two new rides for that year: The Troika and The Giant Double Wheel. The Troika is Shake, Rattle, and Roll and The Giant Double Wheel is Zodiac.
  14. I should've made this when Orion was announced but later is better than never.
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