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  1. It’s strange that neither Kings Island’s or Canada’s Wonderland’s announcement has been announced yet. Since Canada’s Wonderland is most likely going to get a new attraction next year and Kings Island might, I find it weird that neither park has announced anything. I’ve been staring at the parks’ Twitter pages for hours, so I’ve been going a bit crazy waiting for the announcements to be announced. Will they just surprise us tomorrow morning and not let us know all of the parks that are getting new rides?
  2. I really hope that Kings Island gets something!
  3. I hope that they have a big video like what Six Flags does!
  4. Oh shoot! I didn’t see that one! I tried it and it just takes you to the Carowinds website homepage.
  5. I find it interesting that there is a QR code on the ticket. I tried to scan it, but my phone can’t seem to pick it up…
  6. Getting back to Cedar Fair 2023 additions, we know that Worlds of Fun and Carowinds are both for sure announcing on August 11th. Worlds of Fun revealed that on Facebook and Carowinds has teasers that say that date. Cedar Point is obviously announcing something and since all 2023 additions will be announced on August 11th, I’m sure Cedar Point will announce that day. Since Cedar Fair is having all of the 2023 additions announced on that day, I find it odd that only 3 parks would announce new rides. What other Cedar Fair parks do you think could take part in this “event”?
  7. That is crazy! Also, where exactly did you find this?
  8. We were talking about this on the Cedar Fair 2023 Additions topic on the Other Amusement Parks and Industry News forum but I feel like we need to talk about this here since I actually have a photo now.
  9. I’m not sure if they would do that because the code of conduct listed on the website only says that they strongly recommend minors being with their parents:Also, the Halloween Haunt website homepage (which has been updated for the 2022 season) only says that the event is not recommended for children under 13. There are no other age restrictions listed.
  10. I thought I saw something behind the former SlingShot area from the Adventure Express queue yesterday… I forgot to take a picture, though. Well, it’s an excuse to go back to Kings Island!
  11. While I was in line for The Racer, a man pointed to Adventure Express and said that it was Mystic Timbers.
  12. Here is a picture that was on Facebook last week:
  13. There was a crane working on The Bat today. I saw it from the Adventure Express lift hill.
  14. You may be confused with the Xtreme Skyflyer towers
  15. Well, the track could be fixed by now, but wouldn't they have to also fix the wheel that fell off and inspect all of the ride vehicles and all of the wheels?
  16. Really? I didn't think it would reopen this soon. Do you have any pictures or videos?
  17. Doesn anyone know where I could find a Son of Beast track slice for sale? Thanks!
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